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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Dynamic Controls)

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Dynamic Controls)

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer engagement (Dynamic Controls)

  1. 1. Keep pace with multitudes of new platforms and cloud services? Keep pace with new entrants to market? Keep pace with the expectat ions of our own staff? Keep pace with customer demands and market expectation s? Keep our data and IP safe whilst keeping pace? Customer engagement – Dynamic Controls
  2. 2. Our start … Our Purpose … “… enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities” “…. So what is life currently like for our end users and the people who support them?”
  3. 3. FMCG • deep insights, emotional drivers – evolved to empathy and immersion Manufacturing / Lean v • root cause or root needs – 5 Whys Iteration • PDCA, Agile • Blended Approaches
  4. 4. • Understanding the customer • Esteem needs model – Wheelchair users Affiliation Extroverted Individual Introverted Belonging Light, bright, fun, carefree, outgoing Bonders Stimulation Alive, dynamic, potent, inspired Sensation-ists Comfort Safe, secure, at ease, familiar, included Cocooners Autonomy Independent, self determining, respected Libertarians
  5. 5. • We get who the User is … who’s the Customer? Not just the person we sell to, and not just external, is the whole internal and external value chain, lined up. End User Clinician Provider Brand Owner OEM Dynamic Controls
  6. 6. When it’s all aligned, things really hum and make sense, but can seem like a monster task to get there Don’t have to eat the elephant, can break it down
  7. 7. • Eating the Elephant • PDCA, 5 Whys, Agile, Design Thinking • Described and developed • Values, how we work together • Designed, purposeful, strategic pillar • Why we come to work, focused on the customer problem we live to solvePURPOSE CULTURE BEHAVIOURS LEADERSHIP TOOLS
  8. 8. • Eating the Elephant • Why we come to work, focused on the customer problem we live to solve • Designed, purposeful, strategic pillar • Values, how we work together • Described and developed • PDCA, 5 Whys, Agile, Design ThinkingPURPOSE CULTURE BEHAVIOURS LEADERSHIP TOOLS
  9. 9. • External – LiNX Platform
  10. 10. • “What do we need to do to make you successful?” • Customer Speed Dating KPIs • HR • Sales and Marketing • Cross functional scrum teams • Internal
  11. 11. Customer Engagement … • Works best when its cultural and considers the whole value chain, internal and external – not a quick fix fad • Everything should be litmus tested against the Purpose, our customers • Talk about user stories and needs vs features • Be prepared to help your value chain users understand their user experiences vs features • Learnings