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Online Security Spotlight: The minFraud Service

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Online Security Spotlight: The minFraud Service
Posted by Instabill

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Online Security Spotlight: The minFraud Service

  1. 1. Online Security Spotlight: The minFraud Service Posted by Instabill
  2. 2. ● A product of MaxMind, a leader in online security and intelligence, minFraud currently protects more than 6,000 e-commerce merchants from Internet fraud.● In the growing online marketplace, identifying fraudulent transactions has become more and more challenging.● However, merchants can rely on the minFraud service to monitor all transactions and place a hold on risky orders.
  3. 3. ● MaxMinds innovative product development team designed the minFraud service to include a number of state-of-the-art features that are constantly being updated.● During each transaction verification, the service checks for high-risk Internet protocol (IP) addresses, ensures that the bank identification number matches the country of origin, and assigns a risk score.● Furthermore, the minFraud service utilizes MaxMinds GeoIP technology to investigate the address location.
  4. 4. About Instabill: As an online credit card processingfirm, Instabill places a high value on Internetsecurity. Instabill works solely with PCI-compliantmerchant accounts and encourages merchants toinvest in fraud prevention programs such asMaxMinds minFraud service. To learn more aboutminFraud, please visit Instabills Services tab