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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Noor Isham

Galaxy Forum, Galaxy, Galaxy Education, 21st Century Education, Astronomy

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Galaxy Forum Southeast Asia 2013 - Noor Isham

  1. 1. Signs and Science of the Universe By Noor Isham Sanif ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  2. 2. Signs and Science of the UniverseThe Way of Life: Muslims’Consciousness of the UniverseThe Signs: Quran & the UniverseThe Science: Muslim PioneersAstronomical Science ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  3. 3. The Way of Life Muslims’ Consciousness of the UniverseA1/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  4. 4. Daily Prayers According to the 5 Earth and Sun Configuration CONTINOUS MUSLIMS’ CONNECTION WITH UNIVERSAL ORDERA2/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  5. 5. Daily Prayer Timing Guide Pocket Prayer Timing SIGNIFICANT ASPECT OF MUSLIM’S LIFEA3/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  6. 6. Prayer Time Determined by the Earth and the Sun Configuration (In Textbook of Primary 1) EARLY AGE AWARENESSA4/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  7. 7. DIRECTION FOR PRAYERS (Facing City of Mecca (Ka’bah Singapore’s Direction to Mecca All Mosques Around the World Face Degree from North Clockwise 293.203313 Mecca (AWARENESS OF SPACE AND TIME (MECCA AS CENTREA5/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  8. 8. Ka’bah as Centre of the Earth (in relation to Theory of Fibonacci) Distance Distance LAW OF EXISTENCE UNIVERSAL CONSTANT PERFECT UNIVERSAL ORDERA6/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  9. 9. Islamic Calendar MUSLIM AWARENESS OF LUNAR CYCLE: THE EARTH, MOON & SUN CONFIGURATIONA7/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  10. 10. Islamic Calendar (Lunar Calendar) The Islamic calendar, is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 days. (first year was the Islamic ( year beginning in AD 622 Being a purely lunar calendar, it is not synchronized with the . seasons With an annual drift of 10 or 11 days, the seasonal relation repeats about every 33 Islamic (.years (every 32 solar yearsA8/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  11. 11. Seven Sleepers Gregorian & Lunar of Ephesus (250 AD) Calendars So they stayed in their cave three hundred years,“ (and nine (more)” Quran Chapter 18, Verse 25 .” The above verse replaces “and nine” by “increased by nine . The latest calculation of the lunar month is 29.53059 days . The Lunar year is 12 x 29.53059 = 354.36708 days This means that 300 Gregorian years (300x365.25= 109575 days) (. is equivalent to 309 Lunar years (354.36708x309= 109499.43A9/12 HARMONY AFFIRMED BY THE SCRIPTURES ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  12. 12. Muslim Around the World Do Special Prayer When There is a Solar or Lunar EclipseA10/12 ACKNOLEDGEMENT TO THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSAL ORDER ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  13. 13. Ceremonious Sighting of the Moon Beginning and end of Ramadan Kedah National Observatory Mediacorp, Singapore Live Telecast Head of Islamic Riyadh National ObservatoryA11/12 Announcing Ramadan ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  14. 14. ASTRONOMICAL SCIENCE QUALIFICATION COMPULSORY CRITERIA FOR MUFTI To be qualified to be a Mufti one very important criteria- qualification in Astronomical (Science (CompulsoryA12/12 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  15. 15. The Signs Quran & the UniverseB1/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  16. 16. Timeline of Astronomical Discovery Ibn al-Shatir al-Muwaqqit 1304 NASA Super  Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi 903 Computer 632AD Homer/Heriod (700 BC) Quran Anaximader (600 BC) Black Holes Copernicus (1519) Collapsing of Al-Farghani 861 Ibn Yunus 1009 Ibn Rushd 1198 Al Andalus (714) the Stars Plato (400 BC) Theory of the Big Bang Greek Dark Ages Expansion of 1100 BC–750 BC Universe Late Antiquity Flat Earth Cylindrical Earth GeoCenteric (Earth Centred) HelioCenteric (SunCentred) Early Middle High Middle Renaissance Early 300-700 Modern Age Age 1350-1600 Modern 1960-2013 470-1000 1000-1350 1600-1960 End Islamic Of Astronomical Dark Science Age Movements Astronomical Scientific Of Discouraged Scientific Discovery Sun, Earth & Discovery Moon•Scholar Execution•Destruction of ScholarlyFindings•People are Mythical B2/8 DEVINE REVELATION ON UNIVERSAL ORDERLINESS ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  17. 17. The studied words were categorized according to their scientific topics as followsMedicine 416 Geology 69Physics 138 Seas & Rivers 35Biology 130 Transportation 28Astronomy & Cosmology 105 Origin of Man & others 27Geography 98 Engineering 12Agriculture 89 Chesmistry 11 Language of birds &Math. & Statistics 79 animals 8All of the above & others > 20B3/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  18. 18. Words Mentioned in the Quran (Signs)‘Month’ repeated 12 times‘Day’ repeated 365 times‘Hour’ repeated 24 times‘Moon’ repeated 27 times (Moon’s Ecliptic Cycle around Earth ~ 27.3 days)‘Sun’ repeated 33 times‘Moon & Sun” coupled/mentioned together repeated 19 times Astrophysics: The moon and the sun are aligned 19 times in the year .Incidentally, our Sun, the moon and earth become aligned every 19 years B4/8 PERFECT ORDER OF UNIVERSE AND QURAN VALIDATION OF EACH OTHER ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  19. 19. The Moon and the Sun “And the sun runs on its fixed course for a term appointed. …. And the moon, we have measured for it mansions to traverse till it returns like the old dried curved data stalk. It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. They all float, each in an orbit. [ Quran Chapter 36: Verse 38-40 ]B5/8 DEVINE UNIVERSAL ORDER ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  20. 20. Signs for Those Who Seek ASTRONOMICAL ASTRONOMICAL SCIENTIFIC QURAN SIGNIFICANT FINDINGS DISCOVERY Chapter : VerseThe Star Sirius : 21st century scientific discovery it is He Who is the Lord of“.. Sirius A & Sirius B stars through (Sirius.” (53: 49 irregularity in the movement, the brightest star in the night sky. Its orbit lasts 49.9 years (Departments of astronomy at Harvard, (Ottawa and Leicester UniversitiesPulsars: Pulsating Stars Dr Jocelyn Bell Burnell, (Cambridge By Heaven and the Tariq! The University in 1967) identified a regular radio Star Piercing [the darkness]! signal, regular pulse or beating resembling ((86:1-3 heartbeat from a piercing star (heavenly Tariq’ means pulsating hard‘ (body enough to produce a ‘pulsating beat’ ‘striking’ .soundThe Big Bang The theory of Big Bang that all the heavens and the earth“… .heavenly body were once a mass were a closed-up mass The framework for the Big Bang model relies (ratqan), then We clove them on Albert Einsteins general relativity and on asunder (fataqna)? And We .homogeneity and isotropy of space made from water every living (thing.” (21:31The Expanding Universe Edwin Hubble (1920s) discovered that the indeed We go on expanding“… .universe is expanding (it” (51:48Collapsing Stars Discovered that when a star has consumed When the stars are“ .all its fuel, it collapses in into itself (extinguished.” (77:8Black Holes In 1969, an American physicist Dr. John By the stars positions-…if“ Wheeler confirmed the only way to identify (you only knew. (56:75-76 the collapsing stars was by charting its . positionsB6/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  21. 21. I am very much impressed by finding true astronomical facts“in the Quran, and for us the modern astronomers have beenstudying very small pieces of the universe.  We’veconcentrated our efforts for understanding of [a] very smallpart.  Because by using telescopes, we can see only very fewparts [of] the sky without thinking [about the] whole universe. So, by reading [the] Quran and by answering to the questions,I think I can find my future way for investigation of the.”universeDr. Yoshihide Kozai is Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, Hongo,Tokyo, Japan, and was the Director of the National AstronomicalObservatory, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan.B7/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  22. 22. I am impressed at how remarkably an ancient writing (the“ Quran) seem to correspond to modern and recent astronomy. I am not a sufficient scholar of human history to project myself completely and reliably into the circumstances that 1400 ."years ago would have prevailed Professor Armstrong works at NASA, otherwise known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where he is a well-known scientist there.B8/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  23. 23. The Science: Muslim Pioneers of Astronomical ScienceC1/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  24. 24. The Astrolabe: It was used to chart the precise time of sunrises and sunsets, and to determine the period for fasting during the month of Ramadan. Also to calculate the distances between the .various planets and stars Navigational tools: Compass and Astrolabe. Enabled long journey navigation. Eventually discovery of the .new worldC2/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  25. 25. First formal astronomical observatory, which Caliph Al-Mamun (786 – 833) allowed astronomy to become a major science •An astronomer and mathematician, •Compiled the Sabian Tables •Predicted new moons and eclipses •Calculated the length of the year •Explained the phenomenon of parallax. •Recognised that our solar system moves through space •Made significant amendments to Ptolemy’s observations.C3/8 Al-Battani (858-929) ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  26. 26. Famous book, “Book on Sun Movement and Encyclopedia of Star Science” Contains 30 chapters, including a description of the inhabited part of the Earth, its size, and the sizes of the heavenly bodies as well as their distances from the Earth. Al-Farghani (861) was known for his “Book on Sun Movement and Encyclopedia of Star Science” •Described the first galaxy known outside our own, the Andromeda Galaxy. •He wrote extensively on the astrolabe and star positions, their sizes and colours.  ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi (903 – 986) was known for discovering the AndromedaC4/8 Galaxy ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  27. 27. •Compiled the Hakemite Tables. •Used a large astrolabe nearly 1.4 m in diameter •Recorded over 10 000 entries for the sun’s position over a 30-year period. Ibn Yunus (950-1009) was known for compiling the Hakemite Tables •Observed that the Earth revolves around its own axis •Calculated the Earth’s circumference, and accurately determined the direction of Makkah from any point on the globe. Al-Biruni (973-1050) was known for calculating the Earth’sC5/8 circumference ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  28. 28. Al-Zarqali (1028-1100) was known for developing the safiha and compiling the Developed a sophisticated astrolabe, called the Toledan Tables ‘Safiha’, that could be used at any location. Designed a portable celestial sphere, today known as a torquetum, for measuring celestial co-ordinates. Jabir ibn Aflah (1100-1145) wasC6/8 known for developing the Torquetum ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  29. 29. Ibn Rushd (1126-1198) was known for discovering sunspots Ibn Rushd discovered sunspots Made many corrections to Ptolemy’s calculations on the movement of the moon. Ibn al-Shatir al-Muwaqqit (1304-1375) was known for his corrections to Ptolemy’s calculations of theC7/8 movement of the moon ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  30. 30. “Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.” (Quran Chapter 3 : Verse 190)C8/8 ( or SMS: + 65 9046 0093)
  31. 31. or SMS: + 65 9046 0093