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case study                                                                 non-profit support servicesMicrosoft NAV helpsS...
THE GAINneeded to drill down on certain            With a precise picture of their         The Business Caseareas of the b...
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Intergen and Microsoft NAV helps Senses Foundation

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Microsoft NAV helps Senses Foundation make wise resourcing decisions for people who are dealblind.

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Intergen and Microsoft NAV helps Senses Foundation

  1. 1. case study non-profit support servicesMicrosoft NAV helpsSenses Foundation Senses Foundation Making wise resourcing decisions for people who are deafblind with Microsoft NAV The situation and connect the dots freely without any We can easily track and Senses Foundation is a not-for-profit technological hitches. The system had report on how dollars organisation providing disability support to manage all financial activities have been spent - it’s services throughout Western Australia (general ledger, chart of accounts, all accountable. This is with unique services for people who are importing journals, running reports, deafblind. One of Senses Foundation’s analysing data) in an effective and vital information for the efficient manner.” strategic goals is to grow and develop management team and resources to best meet the disabilitystakeholders that support service needs of their clients. To help The pain our organisation. We‘ve reach this goal, Senses Foundation Senses Foundation’s old financial needed to update their finance system system was outdated. It did not have also saved three to four so they could clearly see where their the financial capability they needed todays in our end-of-month resources were being used. Darren make the best resourcing and financial financial processes. Munday, General Manager Finance and decisions. As Darren elaborates: Risk at Senses Foundation explains: Darren MundAy “Our system needed to capture a greater General Manager Finance & Risk “Shedding more light on our financial level of detail across a range of Senses Foundation activities is key, especially so our attributes so that we could slice and management team and stakeholders dice that information for better decision can make the best business decisions for making. Things that made our job our clients. We needed a system that frustrating were: there was no flexibility could automatically drill down on data when it came to reporting and we
  2. 2. THE GAINneeded to drill down on certain With a precise picture of their The Business Caseareas of the business; our financial financial activity, Senses Foundation The Senses Foundation needed ansystem would corrupt when can now make the best resourcing ERP solution that would allow themuploading journals and would decisions for their organisation. As to grow and develop resources torequire a re-boot; and analysing Darren Munday, concludes: meet the disability service needs offigures was laborious and required “We can now focus on the task at clients and manage resources andmany workarounds.” hand – providing our clients with the financial activities effectively and right resources and making sure efficiently.THE SOLUTION we’re using our resources wisely. WeSenses Foundation had an external can easily track and report on how The Business ValueIT review to see what ERP dollars have been spent and it’s all accountable. This is vital »» Capture and digest all financial(Enterprise resource planning) information for the management data effectively and efficientlysolution would be the best fit.Microsoft NAV was recommended team and stakeholders supporting »» Flexible reporting- it could show them where their our organisation. We’ve also saved »» Fast implementation (8 weeks)resources were going and deal with about three to four days in our »» Better insight into financials -their financial activity in an effective end-of-month financial processes. Drill down capability acrossand efficient manner. And with Implementation happened pretty different data setsSenses Foundation in growth mode, quickly and the Microsoft system is »» Easy to usethey needed a system that could familiar and easy to use”.handle business expansion. The Engine Room THE FUTUREMicrosoft NAV has a familiar, ➢Rapid Results: Microsoft NAVuser-friendly interface - also a Next up, Intergen and Sensespriority for Senses Foundation in Foundation are implementingtheir search for an ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, not onlyIntergen was selected to implement to effectively manage their clientan out of the box, Rapid Results database, but also so they can takesolution, which took less than eight their resourcing knowledge a stepweeks, and now all systems are go. further. As Darren explains: “Having clearer insight into our clients’ progress and activity is important to ensure we are providing them with the best service and allocating the right resources, with the lowest possible overhead.” With staff working across organisations of all sizes and types, our offerings include portals, content and collaboration solutions, Microsoft Dynamics financial and relationship management, custom software development, management consulting and hosting services.AUCKLAND CHRISTCHURCH DUNEDIN PERTH REDMOND SYDNEY WELLINGTON