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Webinar: How API Lifecycle Management can help to Accelerate Growth

  1. VP Products at InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. Most Valuable Professional at Microsoft Software Innovator at Intel | Author Presented By Abhishek Sur / abhi2434@abhi2434 Sr. Technical Consultant at InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. Koushik Dey / koushikdey
  2. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, is an software intermediary which allows two applications talk to each other. It bridges the gap between processes and services giving an uniform gateway for communication. What is an API ?
  3.  Architects prefer API led application development, to make it more easier to manage.  APIs are more testable individually than a monolith application.  Large number of tools present in the market to track performance, load, security etc of APIs.  Easier to follow GOF patterns.  API increases reliability and reduces complexity for application developer. Why API based application development is preferred ?
  4.  Easy to track functionalities and change management  Integrate easily and quickly  Helps in branding  Functions are specified in Entities and Schemas rather than Actions Benefits of API  Can be source of revenue generation  Reach potentials easily  Efficient  Innovative easily  Community building For developers For organization
  5. Design/Plan Build/Integrate Operate/Manage Share/Engage
  6. Design/Plan Build/Integrate Operate/Manage Share/Engage API Gateway identification and License Identification Investigate User Roles and Security Working with Endpoints and Actions (Noun and Verbs) Working with API Tools like Swagger Plan for backend data source
  7. Design/Plan Build/Integrate Operate/Manage Share/Engage Register an URL Add Authentication module Develop API by connecting the dots Write specs while developing to generate Swagger docs Connect to API backend and Data sources
  8. Design/Plan Build/Integrate Operate/Manage Share/Engage Create / Develop Applications using APIs Manage traffic by Rate limiting Access Control Identification Improve performance through Analytics
  9. Design/Plan Build/Integrate Operate/Manage Share/Engage Community Building Improvements and issue management API Revisioning and versioning Monetizing
  10. APPSeCONNECT API Portal A n A P I P l a t f o r m
  11.  Easy to use Wizard based API Configuration  REST based API creation supporting Open API standards  “Just enough governance” – define the content, roles, users to produce and expose enterprise quality APIs.  Continuous Integration and Dev-ops inbuilt.  Zero code API development  Independent policies and authentication module can be plugged in and configured for APIs.  Support for Swagger documentation Features
  12. DEMOA P P S e C O N N E C T A P I M a n a g e m e n t
  13. Market Place
  14.  700 partners created 50000 third party apps  300 million unique visitors to the site through these apps or directly to the website  API gave reach to different brands and services so that they can do target marketing.
  15.  Only one app developer is hired in-house  Third party apps on API Ecosystem saved $1m development cost.
  16.  90% of integration serviced till date are API led.  Extensive usage of APIs for integration that serves 650+ customers in 65+ countries and 120+ partners  300+ pre-packaged connectors built by a team of 10 in-house developers  Partnered OEMs and ISVs who builds connectors on the platform.  Generates over 2X revenue every year.
  17.  APIs enable creation of platforms and services.  APIs enable Asymmetric Business Models to tackle many markets.  Builds a developer community that generate organic growth.  API also pays through monetization.  Security is important for APIs.  Monitoring and managing APIs in long run develops trust to the community. In a nut shell…
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