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Joel Mark Witt - Rapid Customer Rapport

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Joel Mark Witt - Rapid Customer Rapport

  1. 1. INBOUND15 Rapid Customer Rapport Giving your customers and audience the gift of understanding Joel Mark Witt TM
  2. 2. INBOUND15 Value Focus: How others are impacted emotionally Needs: All people to be in relationship Seeks: Agreement in discussion, approval Insight: Social systems, dynamics between people, status Harmony – What gets everyone’s needs met? • Show genuine concern for other people (beyond just them) • Observe unspoken social contracts • Connect as people first, then introduce ideas • Use social proof TM
  3. 3. INBOUND15 Real world examples: Harmony – What gets everyone’s needs met? (Email capture) “Put your name and email address below so I can stay in touch with you!” (About page) “The purpose of this community is to help each other create and finance sustainable lifestyles doing what we love best on our own terms. Money is strictly a vehicle that will help get us to where we want to go and support the people we care about most.” (About Me) “My transformation caught the eye of people around me who wanted to know how I became so happy, glowing, and healthy…” (Sales Letter Ending) And never forget… I believe in you! TM
  4. 4. INBOUND15 Value Focus: How the self is impacted emotionally Needs: To act with inner alignment Seeks: Self-expression and to sympathize Insight: Ethical implications, the ‘gray scale’ of good vs. evil Authenticity – What’s true to who I am? • Speak to their individuality • Talk in the language of championing causes • Be transparent about core values • Use personal stories TM
  5. 5. INBOUND15 Authenticity – What’s true to who I am? Real world examples: (Email capture) “Enter Your Email Below For Tips, Techniques …Join The Revolution!” (Social media update) Try not getting so focused on what people think. Try focusing on what they're feeling and needing. It's at least a thousand times more connecting. (Sales letter) “And, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You should be PROUD that you’ve taken the courage to step-up and handle this problem in your life, once and for all.” (TV Commercial jingle) “I gotta be me.” TM
  6. 6. INBOUND15 Accuracy – What makes analytical sense? Value Focus: Is this information logical? Needs: All thoughts to be congruent Seeks: Inconsistencies in discussion, roots out bias Insight: Thought systems, recognizes ‘untruths’ • Present concepts clearly • Avoid ‘public opinion’ persuasion • Use ‘radically honest’ language, don’t be afraid to swear • Anticipate objections in logic and overcome them early TM
  7. 7. INBOUND15 Accuracy – What makes analytical sense? Real world examples: (Interview) “Marketing is the art of leveraging yourself.” (Leverage, leverage, leverage.) (About page) “Raised in a trailer park, then working in a gas station and studying Kung-Fu full-time…” (Sales letter) “What it really consists of is scientific research that is comprehensive in its nature.” (Famous speaking mantra) “Buy my shit, buy my shit, buy my shit.” TM
  8. 8. INBOUND15 Effectiveness – What works? Value Focus: What is realistic and works in the ‘real world’ Needs: Metrics, resources and to accomplish objectives Seeks: To implement ideas Insight: The true utility of concepts, and the talents of others • Present how an idea is useful • Express ideas in a functional, linear progression • Cuts to the chase – wants to get to the bottom line quickly • Has no patience with marketing funnels that aren’t well-thought out TM
  9. 9. INBOUND15 Real world examples: (About page) Get started today and you can experience what [they] deliver time and time again: Speedy Results. Real Transformation. (Sales letter) “…a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to launch a product in precise detail. It shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to which blog post to release when, and what to say in every email.” (About page) “My background includes a track record as a top performer in direct sales, as a powerful and effective sales trainer and recruiter.” (Email capture) “Are you ready to focus and follow through to get results?” Effectiveness – What works? TM
  10. 10. INBOUND15 Twitter: @personalityhack Joel Mark Witt