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data envelopment analysis finite difference method malaria bharat radiation euv special theory of relativity astrophysics ir 2 ftir hplc determination recovery vegetables copper mild steel radar vhdl dielectric constant xrd concrete stability stabilization demand sensor engine performance weibull distribution ergonomics ethanol regression comparison metakaolin stress analysis diesel engine antimicrobial activity characterization adsorbent wind turbine wind energy industry power loss statcom semiconductor availability comparative analysis upfc tcsc capacity matlab/simulink induction motor transformer mse genetic algorithms bldc static synchronous compensator (statcom) facts devices multilevel inverter maximum power point tracking differential evolution sustainability pid controller energy storage labview generation mean square error intrusion detection system wireless sensor networks modeling software discrete wavelet transform (dwt) router latency social network association content based image retrieval pakistan data integration som software reliability artificial neural networks humidity communication saas word sense disambiguation green computing diabetic retinopathy jamming algorithms gabor filter grid image segmentation roi wireless communication privacy wireless network dynamic source routing intrusion detection face detection virtualization information retrieval median filter mimo iris recognition air pollution hash function sql network security wireless networks mobile computing fuzzy clustering quality of service vanet remote sensing restrictive patterns data leakage security issues data security healthcare technology traffic generators simulations human tracking particle swarm optimization gene expression multicolor lsb transform cyber crime bit plane slicing ad hoc network learning protocols attacks noiseless image segmentation verilog hdl edge detection is one of the most commonly used op ice coolers polystyrene thermal conductivity and melting time polyurethane higher feed rate provides higher surface roughness vibration damping etc lattice portal frame(lpf) dead load(dl) live load(ll) wind load(wl) beuraw of indian standard(bis) reinforced cement concrete(rcc) pre engineering building( peb) curved section tilt angle stress intensity photoelasticity novel polynomial hump noise. . kaplan turbine hydropower spiral case of kaplan turbine. life cycle assessments product life cycle stages environmental impact manufacturing processes lca methods multi entity product life cycle inventory impact evaluation single entity product impact indicators part manufacturing raw material manufacturing impact category geotechnical tests construction material laterites structural health monitoring (shm). crack detection hilbert- huang transform (hht) molding water content landfills hydraulic conductivity tincal ore waste unconfined compressive strength municipal solid waste compactive effort pushover moment resisting frame rcs system seismic assessment renewable energy policy energy planning propagation models drive test root mean square error. pid controllers defuzzification pi controllers fuzzy logic control orientation ppi embedded system. azimuth blip power flow compensation rdna vermicomposting hyperelliptic curve cryptography proxy signature blind signature symmetric key cryptography mobile forensic is fast becoming an abbreviated te information communication technology (ict) educational technology semantic grid e- learning classification and clustering algorithms weka tools cpu utilization intruder bottleneck problem of tcp/ip duplicate acknowledgements ipv6 ipv4 vpn ipsec discrete cosine transform brain tumor electrophoresis behavior elisa iosr journal of pharmacy and biological sciences ( insulin resistance zone of inhibition ph response surface methodology anaemia diet cellulase drug delivery bmi intertrappean liver enzymes phytochemical heavy metal rats body composition antioxidant siddha medicine marketing demographic variables consumer purchase decision values perceptions emotional intelligence cargo throughput nigeria. job satisfaction leadership style urban planning project implementation culture leadership dynamic capability salaried individuals competitive advantage equally-spaced point collocation method sensitivity analysis fuzzy numbers endemic common fixed point metric space natural radioactivity zimbabwe free convection mhd perovskite magnetoresistance export effective dose habit nanoparticles debye temperature radioactivity activity concentration he-ne laser dft chemical bath deposition velocity of light c e=mc^2 cherenkov radiation 33.5 nm solar flare. albert einstein superluminal velocities relativistic mass goes x-rays energy-mass equivalence solar spectra 13.3 nm cosmology optical studies medicinal plants crystal structure liver dc sputtering technique mass spectra azo dyes nitrogen essential oils artemisia zinc qsar olive oil adsorption isotherm benzothiazole miceller catalyses 4-cdmpp. ctabr micelles phytochemical screening quantification validation. libya obesity factor analysis antifungal ra acid rain control infrared spectroscopy heavy metals extraction biosobent atom seed urine lead nylon cpw cst lan switches signal strength rake receiver interpolation image fsm microstrip antenna pdf bpsk flc super-resolution crushing stress high strength concrete composites quality control noise control proximate analysis displacement bottom ash entrepreneurship hydrochloric acid titanium corrosion cost holding cost laminar flow regression method. scanning electron microscopy (sem) shear wall nanofluids airfoil 3d numerical simulation centrifugal pump stress simulation in ansys. chemical resistance project management leaf spring design constrain history performance point fem analysis thermal conductivity diesel mahua oil topology optimization design of experiments wear friction pin-on-disc turning s/n ratio abc analysis chassis frame shear stress flyash management cfd. tensile strength six sigma building fea analysis material financial performance dynamic analysis orthogonal array cop high strength fiber reinforced concrete (hsfrc) high strength concrete (hsc) design of experiment drilling government policy retrofitting watershed composite materials connecting rod water quality thiophene antibacterial activity gac bioregeneration methane carbon convolution xilinx can svc obstacle avoidance blending wind power generator power quality field-effect ferroelectric gizo thin film non-volatile transistor p(vdf-trfe) environment pollutant soft switching pv array low voltage low power wind energy conversion system (wecs) dfig modelling power factor load effect impedance climate change voltage profile filter corner detection hysteresis gas insulated substation (gis) vsc standard deviation total harmonic distortion adaptive control capacitor placement dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) eps fft total harmonics distortion evaluation controller energy management grid connected spwm nanomaterials solar cells vsi particle swarm optimization. magnetic susceptibility tariff psnr vortex induced vibrations feed forward neural network current fuzzy logic controller (fcl) pulse-width modulation (pwm) density functional theory direct and indirect band gap electronic band structure density perturbation functional theory digital control e-health power factor correction (pfc) photovoltaic system mppt algorithm monitoring awgn snr vector control ultra-capacitors z-source inverter hadoop ad-hoc network application knowledge management distribution sensitive transactions bioinformatics cardiovascular disease fuzzy c means computer vision pagerank resources social networks wavelet transform wireless mesh networks (wmns). threshold data encryption chaos cbir globalization nhpp image compression ids cuda hyperlink search engine random forest information extraction cloud server dicom hip arthroplasty hough transform tagging applications energy efficiency stability period hybrid characteristics elliptic curve cryptography wormhole attack india context flooding botnets ip spoofing srm software testing diffusion sensor networks tcp scada data hiding security and protection data storage dct dwt virtual machine solvent self concept cryptanalysis satellite images fuzzy inference system reliability relevant software metrics compression ratio interoperability mlp customer mobile accuracy web 2.0 region growing recognition internet engineering task force (ietf) fuzzy set pheromone navigation networking channel length supervised learning discrete cosine transform (dct) lsb contingency mobile ad-hoc network (manet) dsdv signcryption check pointing tolerance cover file key stego file thresholding mammogram transforms color embedding color-to-gray conversion swot analysis architecture dynamic changing topology association rules information security sha-1 scheduling des idea security and privacy internet autonomous system artificial neural network (ann) hidden markov model detection pca gprs pattern matching network operations traffic classification intersection transaction association rule mining indexing program input output mobile ad-hoc networks browser gaussian filter wavelets signal processing cross river state and environmental health effect. cigarette smokers genetic diversity rapd arsenic morphology histology humanities and social science aggregations tree based receiver initiated. mobile ad hoc network (manet) source initiated multicast routing protocol network layer mesh based k-means clustering gaussian noise speckle noise multimedia communication firewall clusters compression time watermarking least significant bit (lsb) breast cancer public audit ability quantum cost xml image encryption e-commerce penetration testing payload exploit wireless sensor networks (wsn) topology jitter access control classifier privacy preserving wireless mesh network gis manets caching machine learning energy mems compartmental model malware peer-to-peer networks worm admissibility best-first search dominance human computer interaction usability engineering human detection motion detection ann micro array linked list digital forensics graphical password swarm intelligence sip image steganalysis sdt based image steganography distributing steganographic algorithms. global ter suspicion value. pixel aberration wireless sensor networks (wsns) multi-feature leach black hole attack design gui science mathematics vanet. face fingerprint face recognition fuzzy logic. high-speed piracy protection authorization network model protocol description unit (pdu) supervisory control and data acquisition system (s programmable logic controller (plc) global system mobile (gsm) general packet radio service (gprs) micro controller failure detection vtms. ntmt dra ais advanced video coding(avc) moving pictures expert group(mpeg). joint collaborative team-video coding(jct-vc) h.264 high efficiency video coding(hevc) earth station. indoor unit outdoor unit vsat hub monitoring &analysis and implementation policy link failure ad-hoc on demand distance vector arm-7 reckless behavior driver-behaviour magnetic resonance image (mri) open loop resonators csrrs bandpass filter automatic guided vehicle embedded surveillance and safety system lane departure bgp inter-domain oscillations. path ky-m6 fingerprint sensor arm9(mini2440). sttc channel estimation psk modulation. vswr proximity coupler fed technique return loss galvanometer calibration anemometer chaotic encryption chaotic circuit chua’s circuit. nonlinear circuits tra arm mems sensor gain periodic structure. sensors pic controller gsm and rfid. automated car parking a mobile ad-hoc network (manet) is an autonomous s rfid data security and rsa algorithm. swarm radiation microstrip patch antenna (mpa) ebg (electromagnetic band gap) arithmetic unit vertex-5 ieee double precision floating point verilog alcohol sensor seatbelt detector fingerprint module smart card reader carry save adder booth multiplier multiplier and-accumulator(mac). digital signal processing(dsp) bluetooth serial port virtual instrument osi layers controller area network unified diagnostics international standard organization keyword protocol society of automotive engineers packet dropping attack modification prewitt etc. canny sobel roberts affordablehousing mehr housing project low-income people residentialunits backward characteristic supersonic prandtl- meyer expansion angle. isentropic stream function method of characteristics degree of freedom inverse kinematics. denavit-hartenberg parameters biped systematic layout planning productivity improvement plant layout precursors aluminum foams light-weight construction energy absorption sandwich panels vibration damping etc. non-conventional machining process. wire-cut electrical discharge machine process condenser vertical looping air conditioner ground source heat exchanger validation of analytical experimental results. elastic analysis. bending moment slab concentrated load two ways finite element modelling staad pro tall building. water absorption sand-quarry dust block regression analyses contractor kathmandu municipality nepal telecom kaski rupandehi construction waste motor vehicle safety vehicle interior computer aided engineering air void bitumen binder content pavement performance hot mix asphalt rutting indirect tensile strength test fatigue. multifactor productivity furniture factory lean strategies supersonic flow angle of attack piston theory delta wing pitching derivatives muffler acoustic convective flow effects review modal pushover target displacement nonlinear stati ccrb specimen al7075 t6 alloy fracture toughness notched specimen. naca 6412 propeller parabolic dish solar concentrators. solar concentrators solar process heating application novel simple harmonic humps r-134a r-1234yf isopentane. r-245fa organic rankine cycle models exergy destruction energy analysis& exergy analysis umuahia sands sieve analysis compaction ottawa sands compressive strength of concrete rcc fire continues improvement iso 9001-2008 total quality management link plate shape optimization roller chain intake port model intake manifold engine vanes municipal solid waste (msw) physical characterization geotechnical properties water cured unconfined compression tests sda moment resisting rc frames fiber-reinforcement polymer/plastic pushover analysis. electric motor drive shutoff powertrain regenerative braking electrocution mdd stone dust omc specific gravity hippi oil jathroha biofuel cottonseed oil methanol ci twin cylinder engine makespan linear programming mechanical properties of concrete polypropylene fibers different curing condition surface finish doe hole accuracy five station degree of imbalance production rate unpaced production/assembly line sustenance machining roller burnishing frequency band estimated data transmitter path loss cable signals transient fault location cwt high-voltage direct-current (hvdc) high-voltage analog-current (hvac). flexible alternating current transmission system ( pmsm drives smes dynamic system pcc hcc tso dspic30f6012a fstpi three phase induction motor solar cell model maximum power point tracking (mppt) boost converte switched-mode boost dc-dc converter solar cell connected with grid & pv array averaged concentrating solar plant(csp). incremental conductance (ic) algorithm distributed generation (dg) matlab coding results. short-term load forecasting traditional methods current doubler converter model in sim power systems. pv-constant dc conversion soft-switching opf iep tcvr sa ep facts controller ts interlinking converter hybrid microgrid droop control voltage deviation frequency variation renewable energy source current follower transconductance amplifier current controlled transconductance amplifier continuous time active filters current controlled current conveyor voltage-differencing transconductance amplifier current differencing transconductance amplifier multiple input multiple output object dimension robotic arm labview imaq library lsrm flux linkage switched reluctance operator. sources of wind energy renewable resources non conventional energy sapf irp theory hbcc pwm charge transport nonvolatile resistive memristor sem and xrd silver nanoparticles heterojunction with aluminum x band series resistance impatt diode negative microwave resistance wind energy conversion harmonic elimination permanent magnet synchronous generator distribution generation fuzzy approach gravitational search algorithm operator battery monitoring gps detector labview. wireless charging radio frequency island system modulus optimum vsc-hvdc power order weak ac system symmetric optimum voltage source converter pi controllers parameters fuzzy logic controllersr pid servo hydraulic power theft. energy meter overload phase bye-pass platooning path planning car-sharing automatic parking transformer less inverter pv-ac conversion pv inverter model in sim power systems. pv inverter microcontroller-based gsm technology. metal detection system small-signal model on-board battery charger battery electric vehicles (bevs) power-train modeling interleaved dc/dc converter powertrain control strategies zero current switching (zvs) switched mode power supplies (smps) gate pulse asymmetrical pulse width modulated ( apwm half bridge converter unsymmetrical duty ratio zero voltage switching (zvs) mttr failure rate feeders. load demand wind resources hybrid system solar resources street light linear motor coil. oscillating motor ferro-resonance inductance conical shaped electrodes capacitor )( cuc= capacitance with unit differential height current sharing. (cup= capacitance with unit diffe charge distribution side contacted fed (s-fed) silicon on raied insultor fed (sori-fed) modified fed (m-fed) field effect diode (fed) band-to-band-tunneling (btbt) ultra-wide band multiband band ldr single axis servo motor tracking variable capacitor railways wind turbine electrophoresis. asymmetric cryptography while email is fairly reliable messages do get lost bingo voting e-voting coercion resistance commitments. zero-knowledge proof bluer random valued impulse noise dual threshold visual quality computation outsource back-propagation homomorphic encryption quarter car model step response passive suspension sprung-mass acceleration fds tp fp hmm subsidiary source adansonia degitata income generation grewia tenax ziziphus spini christi limiting data usage network profile data usage monitor windows task scheduler windows powershell command line interface batch scripting computer data breach data authentication remote databackup log based recovery two phase locking lock based protocols time stamp based protocols multi-core systems deadlock avoidance asymmetric cryptography. encryption/decryption algorithm splitting algorithm storage utilization multi-channel (mc) medium access control (mac) quality of service (qos) target coordinates distance tolerant latitude/longitude location dependency sanitization cover victim transactions privacy preservation observation- model mlp neural network image restoration hace apache tomcat big query autonomous map reduce hdfs qmac quorums speech corpus. natural synthesizer lpc formant frequency concatenative cross-platform mobile application development ios development ide cross-platform android development edublogs high school blogs visual communication visual representation contemporary educational environment wide area networks proposed model of textual similarity similarity functions information retrieval system cyber personality psychology and turing machine. intelligent traffic system visualization techniques data visualization visual data mining web 2.0. computational intelligence sense tagging self organization map guard channels channel assignment quantization table peak signal to noise ratio dct coefficient frequency domain user navigation mini session path threshold mathematical programming model software testing. web engineering software development models chinese segmentation fuzzy k-means canopy. related cases centre of gravity distance off-line signature verification principal component. pixel density fuzzy logic control “flc” load frequency control “lfc”. interconnected p sentiment analysis text classification classifiers social media data fake book dual stack tunnelling nat-pt opnet 17.5 modeller delay automatic tunnelling manual tunnelling storage architecture snia similarity framework time domain data ml estimation goodness of fit burr type iii encryption/decryption algorithm. chunk servers google file system gfs master scheduling algorithms big data analytics quality self-reliance sustainable and livelihood. vocational education and training technical policy based management pos tagging opinion mining polarity identification ip address fault tree analysis. serial routing information protocol ethernet cancer cells ontological store distributed denial of service attack distributed security traffic analysis web proxy. internal angle differences shape based leaf categorization convex hull detection computer virus epidemic epidemic threshold challenges. distributed sensor network defensive mechanisms design issues image recognition blindness :accessible environment clarans eclarans pam.clara sqlia static query parse tree validation code conversion dnssec pki ssl analytical and load balancing. georouting protocol georouting protocols heuristic distributed denial of attack application presentation interfaces (apis). software as a service (saas) platform as a service (paas) infrastructure as a service (iaas) blowfish irc 3des node replication tamper resistant hardware sequential probability ratio test (sprt) attack detection esp ah. software test cases. meta-heuristics secret handshakes key agreement unlinkability sporadic tasks real-time systems strict periods preemptive/non-preemptive scheduling improved black white (bw) method shoulder surfing attack. personal identification number virtual money huffman encoding. fast wavelet algorithm forced technique local technique rollback global technique message logging. event logging cluster computing mobile ad-hoc network cluster gateway cluster member cluster head (ch) drift detectors ensemble classifiers and bagging data stream mining component: clustering hill-climbing algorithm nmkfcm fcm kfcm compression. gaussian pyramid : biometric singular value decomposition block truncation coding scrutiny formatting style styling automated crawling rlc-circuit transfer function morphological operators mri maodv tree structure. multicast routing backup branch image centroid zone zone centroid zone handwritten character recognition colossal adduces copious pursuance circuitry surface water groundwater agri-tourism resource discourse analysis conjunctive use health-care document preprocessing summation key. data sharing hybrid cloud frequent k-itemset mine epidemic data collection protocol received signal strength indicator gossip routing protocol upload stations bluetooth. apps women. x-or ciphering secret key stream cipher circuit simulation software d.c circuit cirsis microsoft visual conditioning body weight height didactic joint action differential didactic contract productive disciplinary engagement. motor physical education assessment competency skill harvard step test physical fitness index judo runners (defense) physical fitness anthropometric. chasers (offence) achievement motivation competition anxiety sports competition anxiety test (scat) piers harries self concept scale and ball badminto rank correlation combative sports playing abilities coordination abilities football volleyball and explosive strength yogic practices groups. muscular flexibility dynamic stretching rural leisure time activities sedentary. athlete’s culture sport culture team culture dance exercise paired. gymnastic sports physical fitness components natural dye copper sulphate alum cotton and silk fabric madder rotor spun yarn rotor speed combing-roll speed recycled waste reactive dyes turquoise color grey stripping compact single jersey cotton grading back propagation fabric engineering multilayer feed forward network abs; thermoset; kenaf fibre; curative; moulding te polyaniline;metal ions; 5- suphosalicylic acid; d. herbal drug processing phytochemicals anthelmintic resistance gastrointestinal nematodes uncoded adaptive ofdm adaptive bit interleaved coded modulation channel state information zero padding sustainable collaboration academia hms- hospital management system cloud computing; omni-channel cloud computing of e-commerce advancing statistical education questionnaire. mobile devices ubiquitous computing; mobile computing; location b dynamic id handshake blackhole attack ginger clove spices hyperprolactinaemia infertility hormones ovulation. colocynthis digestibility coat growth citrullus fishes waste water aquatic effluent vw kc cm naa iaa bap dendrobium ovatum rhizogenesis. ex vitro rooting plb’s anthurium andreanum in vitro. solid state fermentation corn cobs aqueous extraction saccharomyces cerevisiae crude pectinase lactobacillus spp. dhokla biopreservative bacteriocin butter fat coconut oil fatty acid xylanase juice clarification bacillus megaterium oil extraction saccharification atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease dyslipidemia thyroid dysfunction malondialdehyde alloxan herbal preparation onion nonalcohlic fatty liver disease (nafld) metabolic syndrome (mets) orchids vegetative propagation; spiranthes sinensis (pers. leukemia cells plant extract invitro study action potential (ap) cardiac arrhythmia cardiac myocytes ion exchange mechanism fractional differential equations (fde) electrical model obturation fracture posterior teeth post endodontic restoration full crown cleft lip abuja prevalence and smile train project. cleft palate quenching quenching media tempering heat treatment amodiaquine antimalaria neurobehavior anxiety artesunate vmax. aspergillus sp alkaline protease km immobilized protease ketorolac tromethamine and crosscarmellose fast dissolving tablets crospovidone ketorolac tromethamine fast dissolving tablet rat paw edema and bioavialbility tail flick testosterone; training time; eccentric training. decaying debris water bodies ingoldian fungi soluble transferrin receptor iron deficiency analgesic activity vitex negundo leaves. acetic acid-induced writhing method widal. typhoid fever salmonella typhi baseline titre dehradun vertical transmission; screening; hepatitis b; int viral hepatitis perinatel hepatitis b virus 1.rec.lower abdomen pain with/without previous sur eri silkworm esterases light phase of photosynthesis structural analysis of nadp+ and nadph+h+ nadph+h+ formation system. shea butter pollution fish wistar rats rauwolfia vomitoria liver weight drinking water fecal contamination escherichia coli niger delta. sokoto bones sexing cadmium toxicity bryophyllum pinnatum antioxidative stress parameters naco regimen zidovudine hiv hyperlactatemia stavudine nephrolithiasis astaxanthin citrate nephroprotective. calcium oxalate hepatoprotective atrazine andrographis paniculata antioxidant enzymes tribals satpuda region euphorbian medicinal plant ethnomedicine stem bark extract oroxylum indicum seroprotection rates anti hbs vaccination biodeteriogens painted surfaces indoor outdoor lipase anti-fungal cow’s urine ayurveda skin-disease oligotrophic lake water-quality and zooplanktonic diversity primary production physico chemical deacetoxycephalosporin synthase cephalosporin benzylpenicillin histological studies wedelolactone eclipta prostrata. l. carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver damage bacillus species amylase pgp activities pgpr medicinal and aromatic plants retro peritoneal procedures. thrombosis aneurysms aorta superior mesenteric artery(sma) celiac trunk(ct) common celiaco mesenteric trunk(cmt) incidence hepatitis b surface antigen (hbs ag) age group seroprevalence seropositivity act calcium rat. and bone fractures healing low level laser laser bio-stimulation somatic embryo synthetic seeds encapsulation cold storage. deccan gymnospermic mesophyll triangular. auramine ‘o’ fluorochrome staining kinyoun cold acid fast staining. elisa for cryptosporidium antigen cryptosporidiosis obese adolescents lipid strength training rhizoctonia solani peloton orchid mycorrhiza geodorum densiflorum the results indicate that ala phpotosensitizer tis dpph. rhamnaceae zizyphus dysentery bon boroi dpph ascorbic acid bht disc diffusion method hypotonic solution caladium bicolor (aiton) vent. membrane stabilizing activity chenopodium album l. mouth dissolving tablets taste masking mucosal membrane superdisintegrant double divisor spectrophotometric method diphenhydramine hydrochloride paracetamol multivariate spectral analysis. p-amino phenol vitex doniana lethal dose serum lipid profile liver marker enzymes liquisolid technique and x-rd studies. dsc drug release hepatotoxicity arsenic trioxide high protein diet. hepamerz fungi neonatal sepsis. urokinase plasminogen activator receptor diabetic foot ulcer vanga vennai. mathan thailam anti microbial activity indicator organisms coliform retail sale pitha microbial contamination street market fat free mass index. sustained hand grip fat free mass body fat % body mass index box-behnken submerged fermentation laccase 6-dichlorophenol-indophenol andrographolide succinate dehydrogenase mitochondrial fraction. dust interception ficus carica biometric and biochemical attributes. recombinant dna technology gene therapy biotechnological improvement phenylhydrazine groundnut garden egg herbal pharmaceutical t. diversifolia agricultural waste aspergillus niger. nutrients carica papaya vitamins and minerals xrd. tg calcium carbonate kapardika bhasma rational use self-medication students. antibiotics pft shirishadi polyherbal compound immunomodulation coconut haematology palm kernel enzymes callus induction leaf acclimatization. orthosiphon aristatus plant regeneration beta carotene. artemia sp. microalgae nutritional status acacia fernesiana l. qualitative analysis bioactive compound aspergillus fruit psidium guava solanum lycopersicum lc50 thrombolytic achyranthes aspera cytotoxic ocimumgratissimum comparativestudies diabetics aloe vera ipomoeabatatas brassicaoleracea collagen vitamins poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) hydrogel photochemical crosslinking rainforest holoendemicity parasite intensity anemia socio-economic classification hemoglobin. bmd retrospective postmenopausal women mohgaonkalan and thallophyta homogenous angiospermic antitnutritionalfactors oral inturbation brassica oleracea proximate composition. sterilization staphylococcus radiation resistance bioburden streptococcus cancellous bone rauwolfia serpentina; medicinal plant; micro-propa metal pollution remediation soil microorganism smelting jhelum valley local community district muzaffarabad ethnobotanical viburnum thermostable protease; bacillus subtilis; soap ind indigenous nutritional analysis hamirpur district wild edible hydro-ethanolic extracts in vitro antifungal activity dr. duke’s phytochemical and ethanobotanical dat camellia sinensis (green tea) myristica fragrans (nutmeg) citrate utilization test. imvic-indole methyl red pcr-polymeric chain reaction vogues proskaur anesthesia euthanasia handling and restraint techniques diazepam sedative. salixaegyptiaca anti-anxiety elevated plus maze visakhapatnam district. tribal people ethno medico botanical ailments monocotyledons plants arakuvalley prevention & control strategy aspects 4) mountains:prevalent clinical entities 1) aetio-pathogenesis factors analysis 2) demonstrabl aldehydes schiffs bases ethnicity glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (g6pd) deficienc rajbangshis perceived exertion exercise form obese fat expenditure time of day training physical capacity anticataract hyperglycemia e.officinalis nitrogenase activity free living nitrogen fixers nitrogen free medium and acetylene reduction assay genus ascertained disorganize possibility rhizosphere toklai variety periplaneta prevalence nyctotherus intestine housefly wild-caught. parasites flies awka karuvilanchi ver chooranam analgesic anti inflammatory smilax zeylanica siddha drug ayurvedic medicinal plants. herbal cure collection of soil samples dilutions biochemical characterization. isolation techniques for bacterial and fungal spp bioprocess optimization batch cultivation bacillus polymyxus α-amylase evolution encephalization dietary changes metabolic stress metabolism sodium nitrite dimethylamine hydrochloride dietary protein serum transaminase hepatoprotective activity chara parpam histopathology ccl4 epiglottits medicinal plant crude leaf extract leofloxacin repellent odoriferous and ailanthus ecxcelsa. pesticides vegazz castp proq zebra fish insulin homology modeling soil-transmitted helminths rural communities preventive measures school children kidney fenitrothion heart platyrrhine mesorrhine ethnic group. nasal index predictive equations puntius conchonius weight-length relationship pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine. histological technique laridox(sp) prophylaxis root colonization namc am salinity. hibiscus pandanus fascicularis relative abundance species diversity spore density. arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi online technology financial services agency problems cash holdings leverage procyclical seigniorage. crowd-out keynesian demand economies government deficit spending inflationary dynamics learning orientation organization innovation and organization performan transformational leadership islamic financial institution financial exclusion inclusive growth interest free banking occupational ethic- based management staffs' relational behavior organizational commitment. respect to staffs' rights interpersonal pattern logistic regression organizational spirituality spirituality subjective spirituality financial markets banks securitized instruments. securitization non-banking finance companies employee motivation engagement engagement drivers discretionary effort promotional practices agricultural equipment exploratory factor analysis equity social bond value relationship. structural bond input-oriented ccr agriculture bank. performance assessment bcc models tasks operations manager individuals ship traffic reforms ports efficiency. ship turnaround time influence commodities brand management applications educational qualification need recognition recall consumer protection consumerism recall strategy product recall traits entrepreneurial trade associations transport product offerings customer expectations customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction knowledge of customer expectations value creations. secb capital market of bangladesh carroll’s (1991) pyramid bangladesh garment industry perceived service quality student satisfaction exchange rate instability; international trade; ar tourism tourists’ influx tourism development north-east india patient complaints financial growth hospital discharges participation telecommunication usage mobile brand consumers organizational justice organizational citizenship behavior tomato & cucumber's growers in the kurdistan greenhouse strategic of sustainable development of agricultur patient delight patient satisfaction health care emotional attachment audit report lag audit firm rotation timeliness impact assessment student’s performance. organizations’ performance firms’ level characteristics e-commerce competence environmental factor insurance employees occupational stress return to scale. agricultural market committees international business operations ethic multinational companies salvage value linear demand time-dependent models deterioration rate shortages effect of image school parents quality service quality of working life; job satisfaction; working satisfaction level women lawyers work life balance agribusiness trade debt impact courage experience attitudes continuance intentions protected area tourism community benefits conservation benefits’ sharing behavioral biases time preferences risk preferences cognitive abilities cognitive reflection test jobdescription key performance indexs ocb job grading education. economic development public expenditure issue 2 ( p-issn: 2319-7668. volume 12 parents educational institutions employability skills corporate sectors tractor tractor brands tractor industry tractor sales tractor sales sources authentic transformational leadership value congruence. muhammadiyah primary school enterprise growth technopreneurship microfinance in nigeria investors corporate citizen stakeholders business ethics attributes ranking preference rating. brand awareness branded bread inefficient optimum level profitability. inadequate working capital liquidity webqual b-school website features students newspaper reading university. exchange rate volatility exchange rate reform performance. berth occupancy seaport human resource management practice training and development. human resource planning banners environmental abuse. posters promotional campaigns accounting profession ethical codes of conduct accounting ethics training and development ministry of industry economic growth customer satisfaction and customer loyalty financial ratios private commercial banks donation commercial bank entrepreneurship strategy strategic leadership investment avenue individual investor behaviour effects of stress job performance job stress entrepreneurial leadership entrepreneurial capabilities learning model entrepreneurial knowledge leadershipgrowth turnover. involvement purchasing behaviour women consumer perception export promotion growth of electronics and computer software export export promotion councils. expansion of electronics and computer software exp multi criteria inventory classification models r-model ng-model. abc classification on-line vendor on-line shopping spss software. customer motivation and inhibition strategic control strategic management strategic planning national sports associations strategic implementation substructure electronic banking authority workforce motivation cross-functional elasticity of the prices elasticity of the demands eggs revealed comparative advantage agricultural commodities competitiveness proactiveness risk taking non-entrepreneur autonomy entrepreneur innovativeness career choice competitive aggressiveness quality management process capability wage determination and wage discrimination. industrial disputes wage differentials product promotion packaging price after sales service and smes. marketing strategy place installation after sales service warranty delivery and lg electronics regression analysis. chi-square test cronbach reliability calculator employee satisfaction time-cost trade-off project crashing algorithm critical path confidence benefits special treatment benefit satisfaction and usage intention social benefits delimiting retail. organized articulate competences internal environment external environment human capital development. arbitrage pricing theory national stock exchange bombay stock exchange defalcations internal auditing mitigation and management practices fraud prevention internal control system fraud manipulations controlling and service quality and bureaucracy behavior firm performance shrm value analysis accounting invoice. purchasing outsourcing supply chain management risk management process operational risk risk mitigation techniques risk assessment. strategic human resource management practice karachi stock exchange (kse). current ratio inventory turnover accounts receivable turnover internet banking adoption change management project success nigerian youths empowerment rebranding mental reengineering. ferry inland waterways economic. fatality rate boat astra brata leadership the culture of tri hita karana and employment performance. spiritual intelligence traditional teams face to face teams collocated teams dispersed teams virtual teams cagr kpo bpo customer relation and satisfaction gdp learning culture globalised world corporate organisations organizational learning key drivers profitability steel industry mergers and acquisitions bank performance islamic bank conventional bank blue-ocean strategy health systems and servicedelivery bureaucracy. bureaucratic corruption business organisations. organisational culture female farmer developing business intention wonokerto organic snake fruit and arrowroot based processed and government. tax literacy taxpayers indian taxation system erp erp implementation cost of implementation erp erp organizational risk sme customer listening ability relationship quality. service recovery perceived justice ethnic groups malaysia cultural dimension politic strategy organizational transformational strain employee stress and time maintenance relationship initiantion relationship customer relationship management shopping mall. servicescape behavioural intentions consumer loyalty tunisia tri hita karana lpd harmony agency cost physical flow distribution channel physical distribution system network optimization warehouse cultural models international business management national cultures cultural sensitivity cultural lenses theories of national cultures cultural dimensions industrial environment business performance institutions empowerment coffee farmers hesitate grounded theory javanese traditional market économie financiarisée gouvernance d’entreprise. globalisation financière knowledge base gap analysis knowledge source knowledge flow knowledge accumulation knowledge strategy agricultural sectors efficiency iranian agricultural accumulated capital . practical threat analysis risk analysis nessus risk management earning management firm size t-test annova conventional banks islamic banks porter’s diamond model national competitiveness retail concor india apmc(agricultural produce marketing committee) fresh and healthy enterprise limited(fhel) logistics ca(controlled atmosphere ) trust. loyalty advocacy commitment issues management. oramedia alternative dispute resolution public relations traditional bodies human resource management hospitality industry multinational enterprises government involvement and performance non market capability effectiveness of e-advertisement brand recognition quality of website and customer perception toward e-advertisement. project failure is/it projects employee retention work-life balance leadership focus leadership continuum libyan commercial banks investment decision construct validity structural equation modeling familiarity bias (fb) confirmation bias (cf) decision making loss aversion bias (lab) overconfidence (oc). illusion of control (ioc) organizational identity ocb and employee performance. organizational commitment level of supermarkets and hypermarkets’s attenda logistic regressions access oil revenue nigerian economy. national development quality relationship. relationship bonds corporate strategy solvency corporate performance value creation creative industry. learning organization . durbin watson capital structure nairobi security exchange iosr journal of business and management selectivity capm investment management conditional performance evaluation mutual funds gambling demographic factors investment preferences personality traits behavioral finance level of confidence demographics variables green revolution sustainable grwoth territory management. human resources competencies service; fifo; m/m/s; poisson distribution; queue; program development public administration system service decentralization of decision-making accounting and control system performance. strategic advantage supermarkets open and distance education cross-border gats wto fuzzy convergences fuzzy series unsteady flow. slip velocity heat source green function specular polarized radiative transfer eigenvectors eigenvalues truth table formalism automaton. formal symbolic system black box zeros of chebyshev polynomial trial function third-kind chebyshev polynomial boundary points legendre polynomial zeros of legendre polynomial 2010 msc: 46s40 two-fuzzy normed space α-norm collocation and interpolation block method initial value problem. second order equations interacting technologies. thermal effects magnetic field. fluid flow slpp shg. ccp lp fuzzy - semi interior and fuzzy - semi closu - t-set and fuzzy topology. fuzzy  - closed fuzzy - semi closed fuzzy - semi open fuzzy  - open the busy period the length of the dorment period expected number of units in the queue interdependent queue bivariate poisson process bcc model efficiency measurement returns to scale the optimal ordering and pricing policies profit rate function perishability total cost function instantaneous rate of deterioration compatible mapping commuting mapping annual rainfall markov model crop production transition probability damped oscillation oscillatory behaviors functional differential equations amplitude heat transfer similarity solution. newtonian fluid zeros polynomials inequality polar derivative left higher centralizer higher k-centralizer semiprime -ring jordan higher k-centralizer. queue m/m/i queuing model bank atm little’s theorem waiting lines price-dependent demand rate and varying rate of de double interpolation boundary value problem 33d45 basic orthogonal polynomials general theory 33c45 konhasure bi-orthogonal polynomials 26a33 fractional derivatives and integrals 45f 10 simultaneous triple series equations laguerre polynomials 42c o5 orthogonal functions and polynomials tan-cot method benjamin-bona-mahony equation soliton solutions. 𝜏)-cenralizer 𝜏)-centralizer jordan higher (𝜎 jordan triple higher (𝜎 𝜏)-centralizr higher (𝜎 goldback’s puzzle remarks prime numbers distribution difference operators generalized weighted mean matrix transformations duals free convection; polar fluid; porous medium; chemi ((t l))pre--conttiinuiitty t--pre--operattor t--pre--open sett etc.- mathematical optics fourier optics viscoelastic effects; perturbation; permeability; economic order quantity permissible delay in periods deteriorating products bounded variation. convergence theorem matrix differential operator triangular enclosure heatline. mixed convection beta-binomial model university of lagos-nigeria. posterior proportion empirical bayes models sample proportion cumulative grade point average markov chain method. dirichlet conditions laplace equation best simultaneous coapproximation and strongly uni strongly unique best coapproximation linear 2-normed space chained ternary semigroup cancellable clement cancellative ternary semigroup noetherian ternary semigroup and ternary group. elastico viscous fluid fully developed flow laplace transforms and finite hankel transform degeneracy optimal solution transportation dummy. s-btl- irresolute s-btlc set s-btl- continuous strongly supra n-closed map almost supra n-closed map supra n-closed map chebyshev polynomial continuous scheme. collocation algorithm lexig tsp the travelling salesman problem lexisearch method conclusion. a lexisearch method illustration of travelling sal combinatorial problem the lexisearch approach introduction cr-submanifolds parallel distribution totally geodesic nearlyhyperbolic cosymplectic manifold trapezoidal enclosures uniform heating centroidal mean runge-kutta method lipschitz condition. nth - order fuzzy initial value problems  characteristic equation  characteristic polynomial rectangular matrix   eigenvalues and α-minimal polynomial. β*-border 𝜂 * -frontier and 𝜂 * exterior 𝜂 * -border β*-frontier and β*exterior β*-derived best approximation existence 2-normed linear spaces. tuberculosis variation effect constant reproduction number recruitment rate model nigeria and pollution. impulse. differential equation neutral asymptotic behavior non linear forced applied mathematical thinking corruption mentality. fuzy equilibrium epidemiology epidemic time domain method and frequency domain method. heart rate variability (hrv) cellular automata (ca) laguerre polynomials. h -function i function hermite polynomials ventilator bundle pediatric intensive care ventilator-associated pneumonia effective interval graph domination number split dominating set. strong domination number strong dominating set statistical convergence rhregular matrices. 𝛽-statistical convergence regular matrices double sequences hadamard (convolution) product p-valent function cauchy-schwarz inequality linear canonical transform fractional fourier transform expansive type mapping. complete cone metric space gaussian process reproducing kernel hilbert space estimating sequence mvue sieves subchromatic number hypochromatic number exponential algorithm shell graphs balk queue renege rate of service steady state. vogel’s approximation method optimal solution etc. transhipment model inventory food organistion einstein manifold 𝜑-m-projectively flat. m-projectively flat quasi m-projectively flat m-projectively conservative darcy-brinkman porous layer second sound ferromagnetic fluid magnetization   definition of limit concept of limits point of central tendency interval of central tendency confidence coefficient beam profile treatment planning system linear boltzmann transport equation (bte) percentage depth dose. spiral galaxies and universal formula planetary physics atomic physics theory of relativity antenna. tumor total power dissipation microwave ablation reflection coefficient organ at risks 2d dose distribution pituitary adenoma clinical target volume planning target volume. aden igneous rocks absorbed dose south yemen gamma spectrometry feed coal lyra geometry. bianchi type models pressure sensors. uv-vis. spectroscopy electrical conductivity ftir spectroscopy chitosan - silver nanoparticles quantum dots; superlattices; cd1-xznxs; triangular complex perovskite; lmto-asa method; half-metallic vegetation belts shift and land slides erosion rainfall pattern crop net radiation developing structural characteristics. physical mixing method uniform distribution carbon nanotube single crystals optical properties crystal growth electrical properties epsomite crystals chalcogenides; amorphous se-s-cd; edx; optical con heat generation viscous dissipation manganites magnetotransport and combustion synthesis. magnetotransport and combustion synthesis. manganites quality assurance radiotherapy multileaf collimator imrt. microorganism bacillus subtilis pseudomonas aeruginosa . electromagnetic field dielectric and organic layer photonic crystals te and tm mode vertical electrical sounding saturated basement. electrical resistivity pseudo-section 2-d imaging bed expansion stirring fluidization alkali halides mixed crystals trend. autocorrelation function stationarity gross domestic product endemic equilibrium basic reproduction number. disease-free equilibrium vanilla adulteration strawberry flavors food dyes newspapers eyes least distance of distinct vision solar radiation and attenuation harmattan ionizing radiation x-rays esd computed tomography. treatment planning system (tps) phantom clarkson integration irregular field algorithm quartz edax. gold crystal dislocation contrast factor mwh plot dislocation density wh plot viscosity hydrodynamic marine engine temperature and overheating. lubricants gmr; spin dependent tunneling (sdt); hard disk dri dirac-maxwell’s equations magnetic scalar field lorentz gauge ccto nanopartical. gamma ray health implications activity concentrations radionuclides organic fertilizers star temperature determinations star density determinations and star mass determin linear relationships spectral tables uv-ir photoelectric effect optical emission spectroscopy light sources analytical chemistry auroral spectroscopy atmospheric emissions eugenol (4-allyl-2-methoxyphenol) antifungal activity polycrystalline semiconductor coxzn1-xs edax optical properties. sem analysis. solvothermal method nanocomposites grain boundary diffusion lattice diffusion cuo and cuo2 phases. thermal oxidation surface morphology elemental composition chalcopyrite type cuins2 nanoparticles microstructure and phase transition cluster size poly-aniline band gap energy alpha particles magnetic interactions nanostructure lorentz microscopy magnetic domains sputtering pressure pdos uspp etc. lda qha nuclear energy mortality morbidity proportional death rate case fatality rate edge-shift and optical system. edge-ringing edge-gradient aberrations apodisation rotational parameter/moment of inertia/ quadrupole evaporation suppression evaporation rate water reservoir. waste dumpsites absorbed dose rate effective dose equivalent radiation emission radiation and mice. mitotic index uvc dna profile dhfr. uvc irradiation lattice-constant fcc crystalline structure simple cubic bcc cohesive energy bulk modulus ground state and total energy. bianchi type-iii model dark energy variable deceleration parameter scalar-tensor theory poling field k-g lattice quantum breathers lithium tantalate nonlinearity (alpha) water sterilisation glow discharge physics ultraviolet fluorescent lamps fluorescence quenching; mpi; solvent effect; finit optical properties and scanning electron microscop biphasic fluid attenuation coefficient theoretical models calculation of the attenuation and velocity coeffi attenuation measurements drift term pacs: 02.50.fz mean reversion cox ingersoll ross interest rate models vasicek ornstein – uhlenbeck process (swh) solar water heating. single crystal x-ray diffraction; ftir; uv-vis-nir z-scan method. casting pvdf polymorphism annealing polar ft-ir microhardness powder xrd slow evaporation iran chimney effect ramsar radon gas seasonal effective dose cyclotron resonance fourier – laplace transform gyro frequency anomalous doppler shift modulation frequency. cyclotron frequency cernkov resonance brillouin radius equipartition of energy semiconductors dopant hall voltage hall mobility non-boltzmann sampling. observables ising model phase transition quantum monte carlo metropolis algorithm ammonia effect cbd-cds thin films cosmological parameters deceleration parameter morphological studies crystal size radionuclide’s; soil; mining; activity concentra polymer electrolytes; absorbance; transmittance; r trace elements pixe safety standards manganese. coupling core mode long period fiber grating (lpfg) cladding mode magnetic intensity basement magnetic inclination aeromagnetic magnetic declination contour. b-value seismicity cross plot mu-rho lamda-rho p-impedance. fire tunnel turbulent natural convection thermal plume fire plume ac conductivity tgs rare earth porous lattice separation. 3d cubic lattice total energy unit step hamiltonian interaction strength hubbard hamiltonian characteristic angular velocity group angular velocity phase velocity. ‘parasitic wave’ carrier wave host wave’ tio2 exposure radiofrequency power density spectrum analyzer progressive gravitational wave. three and four-dimensional wave criteria relativistic mechanics and shg studies. p-xrd uv-vis slow evaporation solution growth near infrared x-ray 137cs 235u fission 133xe 131i uv fission products aia spectral band sdo/aia image of sun dark matter padmanabha rao effect visible light γ β sunlight phenomenon solar flare dark sun spots orthodontic treatment awareness school children. karnataka literacy ecg higher order statistics (hos) intrinsic mode function (imf) empirical mode decomposition (emd) on the electrodynamics of moving bodies kinematical part coordinate transformation definition of simultaneity. drag oscillating force upper and lower vertical oscillating angles elliptical plane vertical oscillation upper and lower radial orbital oscillating angles critical velocity thermogravimetric analysis (tga) diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (drs) microanatomy biochemical sida acuta serum enzymes redshift bend angle arm-length ratio unification: radio galaxies – quasars anisotropic scattering albedo problem approximate model transport equation. half – space thermal treatment; nickel-zinc ferrite; nanopartic titanium dioxide thin film. afm gel technique uv-vis specrophotometrry. mercuric iodate crystals hyper spherical three body calculations.-n and hyper nucleus  3h . laser procedure hair removal ruby lase755 nm alexandrite1064nm and nd;yag laser. 694 nm relationships emission spectroscopy linear thiosemicarbazide hydrogen bonding thiourea. dimeric structure internal pressure free volume acoustical parameters ion-solvent interactions ion-ion interactions. bacteriological physicochemical kano metropolis analyses sachets water transfer soils roadsides accumulation food chain levels 2-dione quinoxaline-3 template complex schiff bases mixed ligand complexes. 8-hydroxyquinoline histidine essential elements macronutrients optimal concentration fertility fixed oil nigella sativa trigonella foenum. esr thermal analysis ferrocencecarboxylaldehyde conductivity and antimicrobial activity. electronic spectra infrared 4-amino-2-hydroxy pyridine x-ray powder diffraction intrared tga/dta anti- microbial activity. radioactive biomedical maharashtra chemical pune. nickel(ii) epr fab - mass kmno4. acid chlorides-acyl amidrazones 4-triazoles unsymmetrical 4h-1 benzyl amine ich assay validation isocratic liquid chromatography physical and chemical adsorption mechanism adejo-ekwenchi isotherm surface coverage uranium concentrations in soil uranium concentrations in groundwater najaf holy city washing fastness. uv-absorber light fastness polyester fabrics bisazo disperse dyes corchorusolitoriuswaste; cadmium(ii); thorium(iv); electron orbital electronic configuration quantum theory liquefaction thermodynamics linde-hampson acid activated abutilon indicum leaves (aaai); met cryptand crown ethers lanthanides picrates nickel (ii) complexes; schiff bases; cv; uv-visibl selenium simultaneous multi-element determination manganese cobalt (iii) dicarbolide; ismailia canal - manzala antibacterial and antifungal activity. copper (ii) complexes; epr spectra; sod activity aromatic and anti aromatic compound number of carbon and hydrogen atoms. bond-distances π and σ-bond cyclic olefinic system magnetic moment spin multiplicity acid radical hybridization double and single bond open chain olefinic system bond-order monoterpenes anisaldehyde reagent a. absinthium ( ariti) chamazulene senecio pedunculatus caryophyllene oxide antibacterial asteraceae essential oil. ridge regression. egfr ncss hf energy gap 1-oxime thorium monoximate 1-2 naphthoquinone electrochemistry zinc oxide green processes anodic dissociation nanomaterial microcrystalline cellulose nanofibers coconut coir fiber y length indicator parameters dipole mag cross validation dipole y deltamethrin residues dose of treatment clean up orange peel biosorption chemical modification chromium (vi) interleukin-17a (il-17a) trace elements. corn cob recoverability synthetic absorbent mat solid waste absorption weight loss method. inhibitor triazole potentiodynamic polarization ageratum conyzoides chromatography 1hnmr leaves microwave irradiation etc 4-triazole nmr hydralazine hydrochloride hr/am-lcms structural elucidation acquity uplc h-class graphite electrical conductivities. thermal conductivities polymers doping statistical analysis pearson’s correlation hydrochemistry iodine stem bark anti-bacterial activity ceibs petandra extracts polarographic and amperometric study. in vivo and in vitro ofloxacin fe (iii) – antimicrobial activity nbsa pharmaceutical preparation antihestamine nbs rhodamine-b coprecipitation method kinetic study xylenol orange zns nanoparticle. photocatalytic activity nasarawa state physicochemical properties water borehole health facilities anti-inflammatory isolation. physostigma venenosum phantom tumor synthesis; transition metal complexes; spectroscop omar al-mukhtar university faculty of science albeidaa iosr journal of applied chemistry spe ultrasonication smoked and unsmoked fish toxicants concrete corrosion simulated concrete pore solution polyacrylamide. total phenolic antioxidant activity lignan sephadex lh-20 flax seed micellar media chromogenic reagents iron aluminum betung bamboo bio composites meranti wood poly lactic acid chemical oxygen demand fiber length. acidic bleaching alkaline bleaching clone eh tiles thermoplastic % absorption % shrinkage postmenaopause osteoporosis cadmium insulin like growth factor - ӏ estrogen insulin azocoumarins; complexes; spectroscopic; thermal an omphalitis neonates newborn infection risk factors umbilical culture. mefenamic acid; indomethacin; lc-ms-ms; human plas eigen value marker varimax rotation factor score caryota urens; triterpenes carboxylic acids 1’-] cychohex-2-ene]-3 2-diphenylbutanamide[cphdd] and (2s viscometric measurements 4'h-spiro[1-benzofuran 2 6r)-7-chloro -2 4'-dione[ctmbcd] ethanol-water mixture etc. 4-[4-(4-chlorophenyl]-4-hydroxy piperidin-1-yl]-n n-dimethyl-2 6-trimethoxy-6'-methyl-3h isolation triterpene butilinol viburnum grandiflorum singlet oxygen chemical quenching photooxidation photosensitizer photooxygenation reaction ozone depletion and global warming wheat flower electrochemical cell particulates tnf-α cd-20 il-17 tiophene hydrodemetalization indonesian natural zeolite pyridine. nickel porphyrin sulphur dioxide. pollutants effects causes ligands triazoles. transition metal complexes complexes uv-vis spectrohotometry cerium (iv) amaranth dye couple who p-value pearson correlation bis river indus chitosan carboxymethyl prawn surfactants; emulsifiers;interfacial tension;surfa dvb styrene adsorption. coefficient guar gum volatile organic compounds sediment asa river energy storage. thermal energy polyester. polymeric dye disperse dye color fastness inkjet printing printer printed document. functional group helices nature material chemistry biomineralization supramolecular catalyst ion exchange resin isolongifoline isolongifoline ketenes contamination nashik physiochemical proximate oil mango bronsted-type plot ethanol-water mixtures spectrophotometric determination pka water solution sulphonated biomass (s iii) methylene blue langmuir and freundlich isotherms methylene blue (mb) nitrated biomass (sorbent s-iv) stereo-metrical chemistry structure of matter. inter-nucleus distance salicylaldehyde antibacterial studies and nickel ion. aromatic dithiocarbamate musa acuminata. langmuir adsorption bract extract chemical behaviours of h modern periodic law opinions. electronic configuration of he polymer matrix polythiophene conducting polymers anti-nutritional fermentation lagenaria nutritional wash fastness percentage exhaustion alternative scouring agents reliable water of imbibitions. suitable solubility parameter chlorinated overriding shrinkage fabric polyester molecular markers ssr microsatellites pisum sativum genetic distance blood deltamethrin milk baobab isotherm biosorbent rosa software desalination reverse osmosis nanofiltration dual stage. pineapple calcium chloride bet mixed rare earth oxide benzene oxidation. ceria–zirconia tem biomasses. orion fluoride ion lysimeters highland cultivation eis surfactant corrosion inhibition cmc wool exhaustion acid dyes fastness heterocyclic oxidized fused vat dye spectral analysis halides uv spectroscopy urea hgh divalent cation carbonoylthiourea spectroscopy chromoionophore chemical score essential solubility non-essential amino acid protein limiting. mineral content leaf protein concentrate vegetable functional properties transmission electron microscopy (tem). corundum haematite ir spectroscopy. azo-carboxylates conductivity 4-b][1]benzopyran oxo-michael addition photochromic system 3-methoxy-6-phenyl-6 6a-dihydro-[1]benzopyrano-[3 multinuclear complexes/ scogs/ valine / asparagine methyl violet batch adsorption thermodynamics and kinetic models. stanic arsenate cephalosporins tlc microwave assisted structure-activity relationship spermicidal activity solvent free microbial keil software. motor driverl293d touch screen pic 18f4550 rf transmitter & receiver ground plane triple band multi slotted retinal image oculist pifa msa fr4 anisotropic filtering. palm vein infrared palm images liveness detection vertical handoff 4g cdma image processing. rain fall cross correlation multi hop routing qos. glcm  gray level co-occurrence matrix reconfigurable antenna planar antenna frequency diversity rf mems multiband radome. narrowband ultra wideband (uwb) impulse radio srake receiver bit error rate non-line of sight workshop accidents scientist engineers safety and precautions hybrid protocol iaodv spectrum management. transmission loss terrain acd aws pic microcontroller complementary codes autocorrelation function etc ambiguity function m-ary qam rayleigh fading m-ary psk single carrier cr cp cc wran ofdma phy layer terahertz (thz). metamaterials (mms) microstrip patch antenna; e-shaped ie3d. cdma systems communications; coaxial probe feed master–slave transmissiongate. flip-flops (ffs) logical effort circuit enhancement half-adder and half-subtractor. alu fwm include at least 5 keywords or phrases rt duroid dual band v-shape slot cordic multi-paths received signal strength (rss) mobile node tracking multilateration algorithm (ma) extended kalman filter (ekf) wcdma mmse-dfe mmse fabry-perot filter optical clock recovery soa-mzi adc transcutaneous transformer. mutual inductance micro-controller (mc) faraday’s law wimax. — 802.16d eesm super resolution image fusion autonomous control master / slave aerial vehicles linux surveillance. nx 8.0 nastran membership function hybrid learning algorithm optimal bayesian equalizer. intersymbol interference channel equalizer and pspice full wave rectifier half wave rectifier current mode circuit cccdta voice recognition power supply home automation bpp wavelet ergodic capacity spectral efficiency and snr adaptive modulation astc code papr resonant frequency rectangular microstrip antenna ie3d q value dispersion compensating fibers (dcfs) polarization deterministic differential group delay (ddgd) birefringence data rate lock speaker identification matlab code zigbee transceiver mfcc automation system array ladner-fischer. kogge-stone prefix adder carry operator brent-kung snr. 64 qam mrc egc rf perforation. eigen frequency accelerometer tahoe vegas. congestion control mechanisms congestion avoidance newreno hard combination cooperative spectrum sensing spectrum sensing energy detector cognitive radio rs232 data acquisition micro-controller digital image watermarking mixing coefficient bss bsp watermark extraction light wave transmission coefficient 1-d photonic crystal idacs embedded arm9 processor embedded web server rtlinux rtos level crossing. – nmea format tarang (zigbee transceiver) rbc track switch fixed-fixed beam mechanical restoring force mems resonator electrical signal mechanical and electrical stimulis. mimosa pudica electromagnetic radiation rand index (ri) global consistency error (gce) area (a) segmentation accuracy (sa) hsom and variation of information (vi). otsu k means reactive routing protocols survey ns-2 byzantine attacks metric manipulation attacks high throughput metrics secure multicast routing zero-forcing receiver multi input multi output linear least square estimation v-blast – bldc motor hardware implementation spartan3 fpga nada intrinsic mode function mode mixing empirical mode decomposition data analysis aofdm spectral efficiency rf link field-programmable gate array (fpga) implementatio mutual authentication zigbee. humanoid robot autonomous mobile robot 8051 micro controller ir sensors servo motors backpropagation xilinx fpga multilayer perceptron pressure sensor field programmable gate array (fpga) hardware impl ibp pocs microstrip antennas substrate thickness . decision based algorithm progressive switched median filter modified decision based unsymmetric trimmed median smartdust mote mems accelerometer inter integrated circuit (i2c) cortex microcontroller software interface standard advanced risc machine (arm) serial peripheral interface (spi) surface grinding process micohardness mild steel specimen ultimate value shearing stresses energy relativity ingrained limits shear off micro-synergy centers bolt preload synergetic value geometryof forces degree of freedom. clearance link joint forces equivalent mechanism tensile stress axial load residual tolerance factor. permissible stress recycled waste glass polymer quartz sand project management consultancy (pmc) role &responsibility matrix industrial buildings body of knowledge equal channel angular extrusion ultra-fine grain severe plastic deformation equivalent plastic strain conventional extrusion coconut shells portland pozzolana cement(ppc). biomass; dual fuel; producer gas; twin cylinder a. functional composites c. elastic properties c. selective catalytic reduction (scr) mahua oil methyl ester (mome) aci mix design aggregates admixtures egr methanol blend ci engine exhaust emission time growth. project partnering cost growth :contracts management p-delta effects rc structures rigid joint numerical modeling high-rise pay factor; mepdg;highway;fatigue; rutting; paveme audit quality assurance. improvement of quality checklists sem. tribological evaporator phase change material refrigerator natural period of vibration. static analysis air fuel ratio mamdani semi elliptical crude pongamia oil pollution levels combustion characteristics. lhr engine exhaust emissions correlation method experimental method simulation method heat transfer coefficient regression modeling interchangeability mating parts nonlinear analysis. confinement lwhc ultimate pedestrian steel noise pollution noise attenuation construction noise coke ultimate analysis erythrophleum suaveolens charcoal gravel morth. crusher dust applications –scsfrc mix design principle scsfrc constituents curing age deterioration. concrete specimens concrete structures immersion ages welding. roll-over protection structure analysis edge-preparation pushover analysis non-linear static analysis (csm) response spectra cracked and uncracked section marotti oil methyl ester neat diesel drive shaft stiffness. shape parameter time to failure characteristic life metal matrix composites computational fluid dynamics winglet wind turbine blades pipe diameter resistance coefficient effect of bend angle y (wye)-shape ansys cfx. steel fibre and coir fibre manufacturing sand success factors. failure factors indian construction construction company asymmetric spur gear objective function critical section thickness swing clamps manifold block directional control valves fixtures separation gap seismic joint without brick infill. brick infill modeling in solid works grass cutting m.d.d. o.m.c. fly ash (f.a.) c.b.r. ferric chloride (fecl3) propeller shaft ply orientation propel universal joint transmission acidification corrosion inhibitor ansys 14.0 b. epoxy a. carbon nanotubes c. mechanical properties friction plate clutch sf001 cork spray forming total porosity al-si-pb alloy wear characteristic rolling crushed granite fine sand. flood peak bangladesh volume conservation the saint-venant equation modified lax method wave routing channel roughness heat and mass transfer. still productivity solar desalination elliptical cross-section limit load. elasticity circular cross-section elastoplasticity hot spot catia v5 r19 hypermesh 10 guarded heat flow. bamboo fiber epoxy depreciation inventory management lead time kriging pilot points response surface approximation reliability-mechanical coupling stacking sequence fiber orientation tailoring material requirement planning; inventory; bill of transient heat transfer forced convection internal flow curved pipe double skin composite; steel plates; concrete; imp root mean square error (rmse) relative mean average error (rmae) rainfall-runoff modeling catchment. mean average error (mae) change detection gorakhpur city (u.p) demographic charactristics gis urban sprawl pattern cylindrical shell finite element nonlinear buckling geometric imperfection swelling pavement bc soil cutting force cutting temperature response surface methodology (rsm). aluminium 6063 mass matrix physical parameters stiffness matrix rover multi- function robot surveillance security robot extraction robot multiphase; vertical tube; two water inlets; three weighing machine. stainless steel 304 grey cast iron pin on disc diesel. cng electronic conversion kit si engine taguchi methodology aluminum casting die casting composite parting-off wheel powder etallurgy cutting speed threshold slope landslide slope stability rainfall undrained shear strength parameters. aci method cylinder water cement ratio cube bamboo composite sandwich composite panels testing and analysis. coir composites smc laminate cement bonded wooden particle composite impregnation chamber vacuum impregnation process. analytical solution c-slow retiming risc processor hyper pipelining decomposition of sequential circuits retiming aircraft tire burst jet; equivalent static pressur sugarcane bagasse ash. residual stresses rolling process fem etc volume fraction strength properties glass fibre fire resistant characteristics. microstructure. fsw tools friction stir welding fsw parameters nucleation. cell-a single small cavity surrounded semisolid jelly like system iso ratio-the selected iso ratio gel time the interval of time between mixing together the p cell ordinary portland cement (opc) elevated temperatures blended concrete saw dust ash (sda) lateral stiffness flat plate diagonal bracing copper-aluminum titanium-aluminum steel-aluminum compound beam and post buckling preparation construction schedule. analytical methods cpm fe analysis fea-ann hybrid modeling weight reduction finite element analysis-catia v-5. cad-catia v-5 aluminium forging simulation. bottleneck fettling shop porous media numerical study natural convection time-periodic boundary conditions comparative staad altair radio's front under-run protection device (fupd) impact loading chassis design quality assurance; technicalvocationaleducation;su compressive deformation ; strain rate ; strain rat dual fuel hcci biogas anaerobic digestion i.c engines. supplier evaluation analytic hierarchy process multi-criteria decision making. sasobit warm mix asphalt rheology sports car chassis. subgrade rbi grade 81 cbr value control surface etc. wing solidworks lane change electronic control systems roadside control camera electronic devices digital image processing turbine rotor grooves stress concentration factor maximum principal stress thermal properties. gfrp composite laminate hand layup technique high mast lighting poles luminaire factor of safety. deformation glass fibers and chemical resistance. flexural strength mechanical properties molded fibre glass gratings indus particle accelerator rf cavity microtron economizer cfd modeling two pass boiler boiler efficiency heat exchanger. toroidal high amplitude sound waves thermo acoustic refrigeration employment cultivation sisal roofs sisal economy model. automobiles sisal fiber steam systems steam trap management steam utilization condensate recovery boiler blow down composite rods pultrusion seismic performance non-linear static analysis. energy dissipation devices feed force coated carbide inserts. radial force p – 20 tool steel taguchi approach cnc machining process cutting parameters chromium vanadium steel and analysis. helical spring silicon carbide stir casting. hybrid composites matlab; active and passive control; fuzzy logic co process parameter ahp technique weight ages. quality of cut aql mil-std-105d acceptance sampling. aoql hydraulic cylinder. control pressure fluid reservoir traffic conflict and unsignalized intersection turning operation tpp stabilizations hvfac toyota production system lean project management filters clean rooms air flow rates. panels hvac facility pressures and analysis material property ready mix concrete concrete technology transit mixer travel time sassanian parsi architecture style sarvestan achaemenid pasargad achaemenian susa sassanid parti qhal’edokhtar razi azari perspolis empire isfahani khorasani atc 40 fema-356. manipulator path trajectory power box plastic materials injection moulding mould flow analysis tool design. finite element modeling reinforced concrete frame fibre reinforced polymer and retrofitted frame. two-way slab one-way slab bending stress simply supported slab thermal insulation steady state technique straight tube heat exchanger overall heat transfer coefficient. helical coil heat exchanger vibration. natural frequencies modal analysis circular plate fatigue analysis geometric modeling and designing alloy-spokes rim lightweight &anti-fatigue design. mg y zn al &mag wheels lightweight alloy-wheel motorcycle transesterification additive cae analysis under-run protection device altair hypermesh. ls dyna polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) interfacial microstructure 316ln austenitic stainless steel and carbon steel post weld heat treatment (pwht) beam to column bolted endplate connection and fem. wave run-up cyclonic wave tidal surge overtopping storm surge reinforce concrete building. equivalent static analysis base isolation time history method economical. cost estimation bamboo seismic effect opening percentage masonry infilled frame equivalent diagonal strut method stiffness engine system power pack assemblies maintainability biodiesel mechanical stirrer technique i.c. engine. cottonseed oil (cso) leakage analysis of brake body leak analysis flat bed trailer receiver solar parabolic collector matlab software absorber flexible manufacturing system; customization; agil al2o3 lm25 aluminum alloy lm25 mechanical properties. nodes structural inlet air cooling cooling coil arrangement. gas turbine muncipalcorporation irdp toll state road development corporation risk bot sample curing cement permeability lime copper slag power generation 50 watt. power pv cells : assessment affordability. questionnaire communities operational technology regression analysis; questionnaire survey; statist naca 4412 unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) unique design uav. generic passenger car aerodynamic drag ansys fluent coefficient of drag wind tunnel simulation tail plate coefficient of lift vehicle safety mechanical megatronics hvac relative humidity cycle of concentration wbt losses dbt cooling tower betz limit power coefficient breaking load and deflection. friction stir welding (fsw) aluminum aa 6351 alloy rula saw mill reba musculoskeletal disorders total quality management (tqm) pareto charts critical to quality (ctq) analysis of variance (anova) statistical process control (sqc) dmaic variable control chart process capability indices seismic area vulnerability morocco rps2000 femur biomechanics delay causes; delay effects; construction industry diesel engines nox emission. bsfc fuel injection parameters acoustic emission vibration analysis coke breeze input. sintering time ignition temperature particulate iron ore sintering silica fume steel fibres. multi cylinder engines piston materials piston rings engine cylinder fins fea anlysis casting dies roughing & finishing of die cavity.. milling process sales performance swot analysis cause and effect relationship capacity utilization metal matrix nano composites boron carbide nanoparticles. ultrasonic cavitaion mechanical efficiency gasoline etc. specific fuel consumption spark ignition engine tree structures. multi-agent systems representation hierarchical crossover organization design traffic warden traffic stream perception-reaction time minor leg compound gear train reducing braking time. rotating friction pad fixed friction pads increase braking effect linear static analysis graphical integration method. centrifugal pump shaft torsional analysis laminated composites 24x7 water supply non revenue water nrw degradation bellandur lake lakes status bangalore lake urbanisation trend mode ii fracture pumice. shear strength cinder light weight aggregate over hang tool length and minitab optimization turning operation cnc turning surface roughness. custom design jmp steel plate shear walls (spsws) the sudan sap2000 independent suspension ansys software lower wishbone arm solar still turbine inlet temperature superheater cycle regenerative cycle cogeneration cycle rankine cycle aisi-1016 steel turning. environment factor poisson regression train engineering features road engineering features railroad crossing port operation matrix algebraic approach liquid terminal refrigerants blends alternatives new-refrigerants. wind velocity activation temperature coconut husk as activated carbon detergent waste water sample. carbonization portal frame rotation contribution method moment distribution method kani’s method diameter thread iso bolts pitch fatigue centre pin joint heavy assault bridge steel fiber. atkinson cycle; environment; entropy generation; e taguchi analysis thrust force delamination factor delamination dangers of technological development manpower contribution. recycling of waste. re-use of waste disposal environmental control effective waste management waste parametric effect heat affected zone weld bead geometry. gtaw depth of penetration servo drives ball screw cylindrical grinding groundwater storage socio- economic survey water budgeting economical development. intercropping pattern gully plugs farm pond contour trench watershed management technique riveted fea–ansys joint strength bonded catiav5 stress analysis. pro/e (creo-parametric). ansys workbench peak hour demand saturationlevels warrant test dwell times. quasi-static. exterior corner joint column pipe t-joint. lake monitoring spectral band emission nox. exhaust gas recirculation inlet air pressure double skin composite; quasi-static test; shear co path navigation neural network. particle aggregation diffused double layer sub surface contamination index properties cation exchange clinker and theoretical heat constituents kiln india. the effect of sodium salts on this shedi so maximum dry density abstract: this paper presents the effect of abunda laterite on the index properties namely liquid and plastic neyveli fly ash no significant change was seen. left ventricular e strength-power and agility was incorporated in the 6 times a week of aerobic indicating favorable physiological this interventional study was conducted with 30 ma anaerobic and skill training session of field hock morphological and functional adaptations. key word left ventricular ejection fraction; and decrease i consisting of sprint range: 13-20 years) undergoing training in prepara abstract: to find training related physiological a body weight and body mass index too did not change iosr journal of sports and physical education (ios gg vv cesium thiocyanate luminescence host lattice chemical constituents preservation home storage lycopersicon esculentum ledo coal thiol thioether thioketone hydro desulphurization tpr disulphide model sulphur compounds high sulphur coal assam coal desulphurization nuclease activity spectral studies 4-pyridinecarboxaldehyde 4-aminopyridine angelica archangelica fractionation flash chromatography mic hydrocarbon and nigeria chemisorption reactor and zeaolite y. deposit rice husk and vegetable oil hydrogen decomposition modeling and reactor high speed adc and look up table (lut). ground bounce noise carry look ahead adder leakage current field programmable gate arrays (fpga) transmission gates. dac folded cascode sar adc vedic mathematics ring counter. gated clock c- element delay buffer first-in-first-out pst text information bidirectional ac to dc converter maximum power point tracking (mppt) proton exchange membrane fuel cell(pemfc). one cycle control (occ) speed control bldc motor hybrid controller pi adaptive array; smart antenna; fault diagnosis; ne feedback control process model foptd process reaction curve internal model control (imc) predictive control power factor correction estimator and tracking state. dynamic state data acquisition system transponders ultra high frequency (uhf). microstrip line radio frequency identification (rfid) l-shaped patch eigen structure assignment induction generator (ig) voltage- sourced inverter (vsi) quantum dot intermediate band solar cell (qd-ibscs barrier width single-stage power factor correction (sspfc) brushless dc motor. three-level converters ac–dc power conversion input filter induction motor drive inter-harmonics matrix converter (mc). direct space vector modulation (dsvm) method power distribution hybrid cascaded multilevel converter motor drive. smart grid. transient power flow (tpg) distributed generator(dg) local voltage condition refurbishment stacked multi-cell converter multistring proportional–integral (pi) current control pv module optimized analog voltage sag/swell using power adders dsp majority logic detector/decoder triple modular redundancy syndrome fault detector error correction codes difference set cyclic codes low density parity checks majority logic processor risc temperature monitoring adhoc network; data acquisition; transmission netw mine safety pipeline area optimization mips data flow cobalt- lithium composite lithium-ion batteries electronic circuit.spent chemically treatment nuclear power asia mw amplitude comparison impedance characteristic operating signal phase comparator mho characteristic. ieee 14 bus. different load ipfc obstacles detection vegetable detection vegetable tracking total harmonic distortion (thd) multi population pso (mppso). optimization algorithm harmonic minimization 3-level inverter digital simulation. partial discharge vft method gis substation induction machine partial discharges coupling capacitors inverter inrush current flux waveform switching angle peek’s formula peek’s formula. corona high voltage transmission lines load shedding peak demand captive power demand-side management costs wind power generation electric vehicles. solar power generation environmental management parallel fir very large scale integration (vlsi). da algorithm symmetric convolution fast fir algorithms (ffas) baugh-wooley multiplier radix multiplier carry save array multiplier controller system rectifierinverter grid. solar irradiation. azimuth angle linear feedback shift registers ambiguity function (af). linear feedback shift register(lfsr) auto correlation function(acf) nested binary codes barker codes merit factor (mf) photovoltaic proportional-integral current control pwm inverter isolated bidirectional dc-dc converter leakage inductance flyback snubber clamping capacitor voltage spikes effect on photovoltaic extended kalman filters backstepping control real-time realization unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) marker-based vision and imu sensors embedded controller electro hydraulic servo system; feedback lineariza unbalance correction fuzzy controller electricity demand electricity commission of nigeria price elasticity real time pricing industrialization solar energy biomass energy transfer electronic graduates competencies boost regulator smib ga. teaching-learning-based-optimization algorithm. reactive power reserve generation participation factor proximity indicator pwm rectifier sinusoidal line current daq; sensor; signal processing; indirect field orientation control rotor resistance estimation mras approach sensorless control neural learning algorithm pulse width modulation (pwm) power quality. voltage quality memory cell dynamic ram finfet and power dissipation attenuation spectrum underground cables simulation of time domain reflectometry zero current transition zero voltage transition power swing nine bus system pascad load angle foraging behaviour artificial bee colony algorithm optimal power flow sssc. hard switching pid. mobile robots dynamic voltage balance (dvb) selective virtual loop mapping (svlm). photovoltaic (pv) phase disposition pulse width modulation (pdpwm) modular multilevel converter (mmc) bus fvsi lqp modelling of sssc power oscillation damping (pod) controller test system model fact device sssc low switching loss buck converter interleaved fuel cell stack two-area 11 bus test system model svc) facts devices (tcsc modelling of svc and tcsc. using nanorobots water tank domestic energy band electrons and holes irradiance second order smc spherical tank level proces smc-cdm 2 degree of freedom vscf machine cscf machine wind catchment area wind powered generation triac switching digital control instrumentation power factor improvement scaling factor (sf) switched reluctance motor (srm) variable-speed drives. dual-gate water tubes speed breaker water turbine distributed generation (dg) and non conventional e series compensation phase imbalance facts controllers thyristor controlled series capacitor and fault ride through capability wind generating system (wgs) svc light battery energy storage system (bess). dipole switching finite element method (fem) micro sensor e-type round diaphragm acceleration resonator simulink / matlab. brushless direct current (bldc) motor trapezoidal back-emf linear quadratic reqgulator (lqr) parametric estimation method (pem) interacting loops manipulated variables. de-coupler controlled variable interacting tanks dielectric insulator high voltage gain electrical machine design end ring squirrel cage motor dc motor: fuzzy tuned pid: speed control breakdown preventive maintenance replacement inspection structure pwm and power quality dpll optocoupler grid synchronization magnetic field measurement magnetometers amplifiers loop antennas extremely low frequency unit commitment mat lab toolbox. fopid cuckoo search conventional pid improve speech ac–dc conversion energy harvesting power converter control. available transfer capability fdtd; metamaterial; microstrip antenna; transmissi doubly fed induction generator (dfig) windpower generation fuzzylogic voltage source distortion cstr series cascade structure. anti-reset windup technique jacket temperature solar panel current-fed bidirectional dc–dc converter magnified zoom torque profiles phase loss conditions awsp-im tpim 3 dimension graphical user interface 2 dimension security enhancement. static var compensator (svc) thyristor controlled series capacitor (tcsc) intelligent electronic devices (ieds). supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) geographic and energy aware routing (gear) thd active power fat free mass (ffm) resting energy expenditure (ree) body density (bd) body mass lndex(bmi). bio electrical impedance analysis fat mass body composition models power sector blackouts lightning features.mat image retreival edge point detecion hydrology hydroelectric decision-support-system linearswitchedreluctance motor linearmotion chopping control. rotor stator remote terminal unit potential transformer digital outputs substation automation analog inputs current transformer digital inputs asynchronous motor speed- torque characteristics jeevan – kushalaiah method incremental transmission cost incremental fuel rate equal incremental cost modified lambda-iteration economic dispatch capacitor sizing vif voltage improvement factor voltage improvement distribution system security tracking rfid tags symmetrical components harmonic extraction gapod (genetic algorithms based power oscillation ga dc-voltage regulator. pso based msf (psomsf) multi-stage fuzzy controller (msf) state vector modulation (svm) direct torque control(dtc) multi level inveter (mli) induction motor(im) edge detection. obstacle detection and avoidance plane to plane homography failure mode and effect analysis (fmea) motor drives reliability reliability assessment kutta- joukowski theorem strouhal number reynolds number hydrokinetic energy converter welding resilient back propagation algorithm levenberg-marquardt algorithm controllers neural network applications transformers training methods gradient descent algorithm gps receiver sierra monitoring system seismic monitoring gps technology readi brushless dc motor inverse kinematics arm microcontroller robot arm parallel communication induced voltage induct current zd ferroresonance fdsd voltage transformers (vt) doubly fed asynchronous machine (dafm) two-level voltage source converter (vsc). direct torque control (dtc) variable speed pumped storage power plant (psp) lacunarity fractal dimension partial discharge pattern dstatcom zvr. isct lithium magnetron sputtering thinfilm anode battery al-si-cr alloy wecs scig ibadan electricity audit residential building linear least square algorithm cellular transmission path loss prediction cost -231 hata model single tuned harmonic filter double tuned harmonic filter power system fault power quality disturbances spr-lyapunov dmrac cdm-mrac switching operation distribution network reconfiguration loss reduction voltage sag voltage swell and fuzzy logic controller capacitor mid point (cmp) three-phase four-wire system four-leg voltage-source inverter (vsi) active power filter (apf) unified power quality conditioner interconnected power system bat algorithm load frequency control superconducting magnetic energy storage instantaneous power tcr atp-emtp pq theory dc-dc converters supercapacitors charge balancing energy harvesting; energy storage seig harmonics factor modular design andmicro grid interleaved modulation bidirectional converter developing compressibility factor correlations niger delta gas pv system transient conditions. faults current source inverter (csi) power control distributed power hybrid power system (hps) fuzzy logic system. wind generator (wg) least mean squares algorithm phased array antenna weight approximation digital beamforming scattering matrix antenna array and ansoft hfss. indoor positioning system indoor localization total harmonic distortion (thd). pulse width modulated (pwm) photovoltaic (pv) system modulation index voltage source inverter thd. current source inverter pv proteus mcu vrr permanent magnet hydro power micro-hydro power silicon microwave heating zcd viterbi decoder fec convolutionalencoder transceiver rx baseband tx baseband wban optical networks wdm survivability multi-domain protection p-cycle lightpath harmonic inductive filtering high-voltage direct current (hvdc) new converter transformer filtering mechanism svpwm ac/ac converter reduced switch count topology sliding surface sliding mode controller power quality and instantaneous reactive power. power conditioning distributed power generation sssc(static synchronous series compensator) pod controller svc(static var compensator) economic load dispatch generating unit loss minimization real time monitoring data logger embedded system energy monitoring proportional and integral controller mathematical models small hydro electric power plants hydraulic transients igbt pwm technique v/f superconductor. pseudogap feed-in tariff (fit) availability based tariff (abt) time-of-use tariff (tou) dynamic pricing unscheduled interchange (ui) real-time pricing (rtp) critical peak pricing (cpp) smart metering. low noise amplifier balance amplifier noise figure feedback amplifier active power filters harmonic compensation cascaded multilevel inverter harmonics effects hotspot temperature matlab gui top oil temperature. loss of life silvaco tcad threshold voltage include 65nm pmos halbach array power take off system hydrokinetic energy linear generator integral squared error(ise) integral absolute time automatic generation control (agc) area control error(ace) fovea fundus retlnal image fuzzy k means power quality and voltage distribution automation regulator abcto dq transformation voltage source converter (vsc) pll penalty factor pbest newton-raphson method gbest power loss minimization optimal power flow (opf) synchronous reference frame (srf) interline unified power quality conditioner(iupqc) phase locked loop (pll) power quality (pq) active pass filter(apf) [1] classical method [2] differential evolution [3 mems inertial sensors annunciator eprom dtmf at89c51 photovoltaic’s solar cell matlab/simulink differential evaluation algorithm parameter extrac cuk converter rectifier soft switching. bridgeless multiplier control coriolis force gyroscope mems. partial discharge (pd); finite element method (fem reliability indices pso. diversity factor bibc bcbv load flows pwm and virtual motor btb connection bi-directional converters multilevel topologies mpcs improved power quality spwm. front end converters cfa aes s-box shunt facts devices electric transmission line reactive power compensation adaptive mechanism. zvs (zero-voltage switching) time-redundant incubator supervisory sensor redundancy hartree fock and local density approximation local density approximation. thds control gain multisampling harmonic distortion static var compensators fc-tcr power theft hooking protection cycloconverter frequency controlled scheme bandwidth utilization root up time factor location based routing irrigation scheduling; irrigation system evaluatio weighted least square (wls) observability state estimation measurement uncertainty bad data detection hostile space infrared sensors topographic mapping techniques space rover electromechanical system low cost approach wireless transfer. atherosclerosis patient specific health care zero-voltage switching (zvs). switching loss zero-current switching (zcs) interleaved boost converter malignancy morphological wind-thermal economic dispatch. equality and inequality constraints mutation strategies economic load dispatch (eld) genetic algorithm (ga) alm hydrothermal eddp fapso nigeria self excited induction generator (seig) electronic load controller (elc) fuzzy logic controller. circuit breaker plc recharging station solar system power system. full bridge reduced switch count inverter ef & df power converter mix-voltage conversion dc power converters single inductor dual output (sido) gain scheduling over current relay engineering a gui (graphic user interface) object based approach high resolution satellite image bit loss qam physical layer signal power wimax-ieee802.16 rayleigh microprocessors adc-sar delay locked loops (dlls) temperature sensor boost chopper voltage source inverter (vsi). electric drive dth service diurnal variation rain attenuation braking hybrid electric vehicles diesel locomotives pattern recognition; hand vein; biometrics; infrar usb accessory mapping usb host uart maximum constant boost voltage boost driver dielectrophoresis (dep) coulter counter deterministic lateral displacement micro mixer and micro nozzle. virtual instrumentation control design toolkit graphical language active learning commodity clusters rocks cluster cluster environment mean shift circuit optimization reversible circuit group theory sql injection data validation stored procedure wips wns sid openmp multicore architecture similarity searching algorithm graphics processing unit modified maximum likelihood estimation sequential probability ratio test software failure data mean value function skills for testers polysemy data type preserving encryption fpe credit card encryption structured preserving encryption embedded mobile agent mobile agent platform operating system service outlinks inlinks world wide web (www). arn (authenticated routing for ad-hoc networks). (aodv) ad-hoc on demand distance vector anomaly detection computer networks multiparty privacy preserving. data perturbation disease classification. simple object access protocol. service oriented architectures restful services mathematical morphology haar transform te atc igp amr sequential patterns weight constrains frequent patterns sequential databases incremental mining soft serve paas. iaas association rule k-mean apriori algorithm food security agriculture thesaurus red tecton han xss – cross site scripting sql-sequential query language dos- denial of services ar ga crime analysis crimnal. knowledge creation acquisition identification software enterprise asr (automatic speech recognition)1; dynamic time base station randomized multipath routing aggregation visual extent extent of an object neighbour method applied sofm dbscan maxcover sanitized database. preserving data mining artificial neural network neuroscience neuroethology hybrots vector quantization k-means algorithm euclidian distance codebook optimization illumination normalization local texture based face representations local binary pattern local ternary pattern incremental model learning learning to detect object fortran algorithm reliable. result computation and analysis student records rbfn clustering techniques cocomo-2 apc-iii ids/ips. service management extrapolation method rayleigh quotient power method phishing attacks link guard algorithm. network security data pre-processing audio mining text mining and image mining. video mining queue length ttl surface temperature satellite imagery forest fire haar wavele temperature scale salt and pepper noise continuous wavelet filter. discrete wavelet filter adaptive median filter fuzzy based filter water resources highway street xml schema. water demand neural network classifier offline signature verification system qualnet 6.1 ierp secure cloud bio cloud multi congestion hierarchical routing aco route weight taodv node load routing delay heart attack prediction self-organizing map (som). fundamental analysis stocks classification technical analysis knowledge discovery in database (kdd) multidirectional rank prediction (mdrp) vss (vector space similarity) pearson’s correlation coefficient (pcc) link state routing protocol cross layer routing data-mining and gis census channel adaptive routing data intrusion service availability single cloud. multi-clouds texture classification machine learning. wavelet –based dynamic agglomerative and divisive weighted pagerank weighted page rank based on visits of links pagerank based on visits of links upaal spin verification node bdd component specific level entities component independent level adaptation fruit images improved bacterial foraging optimization algorithm image denoising wman. pgp pkm protocol details conclusions paging handoff simulation results implement cellular ip network model protocol overview image possessing multi-model image alignment intrinsic method introduction fuzzy sets extrinsic method heterogeneous wireless network routing algorithm data muling (dm) vehicular networks. sensor participation multihop (mh) communication vehicular ad hoc networks (vanets) traffic monitoring keyed hash function signature. choatic function lisear write formula and ghanaian universities stu automated readability index coleman-liau index flesch-kincaid grade level smog index text readability; readability index gunning fog flesch reading ease gateway aps wmns load fault prediction software metrics false data. en-route filtering sensor node artificial neural networks; recurrent; currency ex sns. social networking site digital culture on-line collaboration image databases sbir sketch-based image retrieval image descriptors neighboring pixels image inpainting multiresoultion undetectable network simulator 2 (ns-2) expected forwarding counter (efw) breadth first search (bfs) synopsis simulation xilinx simulation neda histogram & euclidean distance column sum forward & backward diagonal sum row sum afis uid. minutiae matching orientation estimation fingerprints alteration software developer’s quality assures key management client side memory row-based encryption selective encryption outsourced databases architecture on various os platforms e- learning security fingerprint authentication hadoop implementation selfish nodes replica allocation blowfishalgorithm elgamal rc5 power consumption medium access control dimensionality microdata data center networks dynamic clustering engin fud(fully undetectable) metasploit framework function approximation multilayered feed-forward neural network (mlfnn) bidirectional associative memory (bam) shape representation aspect ratio shape extraction invariant-moments red blood cells fourier descriptors dag fitness function crossover and mutation. network lifespan active node ratio particle swarm optimization (pso). cross-layer design elephant based swarm optimization (ebso) ccd-> charge coupled device edt-> euclidean distance transform medial axis transform hw/sw partitioning area estimation latency estimation malicious node attacks whop dsr (dynamic source routing) ad hoc networks widest path isotonicity cab avail etx engineeri source accuracy metadata similarity ratio and routing protocols mobility models lubmtree mtree lsh emd geographic information system (gis) artificial intelligence (ai). business intelligence (bi) decision support system (dss) audio steganography tga tsp mtsp ga operator engi stopping rule distributed denial-of-service(ddos) attack backward probing efficient doubletree forward probing e-service mcontroller decision voting multi party access control frequent pattern graphical passwords image scrambling kbrp gobor features glcm features shape descriptors thz images video data mining key object corner points common patterns hpp goel-okumoto model. srgm sprt mle types jpeg2000 packet classification denial-of-service dht loadimbalancing distributed system centralisesystem session hijacking fake access point ns2 virtual id tpa tracing authority. accountability e-transactions structured problem-solving problem-solving methodology triz inventive problem solving radiographic image processing. anomaly.. wavelet edge enhancement cad dynamic range compression. image classifcication fuzzy svm ild diagnosis pso thresholding lzw lzss gpu lzo. security measures security threats rbi online banking rio-c priority scheduling loss rate levenshtein distance web crawler probability method ternarization ridge orientation minutiae extraction feature vector the hoax social engineering guessing brute-fore attacks shoulder surfing lift ratio disjunctive rules multiple minimum support fp growth algorithm logical rule set robustness captcha character-adaptive masking bayes classifier computer security spyware. database management web search data storage and retrieval image ranking image ranking and retrieval techniques semantic matching visual re-ranking image searching srs (speech recognition system) mobility hci (human computer interaction) language cartridge language interpretation core selection multicasting qos routing document clustering dimensionality reduction. correlation measure correlation latent semantic indexing ajax framework architecture model server state notification website scalability push pull architecture session model web log path completion sequence alignment digital libraries mobile cloud computing computation offloading strategic driver stringent driver user action tolerance tolerance driver action tap symmetric block cipher fbomat cryptosystem e-equipments e-waste peripheral devices toxic material fully homomorphic encryption (fhe) cloud customer linearprogramming gain ratio and decision tree reduced error pruning image sharpening blind image de convolution alpha tonal correction and deterministic filter. web service wsdl uddi soap standards non-functional properties class imbalance problem imbalance dataset skewed data random under-sampling image steganography integer wavelet transform visual cryptography stego-image intelligent decision support system case - base re knowledge discovery from databases security. search history query reformulation query clustering task recognition click graph user history neuro-fuzzy systems universal artificial intelligence shot detection robust pixel difference method residual re-sampling local adaptive threshold bhattacharyya distance particle filter topic model reranking tagged image search image retrieval radiographic image processing de-noising spams audio and video data annotation process trust modeling canny edge detection operator background subtraction prewitt edge detection operator. noise reduction moving object detection motion tracking routing overhead probabilistic rebroadcast neighbor coverage and network connectivity aodv. ocr modified- knn statistical package of social science road traffic causalities karachi geographic information system denial of service sms services reporting metrics bug forecasting support vector machines defect prediction process mining workflow resource allocation wireless sensor network. energy consumption network life time ee-sep sep chaotic logistic map colour image pivoting and k-means clustering and convolution. discrete wavelet transforms (dwt) distributive arithmetic (da) poly-phase structure ethopian database management system incremental clustering hierarchical parameters xss attacks double guard pattern mapping wiki i translation memory hybrid machine translation content creation statistical machine translation convolutional coding digital watermarking spread spectrum pre key-distribution sybil attack sinkhole attack accidents corruption rto unqualified licenses web repository b+ tree semantic web stochastic clustering model-based approach wavelet-based analysis hybrid method xm2vts database adaptive decision trusted centre risk-aware ds theory unauthorized access semi-supervised learning intrusion detection and prevention system zombies engress routers firewalls ingress routers udp pelvis. patch statistical shape model (ssm) ct-scanning lesion mrf skin cancer rag flexibility decrease cost storage quick deployment backup & recovery rc – right click dc- double click lc – left click mm- mouse move etc lbs distance calculator google maps sequence diagram model based slicing peer to peer systems socio-technical networks random networks scale-free networks communication networks multimedia streaming rate controller data encryption. sample random explicit random fraud detection agent guilt model enginee optimal pricing video streaming 3g redistribution hsdpa multipath routing trfc gaimd engineerin call taxi artigence techniques system reliability matlab simulation super conducting fault limiter fiber degradation splicing optical fibre attenuation canny edge detection algorithm pupil detection iris unrolling iris radius detection k-means algorithm. crawlers wrapper vision-based page segmentation hidden web blocks data truncation ip prefix preserving deanonymization anonymization hash calculation data enumeration data shifting data permutation anti-virus white listing reverse engineering android malware random predictor modified common neighbor approach common neighbor link prediction co-authorship networks password collections online password secure attacks atts. brute force and dictionary attacks and anomaly detection data mining-based fraud detection and data stream mining jacobi method emroi bone age assessment croi tw2 method hmipv6 mipv6 4g networks handoff management handoff latency data query data reply building extraction intrusion detection system (ids) cyber safety metaphors semi blind watermarking robust overhead beb algorithm and request to send. dedicated channels clear to send control channels hypervisor load balancing migration persuasive cued click points fuzzy color histograms gsm system video surveillance system congestion window congestion link utilization and tcp. high-speed networks k-nn classification and prediction kernel functions cloud data storage cloud data retrieval visual cryptography scheme ideal contrast rotating random grids ring shadow technology random grid scheme inhibition zone gram positive and gram negative extract sustainable develpoment impacts wpa 802.11 wpa2 802.11ac soft computing dynamic bayesian networks and vehicle detection aerial surveillance minutiae point public key private key bio-metric cryptosystem personal variables scholastic competence special characters lfsrs playfair cipher secret keyword group key management multicast master key encryption chinese remainder theorem hospital information system using 3lgm. software measurement reliability factor software approaches green computing – personal computers – effecti localization linear feature extraction smoothing algorithm phase congruency model fault density fuzzy profile software fault prediction entropy encoding dictionary encoding test bed. traffic prevention system technique skin color. color space randomization data migration prediction based encryption attribute based encryption commercial cloud volunteer cloud middleware architecture inverse discrete fourier transforms(idft) artificial neural networks(ann) linear prediction coefficients(lpc) gaussian mixture model(gmm). support vector mechanics(svm) hidden markov model(hmm) linear prediction cepstral coefficients(lpcc) static slicing static slicing algorithm program slicing linear regression prediction functional requirement security model non functional requirement web application identify security attitude service providers huffman coding column-oriented data-image compression and decompr triangulation string matching human movement analysis real time simulation environment molecular modeling. hierarchical clustering color segmentation java c compiler healthcare industry specificity sensitivity ranking social search social bookmarking information searching bookmarks value added service weather early warning weather api weather server. natural disaster pre-caution symmetric key encryption hill cipher natural and aerial images texture extraction formal specification language schema formal method strokes training pre-processing kruskal-wallis test intelligence statistical techniques eeg psychometric tests voice over internet protocol (voip) automatic callback (acb) public switched telephone network (pstn) session initiation protocol (sip) environmental pollution so2 no2 real tim co2 zigbee sensor node fuzzification utility mining fuzzy mining cipher text component sequence dna dna component and encrypt fading non-linear ricean mobile apps ehr rest-based api open source cloud deniable encryption oblivious transfer mediated pki public-key encryption simulation of route optimization with load balanci adaptive thresholding ant colony optimization nanoparticles microscopic image machine translation word net warming. energy aware routing global green cloud computing green virtual network thin client green cloud computing framework reusable software. software aging restructuring clone maintainability high level concept diminution session weblink web logs threading data clearout data makeover dfs shape matching features descriptors chain code space subjective fuzzy clustering purification clustering efficiency retinal vessels digital fundus images segmentation accuracy ratio banking delivery channels branchless banking direct banking core banking solution next generation banking business services soea semantic analysis semantic lexicon engineering traffic allocation multiple path source routing and in-network inference traffic allocation and in-network inference multiple path source routing dynamic cmos (d cmos) pass-transistor logic (ptl) gdi based full adder power complementary pass-transistor logic (cpl) adder9b adder9a gate diffusion input (gdi) dual rail domino logic (drd) static energy recovery full adder (serf) cmos transmission gate (tg) text2onto geographical information system (gis) land information system (lis) stis. spatial-temporal databases otp token adhd feature selection. eeg signals knn minimal invasive surgery (mis) deformations surface reconstruction secure key exchange by simulation quantum cryptography (qc) bb84 protocol dna based algorithm ism structural self-interaction matrix final reach ability matrix initial reach ability matrix broadcast receiver context. manifest sqlite point distribution model (pdm) hidden markov models (hmm) sequence of the most informative joints (smij) computer aided design (cad) system for secure face identification (scifi) active appearance models (aam) principal component analysis (pca) discrete wavelet transform (dwt). histogram-of-motion words (hmw) stegnography pixel pair matching adequacy bulk power system reliability quality and security. monte carlo simulation power system security voltage control voltage collapse advanced hill cipher and tamper detection permuted key public key cryptosystem routing protocol proactive randomized hashing. deceptive text preemptive ad-hoc networks benchmark functions firefly algorithm unconstrained optimization gesture identification navigation of swarm robots hand detection human-computer interaction. swarm robots automatic facial expression recognition social intelligence human-computer interaction rf receiver rf transmitter etc input switch olsr and ns-3 iris segmentation homomorphic unsigncryption elliptic curves grid computing adaptive replication redundancy fault insider attack integrity matryoshka time to live vehicle cloud; cloud computing body area network real time service tamura features visual dictionary cervical images bag of features lc-rrm techniquem microcell henb femtocell normalization wireless. ad-hoc active contour contour evaluation. variational level set method level set method morphological erosion driver program tokens parser lexical analyzer cboop skin color segmentation histogram features recognition image mining fuzzy rules face features extraction knowledge-based development systems(kbds). knowledge recall-based authentication system recognition-based graphical user authentication artificial intelligence(ai) usability recall-based graphical user authentication pure recall-based authentication graphical passwords using hans peter wickelgren mias pnn sffs contourlet transform algorithms. mining techniques anytime computational time heuristic search ai algorithm wavelets normalization intranet hrms database spatial and frequency domain tri- histogram equalization brightness preserving bhegf bi- histogram equalization contrast enhancement decentralization si model cloud data scalable transaction serialization chaotic system decryption. policy anomaly management visualization tool anomaly. spam filter spam zombies. machine creation compromised machines malicious scanner dynamic ip ascii replacement repeat reduction protein sequence repeat protein compression proteins computing network wireless networks. fpm minimum support. frequent itemsets client/server open source mobile platform blackberry ios mining mining methods and algorithms. camera mirror mobile phone color markers pocket projector peer to peer computing wi-fi fcfs resource module radial basis network feed forward network multi layer perceptron neural networks spread wrp lar1 zrp online examination cryptography scheme symmetric encryption database security double-secure idea hog features image correlation central authority wanet multicast security tiered network software as a service it platform as a service stability criterion network researchers quantitative study traditional routing assumption emulation internet engineering task force fp-growth based mining algorithm sequential pattern mining algorithms apriori based mining algorithm sequential pattern mining energy limited terminals quality of service(qos) wsn complexity; information system; enterprise archite similarity measurement case-based reasoning (cbr) quality analysis software requirements specifications (srs) cross- layer tcp/ip packet analysis euclidean distance emotion extraction and detection mobile banking cashless society gps. smart-phone triangle. gait recognition antivirus invasion recognition; data mining; information sec attribute clustering mutual information supervised methods online retailing e-tailing consumer satisfaction e-retailing agile methods software quality architectural spike software quality assurance system metaphor closed item set frequent item set mining activity automation training information software and placement. task interface virtual keyboard speed dialing secure follow iso (international organization for standar asme (american society mechanical engineers) asq (american society of quality) cmmi (capability ansi (american national standards institute) drr (digitally reconstructed radiography) index table ancestor-descendant relation xml. ant colony optimization (aco) loop cloud maps. section code stenography hash technique sql injection protector for authentication desktop search searching personal computer (pc). 3 volume estimation volume reconstruction multispectral imaging aspect oriented programming separation of concerns programming languages data cleaning; similarity matching; record linkage network migration mobile device environment direct memory access peer-to-peer network mobile smartphones byzantine fault tolerance data security model aes algorithm distributed denial of service (ddos) mining approach web personalization hybrid collaborative filtering collaborative filtering semantic web mining currency recognition preprocessing foreign exchange software projects (swp). technical team management (ttm) software project management text record audio speech image history. wiener filter salt & pepper noise wavelet transform average filter branch prediction and instruction pipelining predicate filter behavioral analysis genetic algorithm(ga). switch capacitor (sc) sigma delta modulator (ΣΔ) embedded technology gsm phone interface sensor assembly smart traffic light control manet with co-operative communication relaying strategies bb-cpr algorithm co-operative networks identical reads haar wavelets palm vein technology credit card fraud iosr journals rice callusing embryogenic cells immature inflorescences secured hash algorithm. block cipher and software quality. readability metrics code readability software development life cycle query similarity user similarity ranking query results deep web dtada clone attack dtada4da dtada4sca doline attack systematic literature review; portfolio cost manag distance and energy cbir (content based image retrieval) system retrieving images higher education institutions 95% detection rate. and data set generation.s olap spatial data top-k spatial. level set segmentation tv denoising wavelet transform. client-server mouse driver virtual networkcomputing screenshots zooming-panning missing data percentage predictive performance k-nn classifier sensor images medical images impulse noise gray scale images. textural information structural features mechanism design. signal propagation modeling global positioning system (gps) vehicle-to-infrastructure access it in any way you want. dsr. minimum degree spanning tree heuristic methods ant algorithm graph algorithms fuzzy bitopological space; fuzzy ideals; fuzzy pai manet; security; wireless; communication; fuzzy; p multicast routing low-power design cross-layer protocols intrusion route discovery model checking ad hoc routing cellular phone network infrared or bluetooth gsm. routing protocol implementation formal validation continuous data delivery). later online implementation has to be done. secure sms sms decryption sms encryption srs opfet quantum efficiency oeic mesfet respositivity soic rplr ip telephony voip. rtp ns – 2 pda abl m-commerce technology communication systems intelligent systems. - software agents daa vlsi expert system. chip design vehicles profiling road accident traffic road mixed data generic algorithm scene semantics. color property extraction natural image statistic mixture of gaussian classification technique compression factor decompression process. tandem repeats saving percentage hash map table mean square error (mse) and peak signal to noise jpeg (joint photographic experts group) pixel prediction key frame extraction video coding fidelity biological databases efficiency predictive algorithms statistical analysis. cloud service provider secure storage and retrieval encryption and decryption slas latch garbage output reversible logic mg gate euclidean unstructured data classification chessboard bray-curtis squared-euclidean manhattan similarity measures tree-based association rules query answering support patient privacy. biometric graphical model hydraulics. actuator model based design development framework business to business decision making. text summarization. feature-based sentence score fuzzy centroid fud(fully undetectable). mobile ad hoc networks. : data caching remote sensing imagery and masker. differential evolution (de) adaptive compression environment (ace) data compression techniques peer-to-peer (p2p) networks distributed networks knowledge grid authoring algorithms agent architecture activation dongle repositories may not have all the data concerning some event of statistical significance ptb rptb present. light weight cryptography fpga devices resource constrained devices humming bird-2 texture synthesis eye-correction object removal inpainting hybrid inpainting patch propagation exemplar web usage mining page rank log file web structure mining boundary extraction;grayscale;meanfilter;offlinesi virtual function call methods. prosody emotion shimmer duration document security multi tier security xml security performance metrics decision trees decision rule cluster analysis imbalanced data. spatial and temporal error concealment multi view coding outer boundary matching algorithm. solar cycle solar activity ionospheric parameters maximum usable frequency wireless sensor network; congestion estimation; fu changes at the physical layer 5 volt relay meter tampering microcontroller atmega 8 car dv-cast cgsr leakage detection model data allocation strategies fake records data distortion k--means clustering singular value decomposition (svd) sparsified singular value decomposition (ssvd) scanning containment socket communication branching process model broadcast intrahost spreading technology infrastructure e-governance anonimity user accountability onion ring cryptography user security minimum clique track. multi-layer channel routing manhattan routing mode channel density graphical passwords; user authentication; phishing audio-video speech recognition lipreading automatic speech recognition advancements speech recognition. – geomorphology mapping irs-1d liss-iii data availability combined access frequency odrs query delay data replication orphan monitor process : remote procedure call privacy preserving data mining sensitive transactions. sanitized database medical imaging image coefficients image history jpeg compression anti-forensics allocation strategies and leakage detection fake objects data privacy clustering methods. similarity measure multi-viewpoint similarity measure bugs quickly. divisive agglomerative software reuse cost metrics cost effecting factors reuse cost result of this technique. quality assessment quality metric deblocked images blocking artifacts homogeneity entropy colorization mean and standard deviation correlation contrast ycbcr color space. efficient tpq efficiency of tree pattern xml tree pattern security attacks agri-data acquisition agri-data storage. agri-expert service iot agriculture field sensor motes wireless body area network (wban) sids. linear feedback shift register (lfsr) built-in self-test (bist) low-power test scan-chain ordering pseudorandom pattern generator optical character recognition (ocr) information retrieval(ir) java advanced imaging (jai). document image processing(dip) white space analysis (wsa) technique visually challenged persons speech recognition artificial intelligence. distributed scrum of scrum integration pattern agile scrum uncertainty filtering-and-verification range aggregates security analysis secure systems design aspect-oriented modeling alloy spyware breadth-first search multicloud infrastructure computing cluster loosely coupled applications. loop-free routing div algorithm distance-vector routing dual algorithm loop-free routing div algorithm distance-vector routing dual algorithm service adaptation human expertise provisioning service adaptation human expertise provisioning annotated data effective navigation concept hierarchy bit torrent and time to live (ttl). bit torrent and time to live (ttl). and frequency domain. camouflaging worm traffic propagation time domain heuristic. best-first search heuristic. cost-benefit based analysis and dynamic data manag mobile location based services performance metrics. performance metrics. performance metrics. websites in pakistan. websites in pakistan. automated video surveillance system occlusion handling. automated video surveillance system occlusion handling. weighted-fair queuing. opnet simulation multi-class traffic priority queuing deficit-weighted round robin cloud architecture risk management. cloud operations reference models cloud security model checker i-spin olsr formal modeling and verification ltl promela evolutionary algorithm artificial bee colony swarm intelligence. numerical function optimization crossover operator head word grammatical attributes universal networking language universal word world wide web ann. web page classification artificial neural networks html textual categorization wireless sensor network. audio. secure communication functional programming intelligent systems data center triangle-density density- based density confidence polygon approach relevant row. virtual environment. textual passwords biometrics (finger print) pops virtual network. internet service provider mobile ip point of presence route optimization triangle routing problem mobile ip border gateway ant algorithms. network management intelligent middleware business intelligence text analysis emotion extraction which does not require extra database scans sdt based image steganography. the data set. heterogeneous network – hand off delay radio resource node importance data labeling -categorical data rough membership function. offshore software development systematic literature review global software development global terrorism image steganalysis distributing steganographic algorithms secret message cover message building the robust system. authenticity verification. poisson equation gradient region of interest (roi) digital image forensics internal attribution attribution foreseeability. attribution styles dimensions of attribution hierarchical clustering. tdma heed routing protocol. malicious node education computer based learning and touch. hci teaching tool drag-and-drop the burden of manual process mobility generators adversaries dwt and dtcwt principal component analysis gabor wavelet transform collaboration-based design dynamic analysis. design recovery object-oriented reverse engineering program understanding asymmetric mechanism. symmetric mechanism hybrid wireless sensor networks (hwsn) screen capture net spy and rmc approach. gui interface api interface needs assessment banking enterprise multi layered architecture product bundle facebook social lms social network lms facebook education facebook learning facebook lms software multisourcing; multi-vendors outsourcing; search engines use for research quantum channel entanglement quantum cryptography past-future vacuum entanglement qauntum key distribution quantum teleportation ekert protocol bifurcation reconstruction tcp protocols multiple flows. confidentiality honeypots virtualbox snort honeyd short test path. mobispace delay tolerant network privacy. service models
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