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Video Role Play Software

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Press record & in 3-months your salespeople
will communicate value like your top performers

Imagine if each member of your sales team could be equally as effective at sharing the stories told by the top 10% of your salespeople to help customers get past the five most common value gaps.

But if you don’t teach your salespeople how to tell stories that shines the light of insight on unrecognized, then won’t you continue to be forced to pay for plane tickets that send your salespeople on sales cycles that lead down the road of commoditization and discounting?

How hard could it be to teach your salespeople to share five insight based stories? You’re not asking your sales team to do anything different except share at a minimum one 90-120 second story in a meeting. That’s less than 3% of a 60-minute meeting.

If you can’t teach the most basic way to communicate value, then how are you going to scale your sales team?

But once you collect the top five stories, you wonder how are you going to ensure that each member of the sales team adapts the story to their local market and internalizes it?

If you send the stories out to the sales team, won’t most just look at the story once, and then not be able to use it in the heat of a sales call?

You could require the salespeople to deliver the story to their sales manager, but will your sales manager provide the coaching? If a sales manager is managing 10-salespeople, these coaching calls could take 5-hours with telephone tag, interruptions and chit chat. With the pressure to achieve quota, will your sales managers invest 25-hours to coach their team to deliver these five stories?

It’s my experience that most salespeople will not learn the stories and most sales managers will not do the coaching. In the end, like all well intentioned training initiatives, only the top 10% of your sales team will take the trouble to learn the top 5-stories.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is now software that will track that salespeople practice delivering their story, and it will also track that sales managers coach how effective their salespeople are at delivering their story.

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Video Role Play Software

  1. 1. I’m excited about how Video Role Play software can make sure that salespeople practice delivering their stories and that sales managers coach
  2. 2. Instruction Video Of What Will Be Expected Of The Salesperson In This Exercise.
  3. 3. Practice Session For First Time Using The System
  4. 4. Instruction Video Of The Specific Exercise With Instructions Below
  5. 5. Attached Insight Storytelling Template Is Attached
  6. 6. Company’s Best Practices Story.
  7. 7. Salesperson Records Themselves Delivering Their Version Of The Story.
  8. 8. After Recording Themselves (Six Times?) They Click Submit
  9. 9. Managers Dashboard
  10. 10. Overall Dashboard
  11. 11. The Effectiveness Of This Exercise Rests On The Quality Of The Five Stories Told. Select Insight Demand To Collect These Stories, Because We Guarantee To Double The Quality. click here for testimonials mharris