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Digital Signage at University of Toronto Libraries

TRY Conference 2012

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Digital Signage at University of Toronto Libraries

  1. 1. Digital Signage at the Library Sian Meikle @UTLBilal Bilal Khalid Graham Stewart
  2. 2. Overview Digital signage design Robarts digital signage three ways Robarts signage: how we built it Robarts signage: how they use it Robarts signage: what we learned
  3. 3. Good signs can make a difference... Gary Larson, The Far Side, 1985
  4. 4. Writing the message Simple: ○ ○ ○ ○ Reduce: punctuation, pictures, words Headline: 22 characters Body: 10-18 words Short URLs Brief: ○ 5 seconds per slide ○ 8-10 seconds total Clear: ○ Call to action: Chat with a librarian ○ Photographs can be powerful ○ Coherent design
  5. 5. Presenting the message Chunking ○ 4 1 6 9 7 8 8 4 5 0 ○ 416 978 845 Coding ○ Group similar things together ○ Add headings Serial position
  6. 6. Putting it into action Eric Kobel, "Digital Signage Design Suggestions", UC Santa Barbara Housing & Residential Services
  7. 7. Putting it in action Virginia Commonwealth University
  8. 8. What make digital signage different? Easy to update Can differentiate content by ○ time of day ○ audience ○ viewing time
  9. 9. What users say 1. Help me make better decisions Chat with a librarian, workshops 2. Save me time Maps: library, stacks, workstations Directories: by floor, service, name, library 3. Show me something relevant to me News, community content 4. Tell me something new and interesting Exhibits, events, news 5. Give me ideas Collection highlights excerpted from Chris Heap, "Seven Principles of Success for Digital Signage"
  10. 10. Robarts digital signage: Overhead information signs
  11. 11. Robarts digital signage: Building directories
  12. 12. Robarts digital signage: Interactive touch screens
  13. 13. Robarts digital signage: Interactive touch screens
  14. 14. Touchscreen Kiosks ● PHP - CodeIgniter ● jQuery ● MySQL ● Closed Environment ● Javascript Keyboard
  15. 15. Touchscreen Kiosk Interaction Most frequent pageviews ● Libraries & Hours ● Robarts Directory ● Workstations User Feedback ● Let me find a book! ● Let me access this info from my phone!
  16. 16. Touchscreen Kiosks - What's Next ● Catalogue Search ○ Entire catalogue available ● StackMap ○ Map of physical item location, with directions ● Responsive Design ○ Designed to be used on any device (e.g. Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone...)
  17. 17. Overhead Signage ● 4 vertical screens ○ PHP + AJAX ● Media Commons ○ Javascript video player ● Fisher Rare Book ○ Screensaver
  18. 18. Overhead Signage - Features ● Auto Refresh ○ Detection of new content ● Remote Control ○ Ability to have different slideshows ○ Control to switch between slideshows
  19. 19. Overhead Signage - What's Next ● Scala ○ Content Regions ○ RSS Feeds from Drupal ○ Scheduling
  20. 20. Building Directories ● One PHP + Javascript page per vertical pylon (two vertical screens) ● Alternating Event Feed Display (from Drupal, via AJAX)
  21. 21. Digital signage development and the Devops movement
  22. 22. Devops: agile methodology applied to system administration
  23. 23. Agile Set of software development methods, formulated 2001 Rapid Iterative Quick release cycles Fast adaptation to requirement changes Continuous development, after code releases "Testing in Production"
  24. 24. Agile Teams Self organizing Cross functional Quick daily meetings Open environments, face to face meetings, frequent interrupts Encourage input from many sources and different ranges of expertise and experience Trust
  25. 25. Impact of Agile on system administration? Site creation, rollout, update, maintenance timeframes all shrink Web presence critical for most organizations Software is developed much faster and changes are more frequent: sysadmins can't move slowly if developers are moving fast Massive growth in automation tools Growth in open source software: sharing and collaboration Cloud
  26. 26. Devops goals 1. Eliminate stereotypes: -"developers are careless and arrogant"; "sysadmins are grumpy and always say no" -"developers go home at 4:30"; "sysadmins are martyrs and work all night" 2. Increase communication between developers, operations, and management 3. Continuous systems improvement 4. Break down barriers and silos 5. Develop methods to encourage all team members to see the organization's goals as the desired target, rather than individual goals
  27. 27. Source:
  28. 28. Source:
  29. 29. Advantages of working in Devops mode All staff can use all their skills => diversity => use knowledge outside defined roles => roles expand => cross pollination => creativity => "many minds" Enhanced mutual respect and communication => greater trust => shared responsibility => everyone feels a sense of ownership over the end product => greater commitment to the product => everyone focused on the organization’s end goal Happier, more productive staff, because work is FUN !
  30. 30. Devops methodology: digital signage examples Operations and development involved jointly from the start Weekly full meetings and as necessary (often daily) quick interrupts / one-on-ones for specific issues Fast code releases: several times/week. "Many Minds" => two screen display: one browser? 2 PCs? 1 video card or 2? flipped portrait mode or vertical landscape mode? => disabling right click => URL shortening options
  31. 31. Devops: more digital signage examples Planning and execution: => browser choice => OS choice => development options => design decisions How do we keep browser sessions from finding the Internet? Proxies? Whitelists? No links? How do we do an onscreen keyboard? OS version? Javascript? HTML? New and experimental project: innovative methods required
  32. 32. Thank you !