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ISSN: Standards Revisions & Related Projects

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Presentations by Laurie Kaplan (Proquest) and Regina Romano Reynolds (Library of Congress) about revision of ISO 8 and ISO 3297. The cooperation between ProQuest and the ISSN network to improve ISSN assignment to serials and continuing resources is described.

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ISSN: Standards Revisions & Related Projects

  1. 1. Laurie Kaplan, ProQuest Regina Romano Reynolds, Library of Congress November 3, 2016
  2. 2.  Introduction  ISSN Project – ProQuest & the International ISSN Centre  ISO-8 Revision Update  ISSN Standard (ISO-3297) Revision Update  Questions and answers
  3. 3. ISSN-Related Projects Laurie Kaplan Sr. Project Manager November 3, 2016
  4. 4. ISO-8 Standard Revision • In 2015 it was agreed by all voting members of ISO to revise ISO-8, the Presentation of Periodicals, last updated in 1977 • ISO-8 is very print-centric; the revision was approved to incorporate electronic presentation of serials • The charge of the working group included using content from NISO’s PIE-J in the revised standard, to expand the focus to include electronic periodicals
  5. 5. ISO-8 Working Group Delegates • 12 countries are represented by 26 delegates from 21 organizations: • Organization Types: Belgium Denmark Greece Spain Canada France Italy United Kingdom China Germany Russian Federation United States ISSN Centers National Libraries Publishers University Libraries
  6. 6. ISO-8 Revision – Initial Steps • First meeting, held in July in Wellington, NZ at the TC 46 plenary meeting, only included 4 delegates; basic ideas regarding meeting structure and process were discussed • The first phone conference was held in July – Focus was on key definitions and points to include in each section – Tables of contents from ISO-8 and PIE-J were reviewed – Related British and German standards, both based on ISO-8, were also considered – Delegates were asked to send in comments, and the next meeting was scheduled
  7. 7. ISO-8 Revision – Latest update • Second phone conference was held in September – Combined outline was created based on ISO-8 and PIE-J to form the basis of the revision – Text from the sections of ISO-8 and PIE-J were incorporated into the outline – Working group delegates have now “signed up” to draft the revised versions of various sections • Next meeting is scheduled for December • We hope to meet in person at UKSG
  8. 8. ISSN Project – ProQuest & the International ISSN Centre • Since late 2014 representatives from ProQuest and the International ISSN Centre have been cooperating on a project to add more ISSN to periodicals • Initial focus is on active Academic/Scholarly titles • Source of periodicals without ISSN is Ulrich’s Periodicals database
  9. 9. Project timeline Q3 2014: ISSN Centre Research project using Ulrichsweb™ revealed missing ISSN Q4 2014: Email exchanges between ProQuest and ISSN IC staff led to November 2014 meeting at Charleston Conference to discuss possible project Feb. 2015: After several conference calls, signed an agreement to conduct a pilot project 2015: 200 Records pulled from Ulrich's database for pilot project with Netherlands ISSN Center; ongoing conversations and exchanges of data during the pilot project 2016: Balance of records sent to the Netherlands; small samples of records, 100 or fewer, sent to Germany, Ireland, Sweden and the UK 2016-2017: Balance of UK and Swedish records sent; process being established for continual updates
  10. 10. Impetus for both organizations • Both ISSN Register and Ulrich’s rely on complete and trustworthy bibliographic metadata: sharing information between the two databases was possible • ProQuest receives direct information from publishers that the ISSN network may miss • ISSN IC wants the Register to be as complete as possible as far as scholarly publications are concerned • National centers showed interest in participating when told about the project at an ISSN Directors meeting in 2015
  11. 11. Stats from Ulrich’s – Missing ISSN 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 90,000 100,000 Academic/Scholarly Trade Consumer Missing ISSN - by Content Type Primary/w ISSN Primary/No ISSN Related Serial/w ISSN Related Serial/No ISSN 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 Missing ISSN - by Serial Type Primary/w ISSN Primary/No ISSN Related Serial/w ISSN Related Serial/No ISSN
  12. 12. Stats from Ulrich’s – Missing ISSN 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 Netherlands United Kingdom Ireland Germany Sweden Missing ISSN - by Country Primary Record/w ISSN Primary/No ISSN Related Serial/w ISSN Related Serial/No ISSN
  13. 13. Metadata elements shared • Field names from Ulrich’s database and corresponding Marc fields – Title (including subtitle if applicable) (fields 222, 245 & 246) – Language (field 008 & 041) – Country (field 044) – Date of publication (if already published) (field 008) – Status (Active or Announced for publication) (field 008) – Media Type (e.g. print or online) (field 007) – Link to other medium (field 776) (PQ Related Serials) – Serial Type (e.g. journal, bulletin, etc…) (field 008) – Title history (fields 780 & -785) – Frequency (field 008) – Publisher (field 260) – Publisher address and/or email address (field 260) – Publisher city/country (field 260) – Corporate author (fields 710/720) – Open Access Indicator (field 856) – Journal Website (field 856)
  14. 14. Project highlights • Under the supervision of the International Centre, national ISSN Centers determine whether the ISSN is simply missing from Ulrich’s, or has never been assigned • Desired outcome of the project – Benefit to librarians, publishers, and vendors such as discovery services, subscription agencies, and retailers/wholesalers – Benefit for catalogs and databases using ISSN as a control number or for tracking and matching – More titles will have ISSN registered with national centers and in the ISSN Register – Ulrich’s Periodicals Database will have more records with ISSN – Electronic loading and matching of titles based on ISSN will be improved
  15. 15. Progress with the Netherlands Center • 220 titles were processed first by the ISSN IC comparing them with the ISSN Register • 42 were found and those ISSN were sent to ProQuest to be added to the Ulrich’s database • The initial set contained only titles that were Academic/Scholarly and mostly monographic series, plus about 15 journals, and a few bulletins, proceedings, and reports • 182 titles were forwarded to ISSN Netherlands for further investigation • 97 ISSN returned in the file from the Netherlands were added to Ulrich’s database in the first sample; the balance were returned after further clarification about title history, former titles, and related serials 17% 83% Missing ISSN - Netherlands Sample Set ISSN in IC Register Records sent to Netherlands
  16. 16. Refinements to the process: monographic series
  17. 17. Ongoing work and future plans • ISSN Netherlands is continuing to work with the remaining 727 titles throughout 2016 to Q1 2017 • Sample files, approximately 100 records, were sent to Germany, Ireland, Sweden and UK – Sweden has returned their sample and have received half of the balance of their 900 records – UK has received all of their records and are interested in moving ahead – Germany will begin in early 2017 when another project they are working on is completed – Ireland is interested but due to personnel changes will reconsider in 2017
  18. 18. One more important step • Need to encourage publishers and providers to use assigned ISSN – Include on print publications and online on website • Follow the NISO PIE-J Recommended Practice and eventually the revised ISO-8 Standard – Include in files delivered to libraries, aggregators, discovery systems, archives, and so on – Provide better access and linking throughout the community
  19. 19. Thank you! Laurie Kaplan ProQuest - Sr. Project Manager ICEDIS/EDItEUR Co-Chair NASIG Board Liaison NISO – PIE-J Standing Committee TC 46/ISO-8/WG 7 Convenor
  20. 20. How do you update an icon? Regina Romano Reynolds Director, U.S. ISSN Center Library of Congress Charleston Conference, 2016
  21. 21. 23 2007 Major revision of the ISSN International Standard ISO 3297 : 2007
  22. 22. The statement that ISSN are assigned free of charge was removed in an editorial revision, spring 2016
  23. 23. ISSN General Assembly, Paris, April 2016
  24. 24. Expose part of the ISSN Register as LOD under a CC-BY- NC license. Update the ISO 3297, the ISSN standard.
  25. 25. What Can ISSN Become?
  26. 26. Former and later titles Costs? Who subscribes Journals Subscribe Where Archived Author registries
  27. 27. Potential revision issues
  28. 28. Bibliographic Identification Product Identification
  29. 29. Granularity Separate ISSN for small, medium, large… For sub-parts of a continuing resource?
  30. 30. Digital Formats/Editions: Separate ISSN?  PDF  HTML  Epub  Android  Kindle ?? How to define different digital editions?? Note: Separate ISBN are now required for different formats of digital books but currently not required for ISSN
  31. 31. A New ISSN for Serial “Families”?
  32. 32. Align Mandatory ISSN Metadata and Mandatory ONIX Metadata?  Example: Numbering (enumeration and/or chronology) is optional for ISSN, mandatory for some ONIX messages  Benefits for ISSN use in the “chain of trade”
  33. 33. Expand Information About ISSN Use with Other Identifiers?  Current standard already has appendices for:  DOI  ISBN  URN  Add:  ISNI, others
  34. 34. Title Changes ??
  35. 35. Former and later titles Costs? Who subscribes Journals Subscribe Where Archived Author registries Prepare for the Linked Data Environment
  36. 36. Stages of ISO Standards Development Proposal stage Preparatory stage Committee stage Enquiry stage Approval stage Publication stage
  37. 37. ISO Working Group  Should have broad community representation. E.g.,  Publishers  Libraries  Aggregators  Abstracters and indexers  Platform providers  Representatives from related standards
  38. 38. To become a U.S. member of the ISSN revision working group, contact NISO ( Phone: +1.301.654.2512 Fax: +1.410.685.5278 E-mail: URL: To become a member of another country’s working group, contact the appropriate ISO representative
  39. 39. What do you think should be changed?
  40. 40. Thank you!
  41. 41. Contact information: Laurie Kaplan – Regina Romano Reynolds – Thank you!