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Inserts by State Enterprises Delhi

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Started to create milestones, we State Enterprises marked our presence in the year 2005 and operates in the manufacturing/servicing of Hydro Pneumatic Nut Tool, Pneumatic Nut Tool, Rubber Inserts, Sealed Type Blind Rivets, Steel Inserts since 12 years. Our quality services/products have always won us many appreciations from our clients. Our spontaneous performance and confident approach in offering the excellent range of Hydro Pneumatic Nut Tool, Pneumatic Nut Tool, Rubber Inserts, Sealed Type Blind Rivets, Steel Inserts, Inserts that has made us to deepen our roots in the market. We State Enterprises breathe with the aim to satisfy our clients with our smart products/services. We are a unit of highly experienced professionals who all contribute best of their potentials to offer high efficiency.

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Inserts by State Enterprises Delhi

  1. 1. STATE ENTERPRISES Weld Less Fastening System “Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Fasteners”
  2. 2. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES About Us  Established in the year 2005  High quality products  In house R&D unit  Clients across globe  Well-equipped manufacturing unit
  3. 3. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Why Us?  Timely delivery  Competitive pricing  Prompt after sales service  Wide distribution network  Team of experienced professionals
  4. 4. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Products  Blind Rivets  Inserts  Blind Rivet Tools  Self Clinching Fasteners  Self Drilling Screws
  5. 5. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Blind Rivets  Aluminium Blind Rivets  Steel / Peel Type Blind Rivets  Stainless Steel Blind Rivets  Multigrip Blind Rivets  Sealed Type Blind Rivets  Structural Blind Rivets  Grooved Type Blind Rivets
  6. 6. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Inserts  Steel Inserts  Hexagonal Inserts  Closed End Inserts  Rubber Inserts  Nylon Inserts
  7. 7. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Blind Rivet Tools  Plier Type Hand Riveter  Lever Type Hand Riveter  Lazy Tong Type Hand Riveter  Heavy Duty Hand Tool  Pneumatic Air Riveter  Hydro Pneumatic Riveter  Hydro Pneumatic Air Riveter
  8. 8. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Self Clinching Fasteners  Self Clinching Nuts  Self Clinching Studs  Self Clinching Standoffs
  9. 9. New Delhi, IndiaSTATE ENTERPRISES Self Drilling Screws
  10. 10. STATE ENTERPRISES Contact Us State Enterprises Mr. SaurabhSood No. 43, Street No. 1 Samaipur Industrial Area Delhi - 110 042, India View Full Contact