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A199_eProfile scannerscanCONTROLChecking the ovality of complex toothingGear shafts with plug-in toothing, bevel gears wit...
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App199 en ovality-check

  1. 1. A199_eProfile scannerscanCONTROLChecking the ovality of complex toothingGear shafts with plug-in toothing, bevel gears with hy- according to customer requirements. In order to make apoid teeth and similar axial components can warp dur- comparison with tactile dislocation, computer-generateding manufacture. Therefore, an inspection/measurement digital balls are placed between the flanks of the teeth.of the run-out is necessary. The workpiece is adjusted if A further benefit of using “digital dislocation” is that therequired. For this, the extent of the “ovality” and the direc- diameter of the ball can be changed quickly and eas-tion in which it should be adjusted must be determined. ily. All ball diameters that should pass between the gearEngineering company EHR has developed an optical teeth can be selected using simple configuration tools.measurement system for determining these parameters, Due to this increase in the number of evaluation results,which enables fast and extremely precise automated measurement accuracy of better than 5µm is achieved,straightening of the workpiece. which is lower than the measurement resolution of the la- ser scanner.For objective measurement of run-out characteristics,EHR uses the laser line scanner scanCONTROL 2800-25,which generates a digital 3D image of the tooth area. Benefits for the customer: - Up to 256,000 measuring points per secondThe scanner is aligned with the component in such a way - Standard resolution max. 0.01mmthat the laser line is perpendicular to the teeth of the com- - Distortion-free profiles due to Global Shutterponent. When rotating the clamped component, the com- - Variable measuring fieldplete tooth area is shown digitally in three dimensions.This then enables the 3D point cloud to be evaluatedMICRO-EPSILON A member of micro-epsilon groupKönigbacherstr. 15 Tel. +49 (0) 85 42/1 68-0 Certified DIN EN ISO 9001 : 200094496 Ortenburg/Germany Fax +49(0) 85 42/1 69 90 Modifications reserved / 9781199-A011050FHF