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SkillsFuture Festival at NUS 2019- Work.Learn.Travel.

  1. SkillsFuture Work-Learn Bootcamp (WLB) - Digital Marketing & Branding
  2. Who is it for? • Fresh grads or career switchers • Singaporeans or PR (18 yrs & above) • Complete selection process Course duration • 5 days a week for 8 weeks • Next intake: 7 Oct to 29 Nov • 9am-5pm Course funding • Training cost: $15,000 • 70% sponsored by SSG & 30% by hiring company Certification • Certificate of Completion awarded by Ngee Ann Polytechnic (upon successful completion of course) For Learners
  3. 3 Personal Responsibility Growth mindset Future Orientation Persistence Time Management Communication Teamwork Beha- vioural skills Tech- nical skills Mindsets Curriculum Digital Marketing Plan SEO strategies SEM strategies Social Media & Network Corporate branding Personal branding The curriculum of the bootcamp will cover 3 types of skillsets: technical, behavioral, and mindsets
  4. 5 During bootcamp Post bootcamp • 8 week full-time training in Technical skills, Behavioral skills and Mindsets required to kickstart a career in Digital Marketing & Branding • Roleplays that will simulate real-world experience and exposure to solving problems independently and collaboratively • Employment-readiness coaching sessions to help bring the best of you to employers. This includes: ‒ Personalized CV/portfolio critique ‒ 1-on-1 mock interview practice • Employer networking sessions at the end of the Bootcamp to allow you to showcase your talent directly with potential employers • Placement assistance/support by coordinating the process of lead generation from potential employers, graduate-employer matching, and post interview feedback from companies • Peer support networks and coaching support in the months following placement in order to help graduates face early job-related challenges WLB Support
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  6. For Companies Access to ready talents & REDUCE HIRING TIME REDUCE ONBOARDING TIME – talents are employment- ready Training in behavioural, mindsets & technical skills provides BETTER ON-THE-JOB PERFORMANCE INDUSTRY- RELEVANT CURRICULUM, developed through shadowing of practitioners, interviewing media agencies, e-commerce companies & SMEs. Mentorship Grant: $5,000
  7. What our graduates say about us…
  8. Register your interest TODAY! For COMPANIESFor INDIVIDUALS Contact Penny Chia (
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  12. WHO? HELPYOU GO INTERNATIONAL… connections for local start- ups/business a platform to help individuals attain overseas start-up knowledge and skills in a practical setting 1 employment opportunities to PMEs who are in career transitions 2 connections for local start-ups/business owners to potential business or investment areas 3 START-UP EMPLOYMENT CONNECTIONS INDIVIDUALSBUSINESSES KICK-START
  14. TRAVEL & LEARN PROGRAMME WHERE DO WE GO? ASEAN & +2 Thailand Vietnam Indonesia Laos Philippines Myanmar Brunei Cambodia Malaysia China India
  15. Panellists at a dialogue titled, Singapore:A Platform for Asean, talked about what it was about Singapore and South-east Asia that appealed to them. Published: 14 February, 2019Todayonline Dr SantitarnSathirathai, group chief economist of SeaGroup A lot of Singaporean youth still want to go to the US and Europe, which is great, but I want to direct their attention a bit more — (there are) huge growth opportunities here (in Asean)“ ” WHY? TRADEWAR? HIGHER COST OF BUSINESSESOPERATIONS?
  16. THE OPPORTUNITIES: In 2017, the GDP of all ASEAN states amounted to approximately 2.76 trillion U.S. dollars. Source: GDP* Share in ASEAN 1. Indonesia 36% 2. Thailand 16.5% 3. Singapore 11.7% 4. Philippines 11.4% 5. Malaysia 11.3% 6. Vietnam 8% 7. Myanmar 2.4% 8. Cambodia 0.8% 9. Laos 0.6% 10.Brunei 0.4% GDP Share US$2.76 trillion
  17. WHERE DID WE GO IN 2018 & 2019? China, Chongqing & Chengdu 5D4N 12-16 Nov 18 Laos, Vientiane 4D3N 15-18 Oct 18 Vietnam, HCMC 4D3N 9-12 Apr 18 Philippines, Cebu & Manila 5D4N 25-30 Mar 19 Thailand, Bangkok 4D3N 20-23 May 19 Cambodia, Siem Reap 4D3N 10-13 Jun 19 > 120 PARTICIPANTS
  18. PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Gain Insights to Business Environment for Expansion NETWORK Deep-dive into Key Sectors for Opportunities Meet Regional Government Agencies, Singaporean and local business contacts for Potential Business Matching Acquire Emerging Skills: Internationalization EXPLORE DEEPEN UPSKILL
  19. TRAVEL & LEARN OVERVIEW Pre-trip Workshop ActualTrip Seminars ActualTrip Networking Sessions Post-trip Workshops  Guest Speakers  Meeting Participants  Gain Insights to Business Environments  Guest Speakers  Market Immersion Opportunities  Networking Opportunities  Consolidate Learning & Opportunities  Forming of workgroups Overseas: 4-5 Days
  20. CHONGQING-CHENGDU NOV 2018 Chongqing Investment Promotion Board Legal Aspects of Setting Up Business in Chongqing By Chongqing Jingsheng Law Firm
  21. TRIP EXPERIENCE FROM PARTICIPANTS Understood the latest trends and developments of the economic and social environment. Made aware of the different types of opportunities available Made 50 networks / contacts Agreed that programme has met expectations 93.1% 89.6% 100% 96.5%
  22. SUCCESS STORIES Success #1 Started a JV in Vietnam Success #2 StartedTraining Seminar in Myanmar
  24. READY TO GO?
  25. NEXT STEP Sign up at NgeeAnn Polytechnic Booth now!! UpcomingTravel & Learn Programme - Ho Chi Minh City* - Phnom Penh - Yangon* - Zhejiang *Currently open for registration. Sign up & register your interest at:
  26. Startup Talent Factory What the COMPANY gets What the CANDIDATE gets TALENT Fresh polytechnic graduates matched to company UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY To work in a Startup for 9 to 12 months FUNDING Up to $12K* salary subsidy grant for new or existing hires EARN Full-time employment with a competitive starting salary TRAINING On-boarding modules & skill sprints • Startup Finance & Operations • Startup Product Development • Digital Marketing LEARN Certificate in Entrepreneurship (company-sponsored) * Terms & Conditions apply
  27. Wide range of participating startups
  28. Dr Sara Zaman Assistant Director The Sandbox Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office