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Transmedia Storytelling on MICE tourism

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My presentation at the 2nd Forum of Meeting Tourism or how Transmedia Geo-located Storytelling can help to improve the MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events) Tourism experience. Complementary presentation to "Storytelling, Events, Experiences (Designing Emotions)"

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Transmedia Storytelling on MICE tourism

  1. 1. transmedia on mice tourism. -new forms of Communication: storytelling applied to immersive located experiences-­‐   . montecarlo - @imastranger   20 Fòrum de Turisme de Reunions de Catalunya - 2016, March, 17th-
  2. 2. today’s objective is... learn about the opportunities transmedia location-based storytelling brings to brand communication on mice tourism  
  3. 3. who am I (from where I stand)  
  4. 4. how did we come to this?  
  5. 5. digital society  
  6. 6. from impact to relationship  
  7. 7. from offer to demand  
  8. 8. transmedia win-win society  
  9. 9. Storytelling connected brains  
  10. 10. stories build worlds  
  11. 11. empathic listening  
  12. 12. return of the personal experience  
  13. 13. time-expanded experience  
  14. 14. multi-level immersion  
  15. 15. multipath stories  
  16. 16. geo-located storytelling  
  17. 17. live the brand  
  18. 18. customer-prescriptor  
  19. 19. tell me a fact and I’ll learn. tell me a truth and I’ll believe. but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever @Imastranger