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Hassnar Health & Personal Care, Jaipur, Health & Personal Care Products

Suppliers of Male Libido Capsule - Kamtone, Vaginal Care Cream - Vegcare, Breast Enhancement Cream & Capsule - Brestone, Menstrual Relief Capsule - Mensocare, Hair Vitaliser Oil & Capsule - Scalpcare, Slimming Capsule - Slim Sure, Natural Sweetener - Dr. Sweet, Memory Booster Capsule - Brahmi Plus.

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Hassnar Health & Personal Care, Jaipur, Health & Personal Care Products

  1. 1. "A World of Positive Health & Natural Beauty".We are a GMPCertified Company engaged in manufacturing and marketing ofqualitative range of Ayurvedic Health & Personal Care Products.
  2. 2. - Profile -Hassnar Health & Personal Care are a GMP Certified companyengaged in manufacturing and marketing of health & personalcare products. Our health and personal care products and JointPain & Rheumatism Medicines, Vaginal Tightness Cream, BreastEnhancement Medicines, Menstrual Ayurvedic Medicines,Haircare Ayurvedic Products, Weight Loss Medicines, Brain Tonic& Memory Booster products are based on relentless efforts of HassnarResearch Group. Which was established with the sole objective ofexploring indigenous, natural and herbal ingredients, taking clue from theancient wisdom of our Ayurvedic masters. Ayurveda the "Science ofLife" promotes positive health, natural beauty and long life. Ayurveda isbased on universal principles and is a living, growing body of knowledge -- asuseful today as it was in centuries past. Ayurveda emphasizes use of dailyhealth care practices, namely diet, exercise and rejuvenation therapy.Health Care Products, which are basically natural dietary supplements andrejuvenates to meet nutritional needs of people of different age group andsex. These Ayurvedic Super Foods not only ward off the ill effectsof deficiency, but also vitalise and boost our immune system,helping the body to prevent illness before it manifests asdisease.
  3. 3. Our Products: Sex Enhancement Vaginal Tightening Capsules Cream VEGCARE 30 Day Breast Enlargement Money Back Cream Guarantee
  4. 4. Our Products: BRESTONE 60 Day Menstrual Relief Money Back Capsules Guarantee Ayurvedic Hair Oil Slimming Capsule
  5. 5. Our Products: Natural Sweetener Memory Booster Capsule Skin Clearing Cream Joint Pain Relief Capsules
  6. 6. Note:
  7. 7. - Company Factsheet -Year of 1999EstablishmentNature of Business Manufacturer TraderTotal Number of 11 to 25 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Indian SubcontinentPrimary Good Financial Position & TQMCompetitive Large Production CapacityAdvantage Provide Customized Solutions
  8. 8. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Hassnar Health & Personal CareMr. Sachin BhatnagarNo. 502, The Tulip Enclave, Central Spine, Vidhyadhar NagarJaipur - 302 023, Rajasthan, IndiaWebsite: