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Ieee 2014 2015 matlab projects completed final list

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Ieee 2014 2015 matlab projects completed final list

  1. 1. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 2014 IEEE Projects @ GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES S.NO Project Code IEEE 2014 MATLAB Project Titles Domain Lang/Year IEEE 2014 MATLAB IMAGE PROCESSING PROJECTS 1 GSTMIP1401 3D Visual Activity Assessment Based on Natural Scene Statistics IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 2 GSTMIP1402 A Bit Allocation Method for Sparse Source Coding IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 3 GSTMIP1403 A Blind Dynamic Fingerprinting Technique for Sequential Circuit Intellectual Property Protection IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 4 GSTMIP1404 A Distributed Reflector Localization Approach to Ultrasonic Array Imaging in Non-Destructive Testing Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 5 GSTMIP1405 A Fine-Grained Image Categorization System by Cellet-Encoded Spatial Pyramid Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 6 GSTMIP1406 A Fragile Watermarking Algorithm for Hologram Authentication IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 7 GSTMIP1407 A Hybrid Scheme for Authenticating Scalable Video Code streams IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 8 GSTMIP1408 A Joint FED Watermarking System Using Spatial Fusion for Verifying the Security Issues of Teleradiology IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 9 GSTMIP1409 A Lossless Tagged Visual Cryptography Scheme IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 10 GSTMIP1410 A Low-Power Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using Histogram Segmentation and Circuit Implementation for AMOLED Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  2. 2. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 11 GSTMIP1411 A MAP-Based Image Interpolation Method via Viterbi Decoding of Markov Chains of Interpolation Functions IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 14 GSTMIP1414 A Metacognitive Complex-Valued Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 13 GSTMIP1413 A Method to Standardize Quantification of Left Atrial Scar From Delayed-Enhancement MR Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 14 GSTMIP1414 A Multiple-Feature and Multiple-Kernel Scene Segmentation Algorithm for Humanoid Robot IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 15 GSTMIP1415 A New Iterative Triclass Thresholding Technique in Image Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 16 GSTMIP1416 A New Secure Image Transmission Technique via Secret-Fragment-Visible Mosaic Images by Nearly Reversible Color Transformations IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 17 GSTMIP1417 A Novel Eye Localization Method with Rotation Invariance IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 18 GSTMIP1418 A Novel Joint Data-Hiding and Compression Scheme Based on SMVQ and Image Inpainting IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 19 GSTMIP1419 A Novel Local Pattern Descriptor—Local Vector Pattern in High-Order Derivative Space for Face Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 20 GSTMIP1420 A Rain Pixel Recovery Algorithm for Videos With Highly Dynamic Scenes IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 21 GSTMIP1421 A Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 22 GSTMIP1422 A Weighted Optimization Approach to Time-of-Flight Sensor Fusion IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 23 GSTMIP1423 Adaptive Image Resizing Based on Continuous- Domain Stochastic Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  3. 3. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 24 GSTMIP1424 Adaptive Weight Allocation-Based Subpixel Rendering Algorithm IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 25 GSTMIP1425 Alignment, Representation, and Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 26 GSTMIP1426 An Analysis and Method for Contrast Enhancement Turbulence Mitigation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 27 GSTMIP1427 An Analytical Model for Synthesis Distortion Estimation in 3D Video IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 28 GSTMIP1428 An Automatic Graph-Based Approach for Artery/Vein Classification in Retinal Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 29 GSTMIP1429 An Automatic Mass Detection System In Mammograms Based On Complex Texture Features IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 30 GSTMIP1430 An Efficient Visibility Enhancement Algorithm for Road Scenes Captured by Intelligent Transportation Systems IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 31 GSTMIP1431 An Evaluation of Low-Rank Mahalanobis Metric Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 32 GSTMIP1432 An Unbiased Risk Estimator for Image Denoising in the Presence of Mixed Poisson–Gaussian Noise IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 33 GSTMIP1433 An Unsupervised Feature Selection Dynamic Mixture Model for Motion Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 34 GSTMIP1434 Analog Joint Source Channel Coding for Wireless Optical Communications and Image Transmission IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 35 GSTMIP1435 Angular Pattern and Binary Angular Pattern for Shape Retrieval IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 36 GSTMIP1436 Application Of Cross Wavelet Transform For Ecg Pattern Analysis And Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  4. 4. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 37 GSTMIP1437 ATD: A Multiplatform For Semiautomatic 3-D Detection Of Kidneys And Their Pathology In Real Time IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 38 GSTMIP1438 Atrial Electrical Activity Detection Using Linear Combination Of 12-Lead Ecg Signals IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 39 GSTMIP1439 Attention Driven Foveated Video Quality Assessment IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 40 GSTMIP1440 Attenuation Correction Synthesis For Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application To Brain Studies IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 41 GSTMIP1441 Augmented Complex Common Spatial Patterns For Classification Of Noncircular Eeg From Motor Imagery Tasks IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 42 GSTMIP1442 Automated Adjustment of Region-Based Active Contour Parameters Using IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 43 GSTMIP1443 Automated Characterization Of Breast Lesions Imaged With An Ultrafast Dce-Mr Protocol IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 44 GSTMIP1444 Automated Detection Of Driver Fatigue Based On Entropy And Complexity Measures IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 45 GSTMIP1445 Automated Detection Of Perturbed Cardiac Physiology During Oral Food Allergen Challenge In Children IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 46 GSTMIP1446 Automated Polyp Detection In Colon Capsule Endoscopy IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 47 GSTMIP1447 Automatic Construction Of 3-D Building Model From Airborne LIDAR Data Through 2-D Snake Algorithm IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 48 GSTMIP1448 Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 49 GSTMIP1449 Band-Reweighed Gabor Kernel Embedding for Face Image Representation and Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 50 GSTMIP1450 Blind Image Quality Assessment Using the Joint IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  5. 5. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Statistics of Generalized Local Binary Pattern 51 GSTMIP1451 Blind Prediction of Natural Video Quality IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 52 GSTMIP1452 BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 53 GSTMIP1453 Camera Control in Multi-camera Systems for Video Quality Enhancement IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 54 GSTMIP1454 Cartoon-Texture Image Decomposition Using Block wise Low-Rank Texture Characterization IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 55 GSTMIP1455 Characterness An Indicator of Text in the Wild IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 56 GSTMIP1456 Chroma Intra Prediction Based on Inter-Channel Correlation for HEVC IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 57 GSTMIP1457 Clustering-Based Discriminant Analysis for Eye Detection IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 58 GSTMIP1458 Coding Visual Features Extracted From Video Sequences IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 59 GSTMIP1459 Colored Coded Aperture Design by Concentration of Measure in Compressive Spectral Imaging IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 60 GSTMIP1460 Compressed-Domain Video Retargeting IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 61 GSTMIP1461 Compressing Encrypted Images with Auxiliary Information IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 62 GSTMIP1462 Computation on Stochastic Bit Streams Digital Image Processing Case Studies IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 63 GSTMIP1463 Computer-Aided Bleeding Detection In WCE Video IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 64 GSTMIP1464 Context-Aware Discovery of Visual Co-Occurrence Patterns IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  6. 6. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 65 GSTMIP1465 Convex-Relaxed Kernel Mapping for Image Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 66 GSTMIP1466 Correction of Excitation Profile in Zero Echo Time (ZTE) Imaging Using Quadratic Phase-Modulated RF Pulse Excitation and Iterative Reconstruction IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 67 GSTMIP1467 Coupled Binary Embedding for Large-scale Image Retrieval IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 68 GSTMIP1468 Cross-Indexing of Binary SIFT Codes for Large-Scale Image Search IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 69 GSTMIP1469 Data Hiding in Encrypted H.264/AVC Video Streams by Codeword Substitution IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 70 GSTMIP1470 Detection Of Life-Threatening Arrhythmias Using Feature Selection And Support Vector Machines IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 71 GSTMIP1471 Development Of An Automated Updated Selvester Qrs Scoring System Using Swt-Based Qrs Fractionation Detection And Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 72 GSTMIP1472 Digital Beam forming on Receive in Elevation for Multidimensional Waveform Encoding SAR Sensing IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 73 GSTMIP1473 Direction lets Using In-Phase Lifting for Image Representation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 74 GSTMIP1474 Discriminative Soft Bag-of-Visual Phrase for Mobile Landmark Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 75 GSTMIP1475 Does De blurring Improve Geometrical Hyperspectral Un mixing IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 76 GSTMIP1476 Dual-Geometric Neighbor Embedding for Image Super Resolution With Sparse Tensor IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 77 GSTMIP1477 Electrocardiogram Signal Modeling With Adaptive Parameter Estimation Using Sequential Bayesian IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  7. 7. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Methods 78 GSTMIP1478 Endogenous And Exogenous Fluorescence Skin Cancer Diagnostics For Clinical Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 79 GSTMIP1479 Enhanced Decoupled Active Contour Using Structural and Textural Variation Energy Functionals IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 80 GSTMIP1480 Evaluation of Color Spatio-Temporal Interest Points for Human Action Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 81 GSTMIP1481 Example-based Enhancement of Degraded Video IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 82 GSTMIP1482 Extended Random Walker-Based Classification of Hyperspectral Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 83 GSTMIP1483 Extracting Salient Brain Patterns For Imaging-Based Classification Of Neurodegenerative Diseases IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 84 GSTMIP1484 Facial Skin Beautification Using Adaptive Region- Aware Masks IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 85 GSTMIP1485 Factors Affecting Enhanced Video Quality Preferences IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 86 GSTMIP1486 Filtered Back projection Reconstruction and Redundancy in Compton Camera Imaging IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 87 GSTMIP1487 Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 88 GSTMIP1488 Fluctuations Of Pulse Photoplethysmographic Signal In Children IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 89 GSTMIP1489 Frame Rate Up Conversion Based on Variational Image Fusion IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 90 GSTMIP1490 Fusion of Multichannel Local and Global Structural Cues for Photo Aesthetics Evaluation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 91 GSTMIP1491 Gabor Ordinal Measures for Face Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  8. 8. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 92 GSTMIP1492 Gabor-Filtering-Based Nearest Regularized Subspace for Hyperspectral Image Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 93 GSTMIP1493 Gaussian Copula Multivariate Modeling for Texture Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Transforms IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 94 GSTMIP1494 Ghosting Impingements in 3D Dual-View Projection Systems IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 95 GSTMIP1495 Glaucoma Progression Detection Using Structural Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Measurements And Functional Visual Field Points IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 96 GSTMIP1496 Gradient Histogram Estimation and Preservation for Texture Enhanced Image Denoising IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 97 GSTMIP1497 Gradient Magnitude Similarity Deviation A Highly Efficient Perceptual Image Quality Index IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 98 GSTMIP1498 Harmonic active contours IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 99 GSTMIP1499 Hierarchical Prediction and Context Adaptive Coding for Lossless Color Image Compression IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 100 GSTMIP1500 High-Accuracy Retinal Layer Segmentation For Optical Coherence Tomography Using Tracking Kernels Based On Gaussian Mixture Model IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 101 GSTMIP1501 Highly Secured Reversible Data Hiding In AES Encrypted Images By Reserving Room Before Encryption With Authentication IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 102 GSTMIP1502 How to Select Good Neighboring Images in Depth- Map Merging Based 3D Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 103 GSTMIP1503 Human Detection By Quadratic Classification On Subspace Of Extended Histogram Of Gradients IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 104 GSTMIP1504 Human–Manipulator Interface Based On Multisensory IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  9. 9. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Process Via Kalman Filters 105 GSTMIP1505 Hyperspectral Image Classification Through Bilayer Graph-Based Learning IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 106 GSTMIP1506 Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Nearest Feature Line Embedding Approach IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 107 GSTMIP1507 Image Contrast Enhancement Using Color and Depth Histograms IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 108 GSTMIP1508 Image Geo-localization Based on Multiple Nearest Neighbor Feature Matching Using Generalized Graphs IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 109 GSTMIP1509 Image Interpolation via Graph-Based Bayesian Label Propagation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 110 GSTMIP1510 Image Matching Using SIFT Features and Relaxation Labeling Technique—A Constraint Initializing Method for Dense Stereo Matching IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 111 GSTMIP1511 Image Similarity Using Sparse Representation and Compression Distance IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 112 GSTMIP1512 Images as Occlusions of Textures A Framework for Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 113 GSTMIP1513 Imaging And Analysis Techniques For Electrical Trees Using X-ray Computed Tomography IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 114 GSTMIP1514 Including the Size of Regions in Image Segmentation by Region-Based Graph IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 115 GSTMIP1515 Independent Component Ensemble Of Eeg For Brain– Computer Interface IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 116 GSTMIP1516 Insights Into Analysis Operator Learning From Patch- Based Sparse Models to Higher Order MRFs IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 117 GSTMIP1517 Integrated Segmentation and Interpolation of Sparse IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  10. 10. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Data 118 GSTMIP1518 Integration Of Network Topological And Connectivity Properties For Neuroimaging Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 119 GSTMIP1519 Interactive Hierarchical-Flow Segmentation of Scar Tissue From Late-Enhancement Cardiac MR Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 120 GSTMIP1520 Iris Image Classification Based on Hierarchical Visual Codebook IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 121 GSTMIP1521 Joint Non-Gaussian Denoising and Super resolving of Raw High Frame Rate Videos IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 122 GSTMIP1522 LBP-Based Edge-Texture Features for Object Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 123 GSTMIP1523 Learning and Recognition of On-Premise Signs From Weakly Labeled Street View Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 124 GSTMIP1524 Learning joint intensity-depth sparse representations IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 125 GSTMIP1525 Learning Layouts For Single-Page Graphic Designs IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 126 GSTMIP1526 Lifetime Enhancement Techniques for PCM-Based Image Buffer in Multimedia Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 127 GSTMIP1527 Linear Time Distances Between Fuzzy Sets With Applications to Pattern Matching and Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 128 GSTMIP1528 Local Image Geometry IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 129 GSTMIP1529 Local Mesh Patterns Versus Local Binary Patterns: Biomedical Image Indexing and Retrieval IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 130 GSTMIP1530 Local Spectrum-Trend Similarity Approach for Detecting Land-Cover Change by Using SPOT-5 Satellite Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 131 GSTMIP1531 Logismos-B: Layered Optimal Graph Image IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  11. 11. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Segmentation Of Multiple Objects And Surfaces For The Brain 132 GSTMIP1532 Lossless Compression of Color Filter Array Images by Hierarchical Prediction and Context Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 133 GSTMIP1533 Lossy Cutset Coding of Bilevel Images Based on Markov Random Fields IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 134 GSTMIP1534 Low-Rank Neighbor Embedding for Single Image Super-Resolution IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 135 GSTMIP1535 Lung Nodule Classification With Multilevel Patch- Based Context Analysis IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 136 GSTMIP1536 Mapping Tree Species In Coastal Portugal Using Statistically Segmented Principal Component Analysis And Other Methods IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 137 GSTMIP1537 mCENTRIST A Multi-Channel Feature Generation Mechanism for Scene Categorization IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 138 GSTMIP1538 Measures of Effective Video Tracking IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 139 GSTMIP1539 Metamer mismatching IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 140 GSTMIP1540 Modeling Geometric-Temporal Context With Directional Pyramid Co-Occurrence for Action Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 141 GSTMIP1541 Modeling Hotspots Of Climate Change In The Sahel Using Object-Based Regionalization Of Multidimensional Gridded Datasets IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 142 GSTMIP1542 Motion-Aware Mesh-Structured Trellis for Correlation Modelling Aided Distributed Multi-No Video Coding IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 143 GSTMIP1543 Motion–Related Resource Allocation in Dynamic IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  12. 12. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 144 GSTMIP1544 Multi label Image Classification Via High-Order Label Correlation Driven Active Learning IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 145 GSTMIP1545 Multidimensional Artificial Field Embedding With Spatial Sensitivity IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 146 GSTMIP1546 Multi-Illuminant Estimation with Conditional Random Fields IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 147 GSTMIP1547 Multi-Label Image Categorization With Sparse Factor Representation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 148 GSTMIP1548 Multilinear Graph Embedding: Representation and Regularization for Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 149 GSTMIP1549 Multiple Description Coding With Randomly and Uniformly Offset Quantizers IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 150 GSTMIP1550 Multiple Image Encryption System Based on Nematic Liquid Photonic Crystal Layers IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 151 GSTMIP1551 Multispectral Image Denoising With Optimized Vector Bilateral Filter IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 152 GSTMIP1552 Multi-view Facial Landmark Localization in RGB-D Images via Hierarchical Regression with Binary Patterns IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 153 GSTMIP1553 Near Field Enhancement and Sub wavelength Imaging Using Resonantly Loaded Apertures IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 154 GSTMIP1554 Neighborhood Supported Model Level Fuzzy Aggregation for Moving Object Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 155 GSTMIP1555 Noise-Robust Texture Description Using Local Contrast Patterns via Global Measures IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 156 GSTMIP1556 Novel Example-Based Method for Super-Resolution and Denoising of Medical Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  13. 13. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 157 GSTMIP1557 Novel Speed-Up Strategies for Non-Local Means Denoising With Patch and Edge Patch Based Dictionaries IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 158 GSTMIP1558 Novel System For Real-Time Integration Of 3-D Echocardiography And Fluoroscopy For Image-Guided Cardiac Interventions: Preclinical Validation And Clinical Easibility Evaluation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 159 GSTMIP1559 Object Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using Rotation Invariant Parts Based Model IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 160 GSTMIP1560 On the Spectrum of the Plenoptic Function IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 161 GSTMIP1561 Optimal Viterbi Based Total Variation Sequence Detection (TVSD) For Robust Image/Video Decoding In Wireless Sensor Networks IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 162 GSTMIP1562 Optimized Brightness Compensation and Contrast Enhancement for Transmissive Liquid Crystal Displays IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 163 GSTMIP1563 Oriented Image Foresting Transform Segmentation by Seed Competition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 164 GSTMIP1564 Parametric Blur Estimation for Blind Restoration of Natural Images: Linear Motion and Out-of-Focus IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 165 GSTMIP1565 Patient Specific Cortical Electrodes For Sulcal And Gyral Implantation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 166 GSTMIP1566 Pattern Matching for Building Feature Extraction IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 167 GSTMIP1567 Perceptual DFT Watermarking With Improved Detection and Robustness to Geometrical Distortions IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 168 GSTMIP1568 Perceptual Encryption of H.264 Videos: Embedding Sign-Flips Into the Integer-Based Transforms IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  14. 14. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 169 GSTMIP1569 Phase-Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images: Model and Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 170 GSTMIP1570 Polarimetric Study of MMW Imaging Radars for Indoor Navigation and Mapping IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 171 GSTMIP1571 Probability-Based Rendering for View Synthesis IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 172 GSTMIP1572 Progressive Image Denoising Through Hybrid Graph Laplacian Regularization: A Unified Framework IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 173 GSTMIP1573 Prostate Mri Segmentation Using Learned Semantic Knowledge And Graph Cuts IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 174 GSTMIP1574 Pulse Rate Variability Analysis For Discrimination Of Sleep-Apnea-Related Decreases In The Amplitude IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 175 GSTMIP1575 QR Images: Optimized Image Embedding in QR Codes IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 176 GSTMIP1576 Quadtree Structured Image Approximation for Denoising and Interpolation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 177 GSTMIP1577 Quality Of The Wireless Electrocardiogram Signal During Physical Exercise In Different Age Groups IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 178 GSTMIP1578 Radiometric Correction Of Terrestrial LiDAR Point Cloud Data For Individual Maize Plant Detection IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 179 GSTMIP1579 Real-Time Scalable Depth Sensing With Hybrid Structured Light Illumination IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 180 GSTMIP1580 Regional Assessment Of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function Via Mri Statistical Features IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 181 GSTMIP1581 Region-Based Saliency Detection and Its Application in Object Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 182 GSTMIP1582 Reliability-Based Multiview Depth Enhancement Considering Interview Coherence IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  15. 15. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 183 GSTMIP1583 Residual Component Analysis of Hyperspectral Images—Application to Joint Nonlinear Unmixing and Nonlinearity Detection IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 184 GSTMIP1584 Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted Images By Reserving Room Before Encryption IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 185 GSTMIP1585 Reversible Data hiding in Encrypted JPEG bitstream IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 186 GSTMIP1586 Robust and Efficient Saliency Modeling from Image Co-Occurrence Histograms IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 187 GSTMIP1587 Robust Face Recognition From Multi-No Videos IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 188 GSTMIP1588 Robust Online Learned Spatio-Temporal Context Model for Visual Tracking IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 189 GSTMIP1589 Robust Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Ring Partition and NMF IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 190 GSTMIP1590 Robust Point Matching via Vector Field Consensusn IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 191 GSTMIP1591 Robust Superpixel Tracking IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 192 GSTMIP1592 Rotation–Covariant Texture Learning Using Steerable Riesz Wavelets IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 193 GSTMIP1593 Saliency Prediction on Stereoscopic Videos IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 194 GSTMIP1594 Saliency Tree A Novel Saliency Detection Framework IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 195 GSTMIP1595 Saliency-Aware Video Compression IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 196 GSTMIP1596 Scaled Heavy-Ball Acceleration of the Richardson- Lucy Algorithm for 3D Microscopy Image Restoration IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 197 GSTMIP1597 Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detection for Static Video Surveillance IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  16. 16. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 198 GSTMIP1598 SCoRS—A Method Based On Stability For Feature Selection And Apping In Neuroimaging IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 199 GSTMIP1599 Seamless View Synthesis Through Texture Optimization IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 200 GSTMIP1600 Segmentation-Driven Image Registration- Application To 4D DCE-MRI Recordings IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 201 GSTMIP1601 Segmentation-Driven Image Registration-Application to 4D DCE-MRI Recordings of the Moving Kidneys IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 202 GSTMIP1602 Self-Learning Based Image Decomposition With Applications to Single Image Denoising IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 203 GSTMIP1603 Self-Recognized Image Protection Technique that Resists Large-Scale Cropping IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 204 GSTMIP1604 Semisupervised SAR Image Change Detection Using a Cluster-Neighborhood Kernel IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 205 GSTMIP1605 Shadow Detection of Man-Made Buildings in High- Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 206 GSTMIP1606 Shape-Based Normalized Cuts Using Spectral Relaxation for Biomedical Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 207 GSTMIP1607 Simulation Of The Expected Performance Of A Seamless Scanner For Brain PET Based On Highly Pixelated CdTe Detectors IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 208 GSTMIP1608 Single-Image Super resolution of Natural Stochastic Textures Based on Fractional Brownian Motion IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 209 GSTMIP1609 Single-Trial Eeg Classification Using Logistic Regression Based On Ensemble Synchronization IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 210 GSTMIP1610 Sliding Hdca: Single-Trial Eeg Classification To Overcome And Quantify Temporal Variability IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 211 GSTMIP1611 Sparse Label-Indicator Optimization Methods for IMAGE 2014/MATLAB
  17. 17. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Image Classification PROCESSING 212 GSTMIP1612 Sparse Representation For Brain Signal Processing: A Tutorial On Methods And Applications IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 213 GSTMIP1613 Sparse Transfer Manifold Embedding for Hyperspectral Target Detection IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 214 GSTMIP1614 Spatial Statistics of Image Features for Performance Comparison IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 215 GSTMIP1615 S-Sequence Spatially-Encoded Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound Imaging IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 216 GSTMIP1616 Subspace Based Discrete Transform Encoded Local Binary Patterns Representations for Robust Periocular Matching on NIST’s Face Recognition Grand Challenge IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 217 GSTMIP1617 Subspace-Based Technique for Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 218 GSTMIP1618 Tampering Detection in Compressed Digital Video Using Watermarking IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 219 GSTMIP1619 Transform-Invariant PCA: A Unified Approach to Fully Automatic Face IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 220 GSTMIP1620 Translation Invariant Directional Framelet Transform Combined With Gabor Filters for Image Denoising IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 221 GSTMIP1621 Tree Filtering Efficient Structure-Preserving Smoothing With a Minimum Spanning Tree IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 222 GSTMIP1622 Unsupervised Feature Learning for Aerial Scene Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 223 GSTMIP1623 Variation Exemplar-Based Image Colorization IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 224 GSTMIP1624 Vector-Valued Image Processing by Parallel Level IMAGE 2014/MATLAB
  18. 18. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Sets PROCESSING 225 GSTMIP1625 Vehicle Verification Using Gabor Filter Magnitude with Gamma Distribution Modeling IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 226 GSTMIP1626 Video Colorization Using Parallel Optimization in Feature Space IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 227 GSTMIP1627 Visual Protection of HEVC Video by Selective Encryption of CABAC Binstrings IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 228 GSTMIP1628 Volumetric Fibular Transfer Planning With Shape- Based Indicators In Mandibular Reconstruction IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 229 GSTMIP1629 Weakly Supervised Photo Cropping IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 230 GSTMIP1630 An Efficient Parallel Approach for Sclera Vein Recognition IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 231 GSTMIP1631 Characterness: An Indicator of Text in the Wild IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 232 GSTMIP1632 Digital Image Sharing by Diverse Image Media IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 233 GSTMIP1633 Exposing Digital Image Forgeries by Illumination Color Classification IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 234 GSTMIP1634 Images as Occlusions of Textures: A Framework for Segmentation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 235 GSTMIP1635 Mining Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images for Search-Based Face Annotation IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 236 GSTMIP1636 Scene Text Recognition in Mobile Applications by Character Descriptor and Structure Configuration IMAGE PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB IEEE 2014 MATLAB SIGNAL PROCESSING PROJECTS 1. GSTMSP1401 A 300-mV 220-nW Event-Driven ADC With Real-Time QRS Detection for Wearable ECG Sensors SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 2. GSTMSP1402 A channel state information feedback method for SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  19. 19. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 massive MIMO-OFDM 3. GSTMSP1403 A Dual-Parameter Optical Fiber Sensor for Concurrent Strain and Temperature Measurement: Design, Fabrication, Packaging, and Calibration SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 4. GSTMSP1404 A Home Sleep Apnea Screening Device With Time- Domain Signal Processing And Autonomous Scoring Capability SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 5. GSTMSP1405 A Key Management Scheme for Secure Communications of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 6. GSTMSP1406 A Lightweight Multicast Authentication Mechanism for Small Scale IoT Applications SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 7. GSTMSP1407 A Motion Monitor Using Hetero-Core Optical Fiber Sensors Sewed in Sportswear to Trace Trunk Motion SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 8. GSTMSP1408 A novel multichannel audio signal compression method based on tensor representation and decomposition SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 9. GSTMSP1409 A Smart Wearable Textile Array System for Biomedical Telemetry Applications SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 10. GSTMSP1410 A Survey of Group Key Distribution Schemes With Self-Healing Property SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 11. GSTMSP1411 Advanced modulation formats for free-space laser communication SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 12. GSTMSP1412 Analysis of free space optical link in ahmedabad weather conditions SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 13. GSTMSP1413 And Statistical With User Rate Constraints SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 14. GSTMSP1414 Application Of Cross Wavelet Transform For ECG SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  20. 20. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Pattern Analysis And Classification 15. GSTMSP1415 Approximate Closed-Form Energy Efficient PA for MIMO Relaying Systems in the High SNR Regime SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 16. GSTMSP1416 Atrial Electrical Activity Detection Using Linear Combination Of 12-Lead ECG Signals SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 17. GSTMSP1417 Augmented Complex Common Spatial Patterns For Classification Of Noncircular EEG From Motor Imagery Tasks SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 18. GSTMSP1418 Automated Biosignal Quality Analysis For Electromyography Using A One-Class Support Vector Machine SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 19. GSTMSP1419 Broadband Free Space Optical urban links for next generation infrastructures and services SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 20. GSTMSP1420 Characterization of Performance of a Mobile MIMO Antenna in Free Space SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 21. GSTMSP1421 Compensation of Time-Division Multiplexing Distortion in Switched Antenna Arrays With a Single RF Front-End and Digitizer SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 22. GSTMSP1422 Decentralized Energy Efficient Coordinated Beamforming for Multicell Systems SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 23. GSTMSP1423 Design and Implementation of a Preprocessing Circuit for Bandpass Signals Acquisition SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 24. GSTMSP1424 EMA: Energy-Efficiency-Aware Multiple Access SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 25. GSTMSP1425 End-to-End Secure Multi-Hop Communication with Untrusted SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 26. GSTMSP1426 Energy Efficiency Optimization in Relay-Assisted MIMO Systems With Perfect and Statistical CSI SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  21. 21. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 27. GSTMSP1427 Energy-Efficiency Analysis and Optimization for Virtual-MIMO Systems SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 28. GSTMSP1428 Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Interference Alignment SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 29. GSTMSP1429 Enhanced Low-Latency Detection Of Motor Intention From EEG For Closed-Loop Brain-Computer Interface Applications SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 30. GSTMSP1430 Experimental study of the performance for BPSK subcarrier intensity modulation free space optics communications in a laboratory controlled turbulence channel SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 31. GSTMSP1431 Finite Delay Response Harmonic Filters SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 32. GSTMSP1432 Free Space Optical Communication with OOK and BPSK modulation under different turbulent condition SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 33. GSTMSP1433 Full-dimension MIMO (FD-MIMO) for next generation cellular technology SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 34. GSTMSP1434 Generalized Inverse Aided PAPR-Aware Linear Precoder Design for MIMO-OFDM System SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 35. GSTMSP1435 Greedy Adaptive Linear Compression in Signal-Plus- Noise Models SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 36. GSTMSP1436 Improving the DMT Performance for MIMO Communication With Linear Receivers SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 37. GSTMSP1437 Integrate And Fire Pulse Train Automaton For QRS Detection SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 38. GSTMSP1438 Joint Iterative Carrier Synchronization and Signal Detection Employing Expectation Maximization SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 39. GSTMSP1439 MIMO Radar Transmit Beampattern Design With SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  22. 22. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Ripple and Transition Band Control 40. GSTMSP1440 Modelling of free space optical link for ground-to- train communications using a Gaussian source SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 41. GSTMSP1441 Modelling of OFDM-ODSB-FSO Transmission System under Different Weather Conditions SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 42. GSTMSP1442 Moving cells: a promising solution to boost performance for vehicular users SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 43. GSTMSP1443 Novel Electrodes For Underwater ECG Monitoring SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 44. GSTMSP1444 On Spatial Domain Cognitive Radio Using Single- Radio Parasitic Antenna Arrays SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 45. GSTMSP1445 Optimizing a High-Order Graphic Equalizer for Audio Processing SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 46. GSTMSP1446 Orthogonal Space Projection (OSP) Processing for Adaptive Interference Cancellation SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 47. GSTMSP1447 Polymer Optical Fiber Termination With Use of Liquid Nitrogen SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 48. GSTMSP1448 Practical Energy-Aware Link Adaptation for MIMO- OFDM Systems SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 49. GSTMSP1449 Practical Physical Layer Security Schemes for MIMO- OFDM Systems Using Precoding Matrix Indices SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 50. GSTMSP1450 Quantum Neural Network-Based EEG Filtering For A Brain–Computer Interface SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 51. GSTMSP1451 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing For Optical OFDM-Based Future Optical Access Networks SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 52. GSTMSP1452 Reconfigurable Filtennas and MIMO in Cognitive Radio Applications SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 53. Reduction of Noise in Measurements of Phasor Angles 2014/MATLAB
  23. 23. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 GSTMSP1453 by Using Two Digital Filters SIGNAL PROCESSING 54. GSTMSP1454 Reduction of Signal-Dependent Noise From Hyperspectral Images for Target Detection SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 55. GSTMSP1455 Secondary Peak Detection Of PPG Signal For Continuous Cuffless Arterial Blood Pressure Measurement SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 56. GSTMSP1456 Signal Processing: On the Edge of Astronomy’s New Frontier SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 57. GSTMSP1457 Simultaneous Low-Pass Filtering and Total Variation Denoising SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 58. GSTMSP1458 Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain Using a Single Bragg Grating in a Few-Mode Polymer Optical Fiber SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 59. GSTMSP1459 SNR and Noise Variance Estimation in Polarimetric SAR Data SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 60. GSTMSP1460 Spectrum Sensing Optimization for Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Systems SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 61. GSTMSP1461 Speech Processing on a Reconfigurable Analog Platform SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 62. GSTMSP1462 The Compression of Electric Signal Waveforms for Smart Grids: State of the Art and Future Trends SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 63. GSTMSP1463 The transmitter for indoor Free Space Optic networks SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 64. GSTMSP1464 Time-Varying Multicomponent Signal Modeling for Analysis of Surface EMG Data SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB 65. GSTMSP1465 Wearable Audio Monitoring: Content-Based Processing Methodology and Implementation SIGNAL PROCESSING 2014/MATLAB
  24. 24. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 IEEE 2014 MATLAB COMMUNICATION PROJECTS 1. GSTMCC1401 A channel state information feedback method for massive MIMO-OFDM COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 2. GSTMCC1402 A General Self-Organized Tree-Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 3. GSTMCC1403 A Joint Duty-Cycle and Transmission Power Management for Energy Harvesting WSN COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 4. GSTMCC1404 A Key Management Scheme for Secure Communications of Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 5. GSTMCC1405 A Physical Layer Secured Key Distribution Technique for IEEE 802.11g Wireless Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 6. GSTMCC1406 A Primer on Energy-Efficient Synchronization of WSN Nodes over Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 7. GSTMCC1407 A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT Environment COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 8. GSTMCC1408 Achieving Energy Efficiency and Reliability for Data Dissemination in Duty- Cycled WSNs COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 9. GSTMCC1409 Adaptive Multi-Channel Transmission Power Control for Industrial Wireless Instrumentation COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 10. GSTMCC1410 Advanced modulation formats for free-space laser communication COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 11. GSTMCC1411 An Efficient and Robust Data Compression Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 12. GSTMCC1412 An Energy Efficient Transmission Scheme for OFDM Systems in LTE COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 13. GSTMCC1413 An Energy-Balanced Routing Method Based on Forward-Aware Factor for Wireless Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 14. GSTMCC1414 Broadband Free Space Optical urban links for next COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB
  25. 25. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 generation infrastructures and services 15. GSTMCC1415 Channel-Aware Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks for Pipeline Inspection COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 16. GSTMCC1416 Characterization of Performance of a Mobile MIMO Antenna in Free Space COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 17. GSTMCC1417 Cluster Head Election for Energy and Delay Constraint Applications of Wireless Sensor Network COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 18. GSTMCC1418 Compensation of Time-Division Multiplexing Distortion in Switched Antenna Arrays With a Single RF Front-End and Digitizer COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 19. GSTMCC1419 Data Density Correlation Degree Clustering Method for Data Aggregation in WSN COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 20. GSTMCC1420 Decentralized Energy Efficient Coordinated Beamforming for Multicell Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 21. GSTMCC1421 Distributed CSMA Algorithms for Link Scheduling in Multihop MIMO Networks Under SINR Model COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 22. GSTMCC1422 EDAL: An Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime-Balancing Data Collection Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 23. GSTMCC1423 Effective Algorithms for WSN With Weight Principle in Web of Things COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 24. GSTMCC1424 Efficient Power Conservation Mechanism in Spline Function Defined WSN Terrain COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 25. GSTMCC1425 End-to-End Secure Multi-Hop Communication with Untrusted COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 26. GSTMCC1426 Energy Efficient Collaborative Beam forming in Wireless Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 27. GSTMCC1427 Energy Efficient MIMO Relay Transmissions via Joint Power Allocations COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 28. GSTMCC1428 Energy Efficient Pilot and Link Adaptation for Mobile Users in TDD Multi-User MIMO Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 29. GSTMCC1429 Energy-Efficiency Analysis and Optimization for COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB
  26. 26. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 Virtual-MIMO Systems 30. GSTMCC1430 Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Interference Alignment COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 31. GSTMCC1431 Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for Delay-Sensitive Multimedia Traffic over Wireless Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 32. GSTMCC1432 Energy-Efficient Processor for Blind Signal Classification in Cognitive Radio Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 33. GSTMCC1433 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Downlink OFDM Wireless Systems with Proportional Rate Constraints COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 34. GSTMCC1434 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation In Downlink OFDM Wireless Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 35. GSTMCC1435 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation In LTE-Based MIMO-OFDMA Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 36. GSTMCC1436 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in OFDM Systems With Distributed Antennas COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 37. GSTMCC1437 Energy-Efficient Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radios COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 38. GSTMCC1438 Improving Spectrum Efficiency via In-Network Computations in Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 39. GSTMCC1439 Improving the DMT Performance for MIMO Communication With Linear Receivers COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 40. GSTMCC1440 Joint Optimization of Clustering and Cooperative Beam forming in Green Cognitive Wireless Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 41. GSTMCC1441 Joint Routing and Resource Allocation for Delay Minimization in Cognitive Radio Based Mesh Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 42. GSTMCC1442 Joint Virtual MIMO and Data Gathering for Wireless Sensor Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 43. GSTMCC1443 LIGHTNETs: Smart LIGHTING and Mobile Optical Wireless COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 44. GSTMCC1444 Maximizing Network Topology Lifetime using Mobile Node Rotation COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB
  27. 27. GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES www.FINALYEARPROJECTS.ORG Mobile: (0) 9666155510 45. GSTMCC1445 Optimization for Centralized and Decentralized Cognitive Radio Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 46. GSTMCC1446 Practical Energy-Aware Link Adaptation for MIMO- OFDM Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 47. GSTMCC1447 Real-Time Digital Signal Processing For Optical OFDM-Based Future Optical Access Networks COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 48. GSTMCC1448 RISE: A RelIable and SEcure scheme for wireless Machine to Machine communications COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 49. GSTMCC1449 Spectrum Sensing Optimization for Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Systems COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 50. GSTMCC1450 Throughput Maximization in Mobile WSN Scheduling with Power Control and Rate Selection COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB 51. GSTMCC1451 WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent Buildings COMMUNICATION 2014/MATLAB GLOBALSOFT TECHNOLOGIES IEEE PROJECTS & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS IEEE FINAL YEAR PROJECTS|IEEE ENGINEERING PROJECTS|IEEE STUDENTS PROJECTS|IEEE BULK PROJECTS|BE/BTECH/ME/MTECH/MS/MCA PROJECTS|CSE/IT/ECE/EEE PROJECTS CELL: +91 98495 39085, +91 966615 5510, +91 966625 5510, +91 98495 57908 Visit: Mail