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Throw Away Your Pitch Deck!

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Throw Away Your Pitch Deck!

  1. 1. Course ObjectiveTo provide the framework to build a great pitchefficiently through agile principles.
  2. 2. Key Learning Outcomes● Tactics to make a deck quickly / efficiently● Get to market quickly with a pitch● Key factors to a great pitch● How to get feedback to improve deck● Listen, Learn, Iterate & Pivot!
  3. 3. Agile Pitch v. Old School PitchVisuals matterShort is betterFew days to createOne versionMake better over timeGreat at making friendsPeers are proudWritten words matterCaptures everythingDeck takes weeksMultiple versionsNear perfect to startGreat for a lectureYour mom is proud
  4. 4. Agile PitchingLeveraging the Lean Startup and AgileDevelopment principles to efficiently deliverinformation to potential influencers andinvestors to solicit feedback and iterate.Agile Pitching is not an excuse not to havedone your "homework". It is a methodology togive presentations with the purpose to buildrelationships, learn and improve.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. What is a Pitch DeckA simple set of visualsUsually slides (but can be demos) that createinterests for the audience to learn more.What is Needed?Google docs (presentation)PowerpointKeynote
  7. 7. What a Pitch Deck is NOTA Business PlanComprehensive
  8. 8. Creating the Agile Pitch DeckThe Purpose "Why"The Problem / Solution / Demo "How"Insights on Company and Opportunity "What"The Request: What is Needed and WhySee:
  9. 9. Components of an Agile Pitch Deck● Few words● Highly visual● Short
  10. 10. "An Enchanting Pitch" - Guy KawaskiSlide 1: Title pageSlide 2: OverviewSlide 3: Problem/OpportunitySlide 4: Unfair AdvantageSlide 5: DemoSlide 6: Sales and MarketingSlide 7: CompetitionSlide 8: Business ModelSlide 9: ForecastSlide 10: TeamSlide 11: Status and Milestones
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Why Use Agile Pitching?● Quicker● Better● Simpler● Multi-purpose● More Engaging
  13. 13. Who can use Agile Pitching?Everyone.The bigger issue in business is people nothaving conversations with the right people thatcan support their purpose / mission.Entrepreneurs are especially prone to this.
  14. 14. Where to StartWhen Agile Pitching, start practicing with:1. Your team (co-founders, board members)2. Your close business associates (fellowmembers of clubs, organizations)3. Pitch contests / clinics4. Influencers5. Investors
  15. 15. Agile Pitching - Iterative ApproachThe success factor in Agile Pitching is theability to listen closely to the audience. Thegoal is to learn what is resonating with themand what is not.The objective is to stir the audiencesimagination and to have them make the storyTHEIR STORY.
  16. 16. Signs of a Great PitchAudience is engaged!Majority of the time will be spent on Q&AAudience makes it their storyConcrete Action Items● Introductions● Follow-up meeting
  17. 17. Action Plan● Outline the Pitch Deck● Assemble the best visuals to represent keypoints● Create Highly Visual 10 page Pitch Deck● Find 10 people that you can give it to first..● Go● Iterate● Rinse● Repeat
  18. 18. Next Steps● Join our Master Fundraising Course● Join us now for 50% off● "FAN"● Feedback: Jason (at)