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Solar Products By Success Impex Private Limited

( Our product range includes Solar Products, Solar Fans, Solar Multiutility Lights and Lanterns, Pens and Stationery.

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Solar Products By Success Impex Private Limited

  1. 1. Company Brochure, 2021 Solar Universe India c/o Success Impex Pvt Ltd A- 50/2, Second Floor, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi- 110064 011-43575101, 9810288787
  2. 2. A B O U T U S "We don't compete with prices, we compete with quality." SUI is one of the world's most innovative solar engineering companies that designs, prototypes, manufactures and distributes all products energized by Solar energy. We work with and supply to 1000's of the best known resellers, distributors, manufacturers and OEM customers and our products can be found across the globe - from deserts in Africa to the forests in South America, the Himalayas In South Asia and back to India. At SUI we are all for ideas & innovations. Started in 2003 with a simple range of solar garden lights, we now retail over a 100 products in the solar domain and have executed solar power plant installations in over 25 Indian states. A common saying at Solar Universe India is, "We do not compete with prices, we compete with quality". Whenever you buy from us no matter how big or small, qualities are never comprised with. Solar Universe India is 1 of 8 Indian companies with an SP1B rating; the highest rating for solar installations standard and the second highest for financing. Headed by a young director, SUI was voted as the best solar solutions company in Delhi NCR in 2015. We are the only solar company in India catering to all rungs of the pyramid, as we are involved with every solar product- regardless of its size or scale. OUR MOST POPULAR PRODUCT MIX On, Off & Hybrid Solar Plants Rooftop Solar Power Plants PV Modules & Panels Micro Grids Solar Inverters Street Lights Solar Pump Solar Fencing Solar Lanterns Water Heaters
  3. 3. O F F I C E S S U I e x p o r t s t o m o r e t h a n 2 5 p a r t n e r s a c r o s s A f r i c a , A s i a , M E N A r e g i o n, E ur op e , O c e a n ic c o u ntr ie s an d t he A m e r i c as . W e ar e O E M p a r t ne r s t o v a r i ou s S o la r a n d N o n - S o l ar or g a n i z a t i on s i n t h e i n d us t r y . W e h a v e 7 5 c h a n n e l p a r t n e r s i n 2 5 I n d i a n s t a t e s . S U I a c t s a s a n a d v i s e r t o v a r i o us i ns t i t u t i o n s f or R u r a l E l e c tr i f i c a t i o n i n A s i a a n d A f r i c a. H E A D O F F I C E N e w D e l h i , I n d i a I N T E R N A T I O N A L O F F I C E S G e r m a n y , I r e l a n d , C h i n a , K e n y a , E t h i o p i a , T a n z a n i a , B e n i n R E G I O N A L O F F I C E S H a r y a n a ( S o n i p a t , K a r n a l , B h i w a n i ) ; P u n j a b ( C h a n d i g a r h , L u d h i a n a , A m r i t s a r , M u k t s a r ) ; J & K ( U d h a m p u r , J a m m u , S r i n a g a r ) ; H i m a c h a l P r a d e s h ( S h i m l a ) ; U t t a r a k h a n d ( D e h r a d u n , H a l d w a n i , C h a m o l i ) ; R a j a s t h a n ( J o d h p u r , J a i p u r ) ; U t t a r P r a d e s h ( L u c k n o w , B a r a b a n k i , L a k h i m p u r , M e e r u t , V a r a n a s i ) ; B i h a r ; W e s t B e n g a l ; A s s a m ; M e g h a l a y a ; M a n i p u r ; A r u n a c h a l P r a d e s h ; S i k k i m ; M a h a r a s h t r a ( M u m b a i , J a l g a o n , B a r a m a t i ) ; C h a t t i s g a r h ; M a d h y a P r a d e s h ; O d i s h a ; J h a r k h a n d ; T a m i l N a d u ; K e r a l a .
  4. 4. DESIGN CREATE PROTOTYPES MANUFACTURE INNOVATE P R O D U C T S & S E R V I C E S P O W E R P L AN T S PV Modules & Panels Rooftop Power Plants Ground-mounted Power Plants On- Off Grid& Hybrid Power plants O T H E R P R O D U C T S Solar Inverters SUI- Lite PC(Solar Computers) Water Heaters Solar Lanterns Solar Home Lighting Systems Plug & Play Home Systems Pumping solutions Solar Fencing & Security Garden Lights Street Lights AGRI- T E C H
  5. 5. G A M E C H A N G E R S WHY CHOOSE SOLAR UNIVERSE INDIA 1 of 8 holders of MNRE Solar grading SP1B; which is the highest in solar performance and second Highest in Financial Strength. Certified by MNRE, ISO, TUV CE, NABARD, D&B and SMERA. Registered with IPGCL, JAKEDA, PEDA, CREST, MPUVN, UPCL, BREDA, JREDA and UPNEDA for upfront rooftop subsidy Empanelled with IOCL for Rooftop Subsidy TECHNOLOGICAL STRONGHOLD 1. We use 5bb poly, mono & perc cell based Solar Modules which are more efficient , durable and robust as compared to industry standards. 2. Auto & Seasonal Tilt Mounting Structure for up to 20% more power as compared to industry standards. Simply change the angle & tilt of the structure according to the season, and receive high energy output throughout the year. 3. Anti-Dust coated Solar Modules that reduce the need for solar panel cleaning and increase overall efficiency of the solar modules. 4. Real Time Data Monitoring via our smartphone application to check plant production, energy savings and inverter error (if any). MORE REASONS TO CHOOSE US: 1. We are one of the pioneers in the industry with operations dating back to 2003. 2. Directly or indirectly we have touched more than 10 lakh lives. 3. We hold 2015’s title for Best Solar Solutions company in Delhi NCR 4. We installed 1.7MW solar power on Delhi NCR’s residential rooftops alone. 5. Empanelled with all government agencies and authorities for net metering, upfront subsidy or generation based incentives 6. One of the only companies innovating in this space with super structures, auto tracking structures and auto washing mechanism for solar panels. 7. Partner offices in more than 75 cities for local sales & service support. 8. We work on 1kW to 1000Kw ROOFTOP projects regardless of size and type of client. 9. Free AMC services of 5 years 10. We offer Solar Plant Insurance 11. Solar Plant loan facilities available
  6. 6. ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. First company in India to have a retail showroom & information center for solar energy in 2005 2. Only company with the largest range of solar products & solutions under one roof, having created the brand "SOLAR UNIVERSE INDIA" 3. First & only company to have a formal distribution and channel network in place from2006 4. First to retail solar products & solutions online via Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal in 2012. 5. One of the first companies to become a net exporter of solar products and related solutions in 2013. 6. Awarded “Best Solar Products Company in Delhi-NCR2015 7. Successfully commissioned the 5000th kW of solar energy in 2016. 8. Our innovative product line includes solar powered CARS, MICRO-GRIDS, MOBILE CHARGING KIOSKS, CCTV & DISTRESS SYSTEMS MORE REASONS TO CHOOSE US: We Undertake KW & MW Scale Rooftop and Ground mounted solar projects with NET METERING on CAPEX & OPEX (RESCO) Model. We have completed several projects in Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, HP, Imphal, J&K, Jharkhand, Kerala, Maharashtra, MP, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and West Bengal. Solar Universe India is eligible to bid in all government tenders with experience in Defense, MES, Railways & Border Security. Our services include facilitating CSR projects for Fortune 500 companies, with lantern distribution, electrifying schools for underprivileged, streetlight installations, etc. End to end services from land procurement, government liasoning to grid connectivity and commercial handover. O , M and AMC after plant Commissioning. Services for Solar Roof Top and Large scale MW projects STANDARDS AMONG OUR PROJECTS: Quality workmanship Tier 1 components & materials Adherence to safety and standard procedures Timely Delivery
  7. 7. P R O J E C T P H O T O GR APH S Utility Scale on uneven, ground & rooftops Uttarakhand, 1 MW Sirsa, Haryana, 2MW
  8. 8. P R O J E C T P H OT O G R A PH S Industrial on super- elevated tin sheds up to 20 ft with walkways Conquerent Control System, 58kW Anti Dust Coated Solar Panels Stork Rubber, 50kW
  9. 9. P R O J E C T P H O T O GR APH S Commercial with net metering or export control Gannaur, 125kW RBI, Jaipur, 20kW
  10. 10. P R O J E C T P H O T O GR APH S Institutional Educational, Religious & Civic Bodies Islamia University, 500kW IGVT, 50kW
  11. 11. P R O J E C T P H OT O G R A PH S Residential with super- elevation, auto- tracking & wall- based & non- penetrative Noida, 22kW Sainik Farms, 10kW
  12. 12. P R O D U C T R A N G E Off Grid Ceiling Fan Study Lamp Folding Lantern Lantern Home Lighting System Inverter Garden Light Mobile Charging Kit
  13. 13. P R O D U C T R A N G E Plug & Play Water Pump Streetlights Streetlights Hawker Light Gate Light Torch Motion Sensor Light
  14. 14. LOAN FOR SOLAR ROOFTOP PROJECT- CAPEX MODEL Loans available for housing societies, commercial entities, and industrial entities looking to set up solar plants at their facilities. For availing this loan, the entity must have at least 3 years of operating history. Neither the firm not it's directors must have defaulted on past loans. The other salient features related to the loan are mentioned in the table below: Other requirements F I N A N C I N G P R O J E C T S F O R Y O U
  15. 15. LOAN FOR SOLAR ROOFTOP PROJECT- RESCO MODEL Under the RESCO model, SUI can put up a solar plant for any willing party with a requirement of over 100kW. SUI will undertake all the costs involved, signing a PPA agreement with the client, charging a fixed amount for electricity over the next 10-15 years. The client can buy back the plant at any point in the 25 years. This would essentially make SUI your electricity provider while leasing your roof. Other requirements F I N A N C I N G P R O J E C T S F O R Y O U
  16. 16. A LL RIGHTS RESERVED TO SUCCESS IMPEX PVT LTD SOLAR UNIVERSE INDIA IS A BRAND OF SUCCESS IMPEX PVT. LTD. PAN: AABCS0867M GST: 07AABCS0867M1Z1 ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED MNRE Off & ON Grid System Integrator / Channel Partner | NSIC - D&B Rated Sp1B | CE Certified R E A C H US : A 5 0 / 2 , S E C O N D F L O O R , M A Y A P U R I I N D U S T R I A L A R E A , P H A S E 1 , N E W D E L H I - 1 1 0 0 6 4 W R I T E T O U S : I N F O @ S O L A R U N I V E R S E I N D I A . C O M C A L L U S : 0 1 1 - 4 3 5 7 5 1 0 1 , 9 8 1 0 2 8 8 7 8 7 S T A L K U S : W W W . S O L A R U N I V E R S E I N D I A . C O M F O L L O W U S : S O L A R U N I V E R S E I N D I A S O L A R U I N D I A S O L A R U N I V E R S E I N D I A P R O D U C T S