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ILOA Galaxy Forum Canada 2013 - Alan Stern

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ILOA Galaxy Forum Canada 2013 - Alan Stern

  1. 1. The Golden Spike Co.!
  2. 2. We are developing a plan !to operate a commercialhuman earth-to-moontransportation system. !To enable affordable, !turn-key human lunarsurface expeditions !for science, commerce,tourism, and otherApplications.!Monetized by sales ofexpeditions and theirassociated media/rights.!Golden Spike !
  3. 3. Leadership Team!
  4. 4. Board and Advisors!
  5. 5. Jim Lovell Joins !GSC BoA!
  6. 6. Engineering Team!!Lunar !Lander !Systems !Study!
  7. 7. Pricing:!$1.5B Missions!$750M Seats!beginning 20202-3 Expeditions !each year !
  8. 8. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Copyright © 2013 Golden Spike Company. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Markets: Nations! Corporations! Tourists
  10. 10. Implementation !Milestones!Flight System:!2013 LLaSS I, II!2014 GSC Integrated !Systems Studies, !SRRs!2015 RFPs, !Procurements!2017-19 Test Flights !2019-20 First Landing
  11. 11. October LPI Workshop!0830 Welcome and Meeting Context0845 Golden Spike Overview0915 Why Lunar Science Benefits With Humans1030 Break1100 GSC Mission Capabilities/Capabilities1200 Lunch1300 Landing Site Priorities for Human Exploration1600 Break1630 Panel 1: What 20 Apollo H Missions Can Yield1805 Poster Session and Refreshments