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CRM Anywhere: Improve Sales Mobility

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How would you like to increase sales team quota attainment?

Aberdeen Research recently examined 250 sales forces to understand how they apply best practices associated with sales mobility to their remote sellers and account managers. They found that companies embracing a fully mobilised sales organisation average an annual team sales quota attainment of 76%, compared with only 53% among non-adopters.

Organisations embracing sales mobility also report 30% higher customer retention and a 39% higher sales forecast accuracy rate. Which result would you, as a senior sales leader, prefer to accomplish?

The job of the salesperson isn’t getting any easier: a tighter economy and increased competition put pressure on you and your organisation to perform. Investments in customer relationship management (CRM) systems help to manage your pipeline, but you need to ensure your system is built to evolve with your sales team’s needs. Advances in CRM technology allow you to use your mobile tablet or smartphone to access and update your records while on the move.

If you’ve invested in an Apple iPad or Android tablet, or embraced the capabilities of Windows 8 tablets, you can now use these devices to give you a competitive advantage. No longer are you hamstrung by tools which won’t work with your corporate systems.

Don’t you think it’s time you found out more about how sales mobility can help your organisation?

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