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4 Keys to Removing Friction in Your Industrial Organization

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In this webinar, experienced professionals from the water/waste water and plastics industries will discuss how they've been able to remove friction from their processes. Learn about a software platform built on modern technologies, unlimited licensing, a business approach that empowers users, and an ethical commitment to its user community. These combined elements remove operational friction by:

• Exponentially decreasing the time it takes to get the data you need
• Giving engineers freedom to develop systems without licensing obstacles such as limited tags or clients
• Enabling new users to quickly learn the software and begin developing applications
• Facilitating solutions that OT and IT can agree on
• And more!

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4 Keys to Removing Friction in Your Industrial Organization

  1. 1. Moderator Don Pearson Chief Strategy Officer Inductive Automation
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to Ignition • 4 Keys to Removing Friction • 6 Ways Ignition Removes Friction (Discussion) • Q&A
  3. 3. About Inductive Automation • Founded in 2003 • HMI, SCADA, IIoT software used in 100+ countries • Supported by 1,400+ integrators • 60% average annual growth rate since 2010 Learn more at:
  4. 4. Used by Major Companies Worldwide
  5. 5. Recognized as an Industry Leader
  6. 6. Recognized as an Industry Leader See the full survey at
  7. 7. Ignition: Industrial Application Platform One Universal Platform for SCADA, MES & IIoT • Unlimited licensing model • Cross-platform compatibility • Based on IT-standard technologies • Scalable server-client architecture • Web-managed • Web-launched on desktop or mobile • Modular configurability • Rapid development and deployment
  8. 8. Panelists Henry Palechek Information & Process Control Supervisor for Water District in California Chris VanRemoortel Engineering Manager, Bixby International
  9. 9. Friction in Business • Slows processes down • Impedes collaboration • Holds companies back • Reduce friction to increase results.
  10. 10. Friction in Industrial Businesses • Losses of time and money • Difficult to connect to other systems and get data • Restrictive licensing • Learning curve/training • Disconnect between OT and IT • Short-term focus/upgrade cycle
  11. 11. Mission Statement Our mission is to create industrial software that empowers our customers to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles.
  12. 12. The Four Pillars
  13. 13. New Technology
  14. 14. New Licensing
  15. 15. New Business Model
  16. 16. New Ethical Model
  17. 17. Ignition Removes Friction By: • Majorly reducing time/man-hours • Making data easy to get to • Making licensing unlimited • Being easy to learn and teach • Bridging the gap between OT and IT • Helping you future-proof your system
  18. 18. Reduce Friction by Saving Time • Download and install in minutes instead of hours or days • Add functionality or change configuration without shutting down • Launch and make changes to clients instantly • “Swiftly turn great ideas into reality”
  19. 19. Ignition Saves Time at Oil & Gas Co.
  20. 20. Conventional Architecture
  21. 21. IIoT – The New Architecture
  22. 22. Ignition Saves Time at Oil & Gas Co.
  23. 23. Panel Discussion What are some ways Ignition has helped your organizations save time? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  24. 24. Reduce Friction: Get Data Easily
  25. 25. Panel Discussion How has Ignition made it easier to connect to other systems and get valuable data? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  26. 26. Getting Data Easily – Report Screen
  27. 27. Getting Data Easily – Report Costs
  28. 28. Remove Friction of Licensing Limits • The unlimited licensing model is potentially $1 million worth of software value for about $10,000. • Allows engineers to focus on developing the best system without worrying about licensing details like number of tags, clients, etc.
  29. 29. Panel Discussion How has unlimited licensing reduced friction in your organizations? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  30. 30. Ease of Learning Removes Friction • The software learning curve is frequently a source of friction. • Facilitating knowledge-transfer is part of our business model. • Real-life example: Summer intern at food packing company watched Inductive University training videos, developed new refrigeration control system in 6-7 weeks with no prior knowledge of Ignition or SCADA.
  31. 31. Panel Discussion How has Inductive Automation helped facilitate knowledge transfer? Were you able to learn Ignition and put it to use quickly? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  32. 32. Reduce OT-IT Friction
  33. 33. Reduce OT-IT Friction
  34. 34. OT-IT Example: Grocery Distribution Center
  35. 35. Panel Discussion How has Ignition helped reduce friction between OT and IT? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  36. 36. Remove Friction by Future-Proofing
  37. 37. Panel Discussion How has Ignition helped you future-proof your system or take a long-term view? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  38. 38. Panel Discussion What are your future plans for Ignition? Do you see other areas where it could reduce friction? Henry Palechek Chris VanRemoortel
  39. 39. Questions & Comments Jim Meisler x227 Vannessa Garcia x231 Ramin Rofagha x251 Vivian Mudge x253 Account Executives Myron Hoertling x224 Shane Miller x218 Melanie Moniz x247 Maria Chinappi x264 Dan Domerofski x273 Lester Ares x214 800-266-7798 x247 Melanie Moniz Director of Sales: