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Water for All Belgium: "Every sponsor helps 100 people"

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This presentation was created when we were celebrating 10 years existence of the Water for All initiative in Belgium.
Water for All is the charity that aims to provide longterm access to clean drinking water , and is run by Atlas Copco employees.

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Water for All Belgium: "Every sponsor helps 100 people"

  1. 1. Water for All Belgium Each sponsor gives clean water to 100 people
  2. 2. Water for All • Water for All is a non-profit organization run by Atlas Copco employees around the world. • Our mission is to provide people in need with long-term access to clean drinking water. • Water for All was founded in Sweden in 1984 by two Atlas Copco employees. • Now, 30 years later, what once was a one-time project has grown into a global initiative with projects implemented all over the world. The common denominator is that they are all funded by voluntary employee donations and still driven on the local level by Atlas Copco employees. As of 2011, Atlas Copco doubles the employee donations. • Water For All is funded by voluntary employee donations. Atlas Copco doubles the employee donations. i.e. the total amount is tripling the employee donation from 10€ to 30€.
  3. 3. Water for All Belgium • Who is it? – Water for All Belgium was founded in 2004. Its funds were managed by the Swedish Water for All team – Since March 2013, a local steerco is managing the Belgian funds. Projects are managed by local employees, and intensified local communication has increased transparency for the donors. – The local organisation is run on voluntary basis, so ALL funds go 100% into the projects we support. • What do we do? 330 sponsors help over 33.000 people – In 1 year , 330 employees give 33.000 people long-term access to clean drinking water • Want to join us? – Register for donation of min. 2€/month; Atlas Copco triples your contribution; you will help 100 people!
  4. 4. Water for All Belgium Our base is growing…. 315 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 2012 2013 2014 Number of sponsoring employees* Thanks to local commitment ! * Airpower only A local group of enthousiasts (steerco) is managing the Belgian funds. Projects are chosen and managed by local employees, which has increased transparency for the donors. A lot of effort is put into communication and presence. As a result the number of sponsors has tripled … and even better: we have seen more initiatives to raise money eg. an auction or sport event
  5. 5. 330 sponsors …. 33.000 people have water MALI, 18000 RWANDA, 7800 ETHIOPIA, 175 UGANDA, 1550 PHILIPPINES, 8000 TOTAL 33.000 people • funding of 3 NGO projects: – MALI, Protos: access to water for 18,000 inhabitants of the Sahel cercle – UGANDA, Humasol: repair waterpumps and investigate possibility of wind power driven pump for 1,550 people – ETHIOPIA, GHG: sanitary blocks for 175 people to protect clean water • 1 own initiative in RWANDA: – Water tower for school to benefit 7,800 people in the local community • 1 relief aid action in the PHILIPPINES: – Portable generator and lighting tower – Autonomous water filters Projects 2013-14
  6. 6. Humasol waterpump • Humasol offers engineering students the opportunity to design and implement renewable energy projects • project: water pumping mechanism powered by a wind mill • Due to low wind speeds measured onsite, the idea of wind mill was abandoned. The funds will be used for repairs of local bore holes.
  7. 7. PROTOS project in Mali • 16 communities in the Sahel: 30-45% of people have no access to clean drinking water • training of all citiezns to improve behaviour on sanitary hygiene (with local NGO support) • drilling of new bore holes • Setting up sustainable management of the drinking water by the local communities and authorities
  8. 8. School in Rwanda • Atlas Copco employee initiative after his holiday in Rwanda • Partners: SYPERWA, ANCEFA, local municipality in both funds and manpower resources • Burema school with 2000 students, close to Kigali • No water available , children under threat of crocodile attack when fetching water at river side • Installation to pump water from a natural source to the school will be realized in 2014-2016
  9. 9. Sanitary blocks in Ethiopia • Arada, community in Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba • Improvement of hygiene to avoid spreading of diseases and prevent pollution of potable water • Helping 35 families, about 175 people • Realisation in 2014 by “Stichting goede werken Glorieux”
  10. 10. Relief aid to Philippines • Disaster caused by Tyfoon Haiyan in December 2013 sparked our employees’ desire to help colleagues and their communities • Diesel generator and lighting tower (donated by Portable Energy Airpower) • Autonomous water filters : 15 straws and jerry cans were shipped, each allowing 500 people to safely consume water from contaminated sources
  11. 11. Each sponsor gives clean water to 100 people Join now! It is very easy; you sign a document to give a monthly contribution from your salary straight to Water for All. Contact Eva Somers or Inge Craninckx for more details. This year, 330 sponsors provided water to 33.000 people