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Plastics Testing: Increasing Laboratory Efficiency & Throughput

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The following slides suggest ways labs could operate more efficiently when analyzing plastics, including set up times and test methods.

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Plastics Testing: Increasing Laboratory Efficiency & Throughput

  2. 2. TYPES OF SETUPS IDEALTYPICAL • Pneumatic grips with alignment aids • Integrated micrometer • AutoX750 extensometer • Manual wedge grips • Micrometer + calculator • Clip-on extensometer
  3. 3. THE CYCLE TIME FORMULA Fixed Times Variable with different setups DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENT SPECIMEN REMOVAL EXTENSOMETER ATTACHMENT TESTTIME EXTENSOMETER REMOVAL SPECIMEN INSERTION + CYCLE TIME Integrated vs. Manual Automatic vs. Manual Time to Install Correctly & Grip Closing Automatic vs. Manual Grip Opening =
  4. 4. THE DIFFERENCES DIMENSIONAL MEASUREMENT SPECIMEN INSERTION/ REMOVAL EXTENSOMETER ATTACHMENT/ REMOVAL • 6 measurements/specimen • ~42 keystrokes/specimen 10 TESTS = 420 KEY STROKES • Time spent aligning by eye • Grip closing time is longer INCREASED USER INTERACTION • Time spent aligning by eye • Time to pause test to remove • 6 measurements/specimen • ~7 keystrokes/specimen 10 TESTS = 70 KEY STROKES • Specimen inserted quickly and easily with alignment devices • Grips close quickly • Attaches aligned every test • Automatically removes without pausing MINIMIZED USER INTERACTION
  5. 5. THE EXPERIMENT Specimen Installation/ Removal Specimen Measurement Test Time With Extensometer Removal Minutes 1 2 3 4 IDEAL SETUP TYPICAL SETUP 5 s 40 s 5 s 50 s 30 s 90 s 30 s 45 s > 50% FASTER!TotalCycleTime: 95 seconds TotalCycleTime: 200 seconds
  6. 6. THROUGHPUT TESTS PER DAY TYPICAL SETUP IDEAL SETUP TIME SAVINGS 50 167 min 79 min 87 min 100 333 min 158 min 175 min 200 667 min 316 min 350 min 300 1000 min 475 min 525 min In 1 year, that’s 377 hours of time saved (That’s 15 full days of holiday!)
  7. 7. EFFICIENCY IN SOFTWARE MODIFICATIONS Multiple Users Some changes can be made quickly and easily to existing Bluehill® test methods to • Decrease individual test time • Minimize downtime between tests • Allow for extra time spent on more value-added tasks Multiple Materials Multiple Inputs CAN COST $£€
  8. 8. CHOICE INPUTS • Consistent entries • Fewer spelling mistakes and incorrect inputs • Easier to sort data post-test • Fewer corrections • Saves time
  9. 9. PROMPTED METHODS • Optimal for a multiple-operator environment • Consistent entries • Consistent test flow from operator to operator • Customizable for different tests • Prompt before sample, before specimen, after specimen, after sample, etc.
  10. 10. OTHERS… Preconfigured Test Methods Bluehill Application Modules come with a variety of pre-made test methods to quickly get you off the ground. E.g. Plastics Module:ASTM D638, ASTM D790, ISO 527-2, 3, ISO 178, ISO 604, and others One Click Testing An AutomaticAir Control Kit (footswitch with 2 pedals) communicates with the frame and software to allow you to automatically begin a test when the pneumatic grips close. Audio Prompts Play a wave file at different moments throughout the test to notify the operator that an action has taken place (e.g. remove extensometer, test ended).
  12. 12. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Please contact your local Instron® Sales Representative with any questions.