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National Aviation Day: What Does Aviation Mean to You?

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For 52 years, ICF has applied their passion and expertise to the aviation industry. For a company with such a rich history in the industry, we asked our consultants, “What does aviation mean to you?” Join us in celebration of National Aviation Day 2015 and tell us what it means to you!

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National Aviation Day: What Does Aviation Mean to You?

  1. 1. To me, aviation means personal growth. Aviation is not only a key driver of the global economy, but it enables the ability to learn about different cultures, food, ideas and ways of thinking that you would never experience without the aviation industry. ~ Jonathan Berger, VP Aerospace & MRO Advisory Aviation is the industry that truly connects the world—opening new markets to businesses and allowing peoples to explore and understand other cultures in our amazing world. ~ John Mowry, Global Managing Director/Aviation Consulting & Services ~ Stuart Rubin, Principal Aircraft Finance & Leasing Advisory No matter how old I get, I always look at aviation and all its achievements like a little kid—there's always a sense of wonder and excitement. ~ Kata Cserep, Principal and Co-Leader Airports Advisory Whenever I tell people I work in aviation, they always have something to say. Whether it’s their tales of lost luggage, a great experience on a new airline, or telling me that their local airport really should have direct flights to the south of France. It is a subject everyone has an opinion on, and I love that. About ICF International ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI) provides professional services and technology solutions that deliver beneficial impact in areas critical to the world's future. ICF is fluent in the language of change, whether driven by markets, technology, or policy. We partner with clients around the globe—advising, executing, innovating—to help them define and achieve success. CONNECTWITH US MKT DG 0715 0300© Copyright 2015 ICF International, Inc. For more information, visit ICF International's founder was former Tuskegee Airman "Lucky" Lester, and we continue to honor him and build on our aviation heritage. ICF’s aviation consulting business was established through the acquisition of SH&E, founded in 1963, and is today one of the oldest and largest aviation consulting practices. Today, we deliver comprehensive services, thought leadership, and subject matter expertise that stakeholders in all aspects of aviation need to navigate a complex and evolving aviation industry.