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From own data, open data to an ecology of data

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- Eric van Tol - Director of the Fontys University of Applied Science Expertise Centre Big Data -

The 'open by default' rule for all 'public documents' was a huge commitment to open data from the European Commission about eight years ago. What is the status of open data projects in context of current Big Data developments? What are the benefits? What are the lessons learned? And how will we share data in the future?

IVSZ | EuDEco project
Data Economy Conference
Budapest, 2018. 01. 31.

Publicado en: Datos y análisis
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From own data, open data to an ecology of data

  1. 1. More than 40 million users in 2 days
  2. 2. freemium location-based catch creatures worldwide
  3. 3. augmented reality
  4. 4. multiplayer online - mobile
  5. 5. Pokémon Go uses Google Maps Weather data Local images Open Data?
  6. 6. Hacker build Pokémon GO open data ” I've received a notice to cease from Niantic Labs, and I've decided to comply with their requests It was my intention to augment and improve the game experience of Pokemon Go”
  7. 7. Personal immersive experience • Game Advice • Influencing behavior • Recommendation
  8. 8. The holy grail of Big Data Personalized services - predict behavior – immediate response - location based • Your online course? • Your new service • Your new open government app personalized medicine real time shelter advice precision farming
  9. 9. Every transaction generates data Telco Network Traffic Bank Financial Transactions Retailer Cash transactions Utility Energy meters Dotcom Web-click & media interaction Logistic Traffic Movements Data source : company internal
  10. 10. Data source: ourselves Social Media as a trail of ordinary life Social Media data are not for free
  11. 11. Data source: devices Upcoming datasets from sensor network
  12. 12. Data source public data – open data Open data having entered the mainstream an important enabler of transparent government still a lot of work just another data source
  13. 13. Open Government site
  14. 14. Open Government site
  15. 15. Zoom in on improve neighborhood site
  16. 16. improve neighbourhood site: bicycle wreck compliant
  17. 17. Is this your bike?
  18. 18. Hight at Oudezijds 0.716 meter national altitude file
  19. 19. Or this?
  20. 20. ‘National altitude file’ is a project of Rijkswaterstaat Rijkswaterstaat is responsible main road network, the main waterway network and watersystems.
  21. 21. more effective placement solar panels accurate measurements old settlements detected by small differences in altitude in meadows
  22. 22. Ecology of stakeholders in water management done by Rijkswaterstaat Digital Delta is an open platform for providing and finding relevant data for water management in the Netherlands
  23. 23. an independent data platform for traders in the horticultural industry
  24. 24. Digital, Open, Smart, Ecology
  25. 25. Internal - only available to organisations and persons within the City of Amsterdam Shared - conditional sharing with selected third parties Open – For every one, without constraints share across three layers
  26. 26. Real-time Public Transport info Real-time data on stops, departure times and actual delays Real-time traffic data Actual travel times for high ways and all main roads in the Amsterdam metropolitan area Firefighter incident – prepared for ‘dangerous inhabitants’ police , firebrigade and cadastral data connected 27
  27. 27. Public Space Basic Information Mobility Economy & Labour Tourism Health &Well-being Democracy Education &Youth Energy Safety Data about parking, taxi stands, cycle paths, stops for touring cars, and real-time information on traffic jams is all public. it is not sufficient to just publish the data , 305 topics across 10 themes
  28. 28. •; The need for a Datalab: • knowledge center and workspot • group of multidisciplinairy people • sharing insights • collaboration with universities, schools, organisations and companies (demo donderdag)
  29. 29. •; • All code open source – working on abstraction for better use other municipalities • Yes, GDPR worries • Social domain still fragmented Datalab brings about an open data ecosystem by connecting all stakeholders and interested parties
  30. 30. open data – big data 2012 Decision Open data for StatLine 2014 All StatLine tables (3,700) 2013 Development of official statistics using Big Data. More detailed, new and real- time statistic
  31. 31. Piet Daas, Statistics Netherlands consumer confidence with social media versus survey (n=1500) 33 Series correlate 0.9 Piet Daas Senior Methodologist and Coordinator Big Data research Big data experiment Social media use
  32. 32. Combine big data with regular statistics of 2015 Partnership Statistics Netherlands, Google and Dataprovider, Dataprovider: web scrape 70 countries (every 4 weeks) The Netherlands 2,5 million websites 550,000 businesses (36% of all businesses) a website. businesses without a website, 83% self-employed online services 5,700 businesses 26,000 jobs, turnover of € 10 billion prevalent in the regions around Amsterdam and Groningen Big data experiment Measuring the internet economy
  33. 33. 35 Expanding Eco system
  34. 34. 2025 the government • flexible organization where people are central. • ivory towers have been demolished…. • supply-oriented organization, becomes demand-driven • Society in 2025 is fully digital and networked • Self-direction is the magic word • Citizens manage and arrange their own information
  35. 35. Data portal Central government site for all Open data sets Owned by the Ministry of the Interior 60% Open Government site
  36. 36. Benefits & Lessons learned Understand your user feedback loops to evaluate your data’s impacts using your own service is a good way of learning common challenges – shared solutions developing a business model for Open data products is difficult Data New technologies can be hard to adopt - legacy Data is dirty - even coming from experts Wrangling messy data - a lot of work
  37. 37. Science Agenda a large scale consultation of citizens • 11.700 question • 140 cluster questions • 25 routes • 8 routes chosen 1 Route: Research program responsible access and use of Big Data
  38. 38. • Bias- and diversity-aware media analysis • Privacy-friendly storage & analysis • Transparant Machine Learning • Data driven service innovation framework
  39. 39. Frightful Five: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook value $2.2 trillion BAT: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent value $600 billion Nearly Economy Germany and UK Europe like this little Pokémon go hacker Against the seven sisters
  40. 40. Big Data - Insight Blockchain - Smart contracts without third party Idealist hackers or fanatic communities against data monopolies?
  41. 41. With more than 40 million users in 2 days?