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[Infographic] How will Internet of Things (IoT) change the world as we know it?

Ever wondered how IoT will change the world? In this detailed infographic we discuss the impact IoT will have on different parts of peoples lives.

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[Infographic] How will Internet of Things (IoT) change the world as we know it?

  1. 1. i ECONOMIC IMPACT The economic impact of the loT will re—shape the world’s economy ‘E: 1 GROWTH The Internet of Things (loT) market will expand from -‘. .=T. "-: ii i’l1lh*lIl this year to ~'; "iL. .=«: «: 2:i*l. Iri«iii Hr ; :v: ;:i 1, growing at 16.9%. $780bn I 1 HISTORY A ‘r‘iuL~. are considered some of the first loT objects, A. g IA and went online as far ‘ “ T i" , back as ‘t: W:l . * IOT IN NUMBERS Some predict that by :1» I31» I, the number of Internet connected things will reach or even = ;:. <«: =i= i«: ~ By the end of last year, it was predicted we would have around connected ‘things’! SECTORS CISCO believes the loT could I generate / . —iv1;¢, " l: g‘”; ,. '”; )g; .jA[; i(; ,m ‘v1;¢; ‘|g, '-_~, for the TI public sector. .. and . I si . Is I "5 y I for the private sector. ( INNOVATION Just . " -i K‘ , / of cars were connected to the Internet in 2012.. . I , J By 2020, it’s estimated fl that / I‘ I ‘ ‘1 ‘ ‘ ‘ . C “ - I will be We already have loT-enabled cars that can drive on their own Goog| e’s self-driving cars currently average about it L3“ v in autonomous miles per week. SMART HOME Smart homes and smart commercial buildings are under construction all over the world fl ! . L) E . I j I’ T _L| i M — i—‘E: ‘T l l l I And smart commercial buildings will have connected things in »"lin, according to Gartner. — INTERQUEST isit www. interqueSt9T°UP-°°m I For more tech news V C "I-1 Ian: --mi 'AVAVA'"A'flIL‘II§Ifl!1II§‘IKflflilIIIMVI"KAI in r f r ti fit-SW I_Ii ‘Till