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Building the Future of Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

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We Help Businesses Excel And Solve Complex Problems With Technology.

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Building the Future of Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. Incedo Inc Building the Future of Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  2. 2. Our Second Acquisition– increased focus on specialized skills Launched Incubation Lab for clients • Specialized Product Engineering Services and Data & Analytics Competency • Expertise in Financial Services, Life Science and Communication Engineering • Focused on Emerging Technologies and Innovation - in the context of our clients’ businesses • Bay Area Headquartered - 1500 employees across North America, South Africa and India (Gurgaon, Bangalore) • End-to-end capabilities across Application Services, Infrastructure and Operations • Agile, responsive engagement models 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Employees Incedo Spun out of a diversified $4B Conglomerate Started US & South Africa Operations Started Life Sciences and Data & Analytics practice • 35+ clients • Growth of 75%+ y-o-y Our First Acquisition - grew Product Engineering Services Started work with US based Tier 1bank We Help Businesses Excel And Solve Complex Problems With Technology Incedo Overview 2 Success is proven by growth of more than 671% since its inception in 2011 Incedo in the list of Top 10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups for the year 2016 Our Offices •North America •Santa Clara, New Jersey & New York •South Africa •Cape Town & Johannesburg •Asia-Pacific (India) •Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  3. 3. We are building a special technology firm and the world has begun to take note Incedo is an INC 5000 awardee – fastest growing private companies in North America Incedo recognized by Dataquest for 85% growth Incedo is one of Top 10 Emerging Analytics Start-ups for the year 2016 Incedo is one of 20 Most Promising Tech Service Providers by CIOReview Incedo ranks #16 on CRN’s Fast Growth 150 3 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  4. 4. Feasibility Go-No go Pilot Project/ Joint Investment Full Scale Development What We Do How We Do it Frameworks Proof of Concept Accelerators Follow Technologies Track Trends Rapid Prototyping 3D Visualization Framework on Mobile devices Machine Learning for Edge DevicesMaster Data Management Solution Accelerators Accelerators/ Frameworks IoT Incubation Labs at Incedo We Partner With Our Clients to Build Smarter Solutions for Them 4 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc AI & NLP Solution – Voice Based BoT Framework Incubation LabsIoT & Connected Devices AI, NLP, Machine Learning Mobility NFV & Cloud Virtualization
  5. 5. IOT EVOLUTION AND FUTURE TRENDS Incedo’s Perspective of IoT Market Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc 5
  6. 6. Internet has come a long way since 1980s but now it has entered into the most exciting phase 6 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  7. 7. Driven by proliferation of connected devices & sensors Monitoring and Control Multi-transport and Multi-function Devices, Sensors High Speed Wireless – 4G, 5G Delivering Experience to Consumers Connectivity and Mobility Converged, Secured and Collaborative Operations Digitized Connected Services Enabled 7 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  8. 8. Number of people vs number of connected “things” By the end of this decade 212 billion “things” are going to be connected to the internet 2003 0.1 2010 1.8 2020 30 Consumer 60% Industrial 40% 2015 3.5 Connected Devices Per Person We are here, 99.9% of things are still unconnected 8 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  9. 9. 2020 View : Human Centric IOT - “4th Wave, 1.5T+Users/Things” Enabling Man-Machine Collaboration led by Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Open Innovative eco system Sensors Devices Machines System of Engagement System of Records Benefit To Humans Human Empowerment Machine Intelligence Connected Infrastructure 9 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  10. 10. IoT has many dimensions… and is a Journey… 10 Emerging Industrial IoTIoT Foundation Disconnected Connect & ControlConnect Product Smart Product Smart Connected Product Connect | Operate | Optimize Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Extend to Ecosystem Smart Factory – Asset Tracking | Predictive Analytics | Robotics |Artificial Intelligence Industrial operations are increasingly connected and monitored with connected devices. Exabytes of data is being generated by these devices, but only a fraction of it is being used in a meaningful way to derive insights and take real-time actions. What is next in industrial evolution? Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  11. 11. Future of Industrial IoT would be Led by AI & Machine Learning iRobot Romba Sentrian - Disease deterioration modeling platform Amazon Echo Artificial Intelligence is turbocharging industries that are generating massive volumes of data through their IoT investments. 11 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  12. 12. CASE EXAMPLE : COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR INDUSTRIAL IOT Incedo’s Experience : Future of Monitoring Led by Artificial Intelligence 12 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  13. 13. 13 Continuous Monitoring Safety Operational Visibility & KPIs Predictive Maintenance Performance & Optimization Asset Utilization Real-time Response Fast Data : Sub-second Long Term Analysis Big Data : Months-Years Biggest IIoT challenge: deliver business value? Customers: Early stages of IoT Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  14. 14. 14 Industrial safety solution 40+ TB per year 120GB /day of sensor data Industrial safety solution Big Data: 40+ TB per year Fast data: sub-second alerts Hybrid engine manufacturer Big Data: 720 TB data Fast Data: 20M Events/Sec Benefits: • Operational Safety & efficiency • Regulatory compliance. Benefits • New revenue & services • Predictive maintenance 14 IIoT business value is driven by both big & fast data Safety Performance & Optimization Managing sensor data is key to the value driven by Industrial IOT. Data from 50 billion sensors will generate 35 ZB annual data. 60% of this data is going to be generated by Industrial IOT. Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  15. 15. 100’s sensors Edge gateway 15 1000’s sensors Edge gateway High Cost Massive Data Low Bandwidth Cloud Analytics Fast Data Big Data Ingestion Rate 100,000+ data points/second 1000’s of locations IIoT pain with big and fast data Programming updates Continuous learning Amount of data generated by industrial location is very large and coupled with low BW connectivity presents unique challenges. 20 billion terabytes of industrial sensor data will be generated annually by 2020 * Intel/Cisco Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  16. 16. 2,000 Engines 5,512 Sensors each 2 Samples/sec Incedo’s Solution – Machine Learning & Data Compression 720 TB/Year $1.8M on 4G LTE Edge Analytics Not enough Compute Programming takes months Real time lossless data 40x Compression Deploy in days Solution builder tradeoffs - Drop data or face increased cost or forgo- real time analytics Machine Learning for Edge (Partner Solution) Sensor Health & Cleansing Data Accelerator (Data Compression) Anomaly Detection 16 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc Solution is 2 fold - 1st is crunch the data at edge so that your can enable latency sensitive applications that require real time or near real-time response and 2nd is to enable sending of more data to cloud so you customers can have a global view on analytics and leverage their existing big data investments .
  17. 17. CASE EXAMPLE : NLP FOR SMART OPERATIONS Incedo’s Experience : Future of Monitoring Led by Artificial Intelligence 17 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  18. 18. Text, Voice or Personae – Incedo’s Guided Autonomous Intelligence Overview of Incedo’s BOT Solution Framework Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc 18 BOT – Solution which can respond “intelligently” to input (voice and/or text) Intelligence = Input parsing + Context + Knowledge database+ Interactive Output • Voice/Video to text • Language parsing o N-gram analysis o Entity Identification • Building Knowledge Database o Supervised Training o Unsupervised Training (Machine Learning) • Context Management o Domain Specific knowledge • User Experience o Responsive o Rich o Interactive Input to entities Entities to format Context Dictionary NLP Engine Text Web Voice SMS App RSS Management Interface Domain Unsupervised data Typical Voice/Chat BoT Application User Inputs • Supervised Configuration • Analysis Incedo has experience in all elements of BoT solutions for Industrial, Healthcare and Communication Engineering
  19. 19. Personal Chat Assistance for Smart Operations 19 Case Example : Leading US-Bank required a Robotic Personal Chat Assistant that can be integrated with different internal applications within Banks Framework. The Interactive chat BOT eased the use of reporting platform by addressing common queries and requests of internal employees using existing reporting frameworks in the backend. Developed solution over Python NLTK with Web, IoS and Mail based interfaces Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc Front End Core Engine Report Generator Simulator Look Up Data Trained Model NLTK Model 1 3 4 5 2 Sentence tokenization, pos tagging Report Dictionary 6 Classifi cation Rest API Raw Text User Input Eg: Filter & Output type
  20. 20. Augmented workforce for efficient engineering operations ASR Engine Service BOTs in Smart Operations which can answer simple speech based questions for routine operations, identify items, search inventories, act as a guide and even summon experts for a video chat Please confirm the order “Pick up at Bay1, Inventory Lot 5…and Drop point: Bay 2, Loading No.7…. Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc 20 An example of speech based routine operations for shipment of materials
  21. 21. CASE EXAMPLE : DIAGNOSTICS AS A SERVICE Incedo’s Experience : Future of Monitoring Led by Artificial Intelligence 21 Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc
  22. 22. “Smart Car” IoT Service – PoC Overview • Telemetry Data Agent (TDA) uploads car data to the IoT backend service • IoT Backend service (AWS IoT) detects abnormal car health conditions (Accidents, Low Battery, Engine & coolant temp, Fuel ) • IoT Backend service notifies Car users and 3rd party service providers about abnormal conditions • Portal (UI) provides Traffic view, Hazard declaring view, Car service Vehicle analytics view and Hospital Accident/Emergency service views • Mobile App is used for Registration purpose, View his/her Car health stats, get notified on bad health conditions, get notified if family/friend vehicle has met with accident and details/status of hospital attending. Raise alarm by the owner if need emergency hospital or service need attention Telemetry Data Agent (TDA) Car Data 3rd Party Service provider RESTful Applications Notifications Mobile App IoT Backend Service (AWS IoT) Diagnostics As a Service for Aftermarket Cars Maintenance Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc 22
  23. 23. Incedo Automated Testing Framework (ATF) for Industrial IoT Overview Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc 23 Incedo Automated Testing Framework (ATF) SUT Adaptation Engine: Tools/solutions to adapt ATF to SUT solution space Framework Core (Configuration, Execution, Log Analysis , Reporting Engine; Core Libraries) Test Scripting Engine (Scripts, Data, Suite) Reporting Engine Database Highlights - Automated testing framework (Single Click) - Single Node as well as End-2-End Solution Testing capabilities - Flexibility in adapting to solution domain - Wide range of reporting, charting and trend capabilities - Ease of integrating of opensource/ commercial test solutions into ATF - XML based scripting - Low/No ramp-up time required for scripting Network under Test Test Tool A Test Tool B Test Tool C SUT SUT SUT SUT Case where SUT is a multi-node solution; Test Tools can be tools for injection and/or probe
  24. 24. Thank You. 24 Note The content and data shared in the proposal is Incedo proprietary and is intended for the party with whom the presentation is shared. It cannot be shared, copied or redistributed without Incedo’s formal consent. Confidential and Proprietary - Incedo Inc