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Around the world with Ashton Kutcher

Ian Bremmer: Hi, I’m Ian Bremmer, with my friend Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher: Hi, I’m Ashton Kutcher, in LA, with my friend Ian.

Ian: There we go. We thought we’d do the World in 60 Seconds for you.

Ashton: 60 seconds.

Ian: That’s it.

Ashton: That’s it.

Ian: Ready?

Ashton: Whole world?

Ian: Whole world. All your questions.

Ashton: Get ready.

Ian: We ready? Go.

Ashton: The World in 60 seconds. North Korea: will China clamp down?

Ian: No, they’re not going to clamp down, and South Korea and the United States are going to collaborate more as a consequence.

Ashton: Not at all?

Ian: Chinese hate that, I know. It’s rough, but no, they’re not going to clamp down.

Ashton: As deep in trouble as they are in right now?

Ian: As deep in trouble.

Ashton: They don’t want support?

Ian: The Chinese ultimately do not want North Korea to fall apart. They’re not willing to go hard.

Ashton: Okay. Syria: who benefits more from peace talks failing: ISIS or Assad?

Ian: Bashar Assad. He’s taking more territory every day. The Russians love it.

Ashton: It’s unbelievable.

Ian: Isn’t it horrible?

Ashton: It’s crazy.

Ian: I know, nonetheless, ISIS still getting hit.

Ashton: It’s crazy. Alright. US elections: is Rubio a serious contender?

Ian: He is a serious contender, but I think it’s too early to say. I think there are still three or four.

Ashton: What about that last debate?

Ian: It was pretty bad.

Ashton: Chris Christie kind of beat him up a little bit.

Ian: He said the same thing every time.

Ashton: Even after he got called out on saying the same thing, he said the same thing.

Ian: Many times. I think there are still a good four candidates on the Republican side that could get the nomination.

Ashton: Okay. India: in 15 years, could they get a permanent seat…

[Off-mic]: Time.

Ashton: Was that 60 seconds?

[Off-mic]: That was 60.

Ashton: I talked too much. We gotta finish the question. I took some of your speaking time.

Ian: You did.

Ashton: People don’t want to hear what I have to say.

Ashton: India: in 15 years, could they get a permanent seat on the Security Council?

Ian: I think it is more likely in 15 years-time that the Security Council doesn’t exist than any new permanent seats are going to be established.

Ashton: But you believe that about any multi-national organization.

Ian: The G-Zero will tell you that. There you go.

Ashton: He hates multi-national organizations.

Ian: I don’t hate them. I just don’t think they’re as strong as most people believe they are.

Ashton: He didn’t like Woodrow Wilson, and he doesn’t like this.

Ian: League of Nations. That was your favorite international organization?

Ashton: I’m just saying. It’s kind of like the first international organization, right?

Ian: Ashton’s old-school. Look at the hat! Okay, buddy. Good seeing you.

Ashton: Good seeing you.

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