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IQ Work Hacks - Productivity

How to increase productivity in the work place...

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IQ Work Hacks - Productivity

  1. Productivity
  2. There is no question about it, being productive at work is essential.
  3. Here are some tips for you:
  4. If you know that you’re going to have a busy few days, a to do list will help you organise and prioritise your work. IMAGE: PROCSILAS MOSCAS
  5. The two minute rule IMAGE: PROCSILAS MOSCAS
  6. if the task can be completed within 2 minutes (approximately) then immediate action should be taken to prevent a build up of work. IMAGE: PROCSILAS MOSCAS
  7. Keep your desk and your emails free from clutter.
  8. There is nothing worse than losing important documents amongst clutter.
  9. It is important to clear your mind every now and then.
  10. If you are sat at your desk looking at a computer screen all day long, it is easy to lose concentration.
  11. Go out at lunch time and get some fresh air, leave your desk to make a cup of tea or just have a five minute break from your desk.
  12. It will mentally refresh you and keep you focused.
  13. Stay away from social media whilst at work, IMAGE: JASON HOWIE
  14. unless of course, that is your job. IMAGE: JASON HOWIE
  15. Don’t get caught up in checking your Facebook or Twitter account every ten minutes. IMAGE: JASON HOWIE
  16. You will lose motivation for your work – save social media for home. IMAGE: JASON HOWIE
  17. If you are really struggling to be productive, Have a piece of chweing gum.
  18. Research shows that the physical movement of ‘chewing’ can help to boost your mental performance.
  19. However, remember that this can be annoying to the people around you, so save it for when you’re really struggling.
  20. Set times in the day to review emails and stick to it.
  21. This will keep you on track and avoid distraction.
  22. Productivity is the key to success,
  23. stay focused and refreshed, then productivity will follow.
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