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How Big is Big Data business - Outsource People 2015

  1. How Big is Big Data business? Ihor Malchenyuk October 23 – 24, 2015
  2. Innovecs is a US business technology outsourcing company, headquartered in Ukraine. We’re building our reputation by creating cutting-edge software products for our clients all over the world. We work closely with client’s teams to ensure that the products you want are the products we deliver every time – and that we routinely exceed expectations. We extend Silicon Valley engineering spirit to create the best products for our clients worldwide Our Mission
  3. Innovecs Offerings 3 4 countries 250+ employees Ukraine, USA, UK, Israel Global Presence Strategic Business Units Technology Solutions Cloud, Mobile, Web practices in Logistics, E-Commerce, Insurance Digital Marketing, Telecom and Media Enterprise Solutions ECM and Productivity, Big Data and Analytics, Transportation, Blockchain for Public Sector and Enterprises Gaming Mobile, Social and Casino development, 2D and 3D art, Animation & VFX Game re-skins or projects from scratch
  4. What Big Data is? 3. Velocity 2. Variety 1. Volume Value Storing everything, not valuable information only Rapid growth of data volume Fast generation, capturing, processing and consumption Multiple sources and formats, mostly non-structured data
  5. 5 Tim Lahan © 2015 The New York Times Company
  6. Horse tram Hansom Cab Horse drawn omnibus Great Horse Manure Crisis London, 1894 – seemingly insurmountable problem was resolved
  7. Why Big Data is so important? Big Data exploitation is a business imperative “Big Data isn’t just one more technology initiative. In fact, Big Data isn’t a technology initiative at all; it’s a business program that requires technical savvy” “The (effective) use of Big Data will become a key basis of competition and growth for individual firms.” “89% of business leaders believe Big Data will revolutionize business operations in the same way the Internet did”
  8. If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have told me that they wanted a “faster horses” Henry Ford (alleged) Why Big Data is so important? …a business imperative – not just a technical way of making faster horses
  9. Sentiment Analysis captures unstructured data (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) for real time monitoring on brand or company sentiment Demand Signal Management integrates all relevant demand signals (internal and external – e.g. point of sale and market research data) for better demand forecasting and supply chain efficiencies Insights for Retail measure the strength of the relationship between products and understand the impact of the relationship on profit and revenue Fraud Prevention helps financial institutions to monitor, detect, prevent, and investigate fraud incidents more efficiently based on real time monitoring of transaction data (e.g. credit card) Predictive Maintenance helps customers to predict wear and tear of equipment proactively based on real time sensor data and schedule maintenance (e.g., aircraft components, tractors) Customer Engagement Intelligence helps sales and marketing departments identify new market segments, personalize marketing offers, and manage customer relationships Samples of Big Data enabled applications
  10. 360O Customer View Product Recommendation Propensity to Churn Demand/Supply Forecast Safety and Security Network Optimization Insider Threats Real-time Risk Mitigation Asset Tracking Personalized Healthcare More samples of Big Data enabled applications
  11. 10% 75% Use Analytics Today Need Analytics by 2020 $2.01B annual revenue increase possibility if the median Fortune 1000 business increased the usability of its data by just 10% Sources: Gartner, Fortune Magazine Missing new signals
  12. 12 Big Data market? Experton Group Big Data Vendor Benchmark 2015
  13. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Gartner, July 2015 Big Data was here in 2014
  14. • $41.5B till 2018, growing at 26.4% CAGR or about six times the growth rate of the overall IT market IDC, October 2015 • $49.3B till 2018 and $84B in 2026, attaining a 17% CAGR for the forecast period Wikibon • $122B in revenue by 2025 Frost & Sullivan • In 2014 banking, communications, media, utilities and wholesale trade increased their use of Big Data analytics the most Gartner How big is Big Data business? Evaluation of Big Data technology and services market
  15. 15 High demand for Big Data skills job trends by
  16. Cloudera 1040M Hadoop-based software, services and training Palantir Technologies 950M Analytics applications Domo 450M Cloud-based business intelligence MongoDB 311M Document-oriented database 199M Cloud-based predictive analytics 16 Top 5 Most-Funded Big Data Startups April 2015, Sources: MatterMark,
  17. 1. Big Data is the explosion in data volume, variety, and velocity 2. Big Data revolutionizes the business and society 3. Big Data is market opportunity for you • relevant to startups, products and established industries – it’s not something isolated or unique • skills in huge demand, rates are soaring • strong differentiation – easier to compete with India and Romania • can revisit existing customers with Big Data proposals • easier to PR, because not that many companies really advanced much into it 4. Big Data still has low entry point • technologies are not that complex, you can grow your experts in 6-12 month • technologies still developing, easy to jump in and become a core contributor • products are not stable, customers cannot keep the "in depth knowledge“ • easier to build partnerships with vendors 5. Contact Innovecs to learn and to do more 17 Summary
  18. Thank You! Ihor Malchenyuk VP of Enterprise Solutions Skype ID ihor.malchenyuk 6Z Lepse avenue, Kyiv, 03680, Ukraine