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Brown bag - Reasons to upgrade to Kentico 9

Here are some reasons to Kentico 9 from a Brown Bag I presented a while ago

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Brown bag - Reasons to upgrade to Kentico 9

  1. 1. Brown Bag – Reasons to upgrade to Kentico 9 Ilesh Mistry
  2. 2. We architect, design and build bespoke KENTICO websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. “ ”
  3. 3. Key features
  4. 4. Continuous Integration Website development is now up to 30% faster Serialises ALL most objects into XML Serialised objects are very small in size so shouldn’t increase the file size massively It should pave the way for easy local database setup, which is something not done with Kentico before It is not recommended to be used on the Production environment Setup seems fairly straightforward Content Staging in conjunction with Kentico CI
  5. 5. Integrated Campaign Management Kentico have revamped the Campaign Management section Optimize Your Campaigns for Better Results The time to execute cross-channel online digital marketing campaigns is greatly reduced Allows you to develop campaign assets, launch campaigns, and analyse results from one location, helping optimize your campaigns for better results You can now build custom campaign funnels to help you analyse exactly the steps that are important for your business
  6. 6. Web Farm Support Scaling Environments Optimized for the Cloud Being able to handle additional traffic to your website Auto-scaling keeps multiple instances of your Kentico website in sync within the environment Self-healing Capabilities - the built-in Web Farm Support will detect the problem, stop processing any synchronization requests for the instance, and notify the system administrator of the issue
  7. 7. ASP.NET MVC Support Increased Productivity with Semantic Content Editing Provides you with a more semantic approach to content editing, without the distraction of page settings – create content once and use it in various locations on the live site With a cleaner architectural layout, you increase your content editing productivity and speed of website delivery dramatically Doesn’t work with Kentico EMS and Ecommerce, but there can be some work arounds/additional work Big plans to improve this for Kentico 10!
  8. 8. Modularization Increased Productivity with Semantic Content Editing You can create modules to serve specific needs that can be packaged automatically, stored, and reused in subsequent projects Reduce your development costs by creating customized modules with all the elements you need for current and future projects The Modularization feature in Kentico is fully compatible with Kentico’s Page Types, meaning you can edit a page type and include it in the module. After this, every time the package is exported, it will contain the module data and the specified page types, this wasn’t the case in previous versions
  9. 9. Minor details
  10. 10. Kentico 9 – minor details Fixed various bugs that were there in Version 8 and the admin area looks the same. Remember Kentico only support 2 versions back, so if there are any problems, then Kentico would not likely to help. Get your clients to Upgrade! Have a look at the Release Notes The minimum required version of Microsoft .NET Framework is now 4.5 Performance - Improved performance for: - Loading of page data by listing and menu web parts. - Displaying of data on multilingual sites that use the Combine with default culture setting. - Other page-related operations. Security - The system now uses security tokens to protect pages against Cross site request forgery attacks. No longer support for some of the web parts and widgets are no longer supported in Kentico version 9 Remember to think about this when upgrading your sites to Kentico 9 e.g. Document Library – it will still work, but no support!
  11. 11. Other cool features
  12. 12. Kentico 9 – other features Default Transformations are no longer generated when Page Types or Custom Tables are created Form Builder status messages How to videos in documentation Groups can be defined to organise tasks in Staging Web Part, Widgets and Form Controls 'Usage' tab Bulk File Import no longer available API Examples now moved out of Admin area IP-based contact/visitor tracking is gone Root template category
  13. 13. Quick demo on other features
  14. 14. Kentico 9 – demo features There are lots of things to show and the interface is similar to Version 8 Demo features Helpful tips panel Pin modules Content Only Page Types can’t revert back Only 1 Page alias allowed in the view
  15. 15. Hands on Kentico 9
  16. 16. Kentico 9 – hands on Various places to get your hands on Version 9 Hosted Trial – 7 days Trial Version – 14 days Ask!
  17. 17. Thank you! Any questions?