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20 de Jul de 2022

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Leadership Workshop.pptx

  1. Leadership, Intercultural Communication & Mental Health
  2. What do great leaders do?
  3. The CEO @ EIA • Make sure things are working well in the team • Problem-solver • Create clarity • Be proactive when challenges appear • Supporter • Project manager
  4. How to make somebody do something: o Get to know them o Understand why they are in the team o Understand what they can contribute o Understand what they want to contribute o Explain what is needed or discuss what is needed o Decide together how to proceed o Give them room for doing it
  5. Coercive Leadership • “Do what I tell you!” Authoritative Leadership • “Come with me!” Affiliative Leadership • “People come first!” Democratic Leadership • “What do you think?” Pacesetting Leadership • “Do as I do, now!” Coaching Leadership • “Try this!” Use in a crisis, to kick-start or deal with problematic individuals Use when clear direction is needed Use to get the team together or motivate during stressful times Use to build buy-in or consensus or to get valuable input from the team Use for quick results but only if the team is highly motivated Use for long-term success
  6. Intercultural Communication
  7. Honesty & Proactivity
  8. USA Spain
  9. Discuss Are you more likely to trust somebody because you have a good relationship with them or because they’ve delivered good results in the past?
  10. Discuss Do you give negative/critical feedback directly? Give an example.
  11. Agreements vs Expectations
  13. Mental Health
  14. The Power of Breath
  15. • Activates • Fast and shallow breathing Parasympathetic ~ • Calms down • Slow and deep breathing Sympathetic Nervous System
  16. Close mental chapters Have clear priorities Go step by step, one thing at a time

Notas del editor

  1. Make sure things are working well = ecosystem facilitator, next slide Be proactive when challenges appear (probably for everybody) Problem-solver. The CEO is responsible for the team working. If a hurdle comes up that cannot be solved individually, it’s the CEOs responsibility to get it out of the way Supporter = create a physical, social, emotional environment that supports the mission Create clarity = realign with the mission, understand priorities, have an overview
  2. Understand the team!
  3. Coercive’: demands immediate compliance. -> in a crisis, to kick-start or deal with problematic individuals Authoritative: mobilizes toward a vision. -> when a clear direction is needed Affiliative: creates harmony and builds emotional bonds. -> get team together, motivate during stressful times Democratic: forges consensus through participation. -> build buy-in or consensus, get valuable input from the team Pacesetting: sets high standards for performance by role-modelling. -> quick results but requires high motivation Coaching: develops people for the future. -> long-term
  4. Get overview of nationalities/cultures
  5. Story: Dutch and Indian from Guide. EIA 2019 Dutch and Pakistani price of holiday home
  6. Regarding roles, motivations, objectives
  7. Hold back your own opinion for a moment. Don’t understand the problem? Cannot solve it. Einstein “If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”
  8. Pupils dilate, HR changes, metabolism, anxiety if too activated (cf U-curve)