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Watson genomics

Watson Genomics gives personalized insights for cancer care and treatment. It simplifies genomic data interpretation for personalized cancer treatment.

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Watson genomics

  1. 1. Watson Genomics
  2. 2. Watson Genomics • Personalized treatments target cancer cells containing specific genetic mutations. • Deciding which target therapies are appropriate is difficult • Requires analysis of massive amounts of data which is time-consuming
  3. 3. Watson Genomics • Cancer treatment with genomic sequencing • Put to use AI capabilities and genomic tumor sequencing to determine the best-suited treatment • Individualized cancer care • To study many drug-resistant tumors
  4. 4. How it works • Doctors to send patient's tissue sample for genetic sequencing • Genomic information would then be fed to Watson • It shifts through latest cancer research and drug trials quickly to identify the exact treatments
  5. 5. How it works • Watson Genomics reads the genetic alteration files, professional guidelines, medical literature, clinical trials and other sources of knowledge • A report containing annotations for each genome alteration is generated • Interpreting results which typically took longer than a week is reduced to minutes by Watson
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