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IQ Crash Course - IoT

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In a brand new series from InterQuest, we're discussing some of the biggest megatrends that are facing the technology industry. Last week we took a look at artificial intelligence - this time it's all about the Internet of Things!

Time for a crash course!

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IQ Crash Course - IoT

  1. 1. E IQ CRASH COURSE L IOT fl II. ..- x i 890
  2. 2. L IQ CRASH COURSE -IOT The Internet of Things (| oT) is already here and is changing the way we use our technology. 890
  3. 3. L IQ CRASH COURSE -IOT | t’s a new concept but is built on foundations laid over the years. But what is it? 8.50
  4. 4. Time for a crash course!
  5. 5. H AT Is .
  6. 6. L WHAT IS IOT? It's a general term used to describe the growing network of tech that can communicate and complete tasks without human involvement. 3%
  7. 7. L WHAT IS IOT? Built on the foundations and still heavily linked to the concept of Machine2Machine (M2M). 890
  8. 8. L WHAT IS IOT? Made up of 3 major components; the devices themselves, the networks connecting them together, and the analytics that make use of the data shared between devices. We
  10. 10. Gartner predict there will already be 4.9 billion connected "things" in use by the end of 2015, which is already a 30% increase on 2014-.
  11. 11. am: That’s set to hit 26 billion by 2020 with the consumer sector alone will making up 13 billion of those devices. Business and the automotive industry will make up the remainder.
  12. 12. + I The ‘Smart Home’ sounds too futuristic to be real, but by 2017, about 40% of the 2.6 billion things connected within smart cities will be inside smart homes. 8'30
  13. 13. THE ‘SMART HOME’? Al I
  14. 14. L THE ‘SMART HOME’? ; :¢J 4,? Imagine that everything in your house is connected; how would your life be different? EL
  15. 15. L THE ‘SMART HOME’? ff F5 ; : ¢ Even central heating; ‘Hive’ & ‘Nest’ active heating is an example already available and lets you control your heating from your mobile, wherever you are. 9 IO EL
  16. 16. THE ‘SMART HOME’? / "s; s" L T as loT in the home can connect everything from your alarm clock to your coffee machine to make your normal routine as easy as possible. 90 I Hi
  18. 18. WHAT ELSE CAN BE 5 ‘SMART’? Pretty much everything! From your workplace to the city around you, everything can benefit from | oT technology. 90
  19. 19. traffic update Picture a city where everything communicates; the road systems automatically update to ease traffic flow, your smartphone feeds you live updates on congestion in public areas. ‘Io
  20. 20. WHAT ELSE CAN BE 5 ‘SMART’? This technology is already coming - there’s even a £10m grant up for grabs to the UK city with the best loT implementation ideas. mo
  21. 21. R K P LAC E?
  22. 22. A ‘SMART’ K WORKPLACE? I ffi ge Like the city, IoT in the workplace is set to revolutionise the way we work, imagine an office where everything is truly connected. goo
  23. 23. A ‘SMART’ K WORKPLACE? I ffi g Productivity could be boosted massively by the technology; a ‘smart’ printer could reorder ink for itself when it gets low, machinery in manufacturing could be fully automated. mo
  24. 24. A ‘SMART’ K WORKPLACE? I ffi g Even the traditional meeting could look unrecognisable with IoT - it’s unlikely we’ll still be sitting face to face in the not-so-distant future. 90
  26. 26. D A major concern coming about having billions of devices collecting data at all times is the security and privacy vulnerabilities that come with it. 30
  27. 27. There have been examples of IoT light bulbs giving out wifi passwords - imagine the potential damage if the tech were to become integrated into healthcare systems like many predict. mo
  28. 28. Intel and ARM have already unveiled security measures to cover their devices and, even though this is progress - there's still plenty of work to be done in future. 8) IO
  29. 29. For more tech news visit interquestgroup. com in Sf gi-