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Magazine publishers

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Magazine publishers

  1. 1. MAGAZINE PLUBLISHERS India-Rain Harrison
  2. 2. BAUER Q KERRANG! Mojo
  3. 3.  Q is one of the many publications from BAUER media group  It is one of the UKs top music magazines  In all the years Q has been published, it has gone “unrivalled” because of the access the have within the music industry  It is a monthly magazine price ranging from £3.40 - £3.90  Q printed a special ‘The 1975’ edition of their magazine, costing £9.99 including a 7 inch vinyl. It was a limited edition, having only 5000 copies available to The 1975’s fans
  4. 4.  KERRANG! is the worlds biggest selling weekly rock magazine  It is mainly rock music based  KERRANG! is currently being published by Hamburg which is based in BAUER media group  KERRANG! have their own radio station, attracting 920,000 listeners per week  rake in 8 million page viewers per month  On average, KERRANG! have 745,000 likes on Facebook, 583,000 Twitter followers and 78,000 Instagram followers
  5. 5.  MOJO is the worlds largest UK music magazine  MOJO is the magazine the music OBSSESED people read  Each month, MOJO brings out the magazine with a different act on the front cover plus a bespoke CD  MOJO covers music from all the different genres such as, classic and modern rock, folk, soul, country to reggae, electronic and experimental  MOJO prefer to publish quality music rather than popular music e.g. music that will stand the test of time
  7. 7.  CLASSIC Rock is seen as a communist magazine mainly focusing on false rock  They focus on key bands from the 1960s through to the early 1990s  They published their 150th issue in September 2010 and now have a higher circulation than NME  CLASSIC Rock’s now publishers, Team Rock, bought the magazine from previous publishers, Future, back in 2013  CLASSIC Rock started as an on-off project and are now one of the UKs best selling music magazines
  8. 8.  METAL HAMMER is a monthly heavy metal music magazine  It is not only published in the UK but also in several countries around the world by different publishers  The other countries in which METAL HAMMER is published are Israel, Japan, Serbia, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary and France  Not only do METAL HAMMER discuss mainstream heavy metal bands, they also write about unusual acts from the whole heavy metal spectrum
  9. 9.  PROG mainly focuses on bands from the past as well as the present  The magazine was first published in March 2009  PROG was only published 9 times a year up until 2012 when they bumped it up to 10  In 2010 PROG was selling 22,000 copies per month which is half the quantity of NME  In 2014, PROG wrote a full page of 100 greatest PROG albums for their readers
  10. 10. NME UNCUT Time Inc.
  11. 11.  NME is the first magazine to publish any news on music around the world and it is the worlds most iconic music magazine  NME is at the forefront of music culture  The NME awards and tour are seen as the most important music events in the UK  It was crowned Music Media Brand of the year in 2013  NME live events have up to 215,000 attendees every year  NME delivers everything that matters in music
  12. 12.  UNCUT readers spend around £792 pounds per year on CDs  Readers spend over twice the amount on music a year than the average adult  Rock, classic indie and Americana are the 3 main music genres UNCUT readers favor  UNCUT is known as the home of the great, timeless rock music  Sonic Editions & Uncut have come together to make a series of high quality and iconic rock photos that are affordable and available to UNCUT magazine readers
  13. 13. Development Hell MIXMAG The Word
  14. 14.  MIXMAG is one of the UKs biggest electronic dance and clubbing music magazine  It costs £5.50 an issue  MIXMAG used to be owned by development hell until 2015 when it was re-named MIXMAG Media Limited  It was founded in 1982 and promotes club nights, dance event and reviews music and club nights  When it covered house music one of the editors turned it from a newsletter for DJs to a physical magazine  The magazine circulation hit 70,000 in the 90’s, however sales then dipped in 2003
  15. 15.  The word was a magazine first published in February 2003  It was originally the first magazine published by Development Hell  The magazine was announced to be closing down in June 2012 by one of its editors via Twitter  The front of the magazine mainly consisted of featured images, interviews and other features  The back consisted of reviews on CDs, DVDs and films and books  Some of the biggest artists interviews were featured within this magazine, i.e. Prince was once featured in one of the magazines publications