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Linings Failure Prevention vs. Analysis

  1. Linings 101 Choosing Failure Prevention Over Failure Analysis
  2. Agenda 1. Introduction, Setting the Stage & Purpose 2. Linings 101 • Components for a successful Tank Linings Project • Tank Lining Selection • Comparison of Generic Product Type Performance 3. Choosing your Linings Solution Provider 4. Questions
  3. International Paint M&PC Key Facts 28% 26% 46% EMEA Americas Asia Pacific 2012 • Revenue $2.07 billion • 5,500 employees in 60 countries • Strong brands • Balanced portfolio not dependent on any one sector Worldwide Market Positions • Marine 1 • Protective Coatings 1 • Yacht 1 U.S. H.Q.: Houston, Texas U.S. Manufacturing: Houston, Cleveland, Ohio and New Jersey. 5 Linings Brands: Ceilcote, Devoe, Enviroline, Internat ional, Polibrid
  4. Setting the Stage • The Linings is coming off in Sheets and has Shut Down Production at a cost of $1mm per day! • The Low Bid Contractor is Out of Business and can’t be found! • The contractor used his recommended “generic” equal epoxy lining! • Independent Q.C. was cancelled to save money! • Your Company wants Answers! • Independent Test Lab wants $125,000 to do a failure analysis and it will take 7-10 days.
  5. Purpose Share Information that will help you have a tank linings project that is: • Done Safely, Correctly and Environmental Compliant • On Schedule • Within Budget and No Extras Costs • Meets Expectations • Share Failure Prevention Engineering Steps; Eliminate Failure Analysis Nightmare
  6. Linings 101 – Begin with The End in Mind Components of a Successful Linings Project 6Marine & Protective Coatings 1. Why Use Linings 2. 5 Phases to a project 3. Your Team 4. Lining Selection Considerations 5. Generic Product Type Performance
  7. Why Use Linings? Corrosion protection • Crude oil tanks: bottom and 3 feet up the side • Corrosive chemicals (e.g. aqueous): Whole tank • Secondary Containment needs to meet EPA requirements • Concrete Chemical Attack Protection of Product Purity • Finished products: Line whole tank to prevent contamination with e.g. rust particles Materials Integrity • Some chemicals e.g. ethanol, may cause stress corrosion cracking of welds  line whole tank
  8. 5 Phases of a Successful Linings Project Begin with the End in Mind 1 2 34 5 1.Safety Review Phase 2.Design Out, Selecting Your Team, Specification Development, Quality Assurance and Budget Phase 3.Pre-Bid and Bid Evaluation Phase 4.Award , Project Action and Quality Control Phase 5.Anniversary Inspection Phase (Access cost should be included in bid)
  9. Your Project Team & Responsibilities Internal Owner / Specifier: The Hammer. Strong Owner = Good Job Linings Solution Provider: Your trusted partner. Contractor: Budget Developer and job executer. 3rd Party Q.C. Inspector: Your guardian that must be empowered.
  10. Lining Selection: Considerations • Cargo pH and Temperature • Upset conditions – frequency, duration temp and concentration spikes • Agitation of cargo • Abrasion Potential • Temperature during loading and storage • Purity • Cleaning or disinfection methods used on the lining (often overlooked) • Absorption or desorption qualities of lining materials • Loading and unloading methods of cargo • Health & Safety Issues (Federal/State/Local/Facility) • Accessibility • Service requirements (Environment/Temperature/Aesthetics/Corrosion Protection) • Cost (Job cost/life cycle cost) • Time duration (requirements for throughput of job) • Internal Expectations • Chemical composition of cargo stored. Dedicated Cargo Tank or Multi-Cargo Tank? • Cargo Operating Temperature • Substrate: Steel, Concrete or something else • Condition of the substrate: New or Old (Condition A, B, C, or D for Steel) There’s Much to Consider!
  11. Product Chemistry General Comparison of Chemical Resistance vs. Product Type Epoxy Phenolic Epoxy Novolac Epoxy Polycyclamine cured Novolac Epoxy Vinyl Ester Novolac Vinyl Ester Chemical Resistance Technology
  12. Product Chemistry to Meet Your Needs Water/ waste water Solvents Caustics Mineral acids Organic acids Vegetable oils/fatty acids Epoxy  ±  X X X Phenolic Epoxy  ±  ± X ± Novolac epoxy    ± ±  Polycyclamine cured Novolac     ±  Vinyl ester  ± ±    Novolac Vinyl Ester  ± ±     = generally suitable = sometimes suitable X = generally unsuitable
  13. 3. Why International Paint 13Marine & Protective Coatings
  14. Why International Paint Because We Have….. The Products 173 Experienced Technical People 255 Years Dedicated Linings Team 105 Years Dedicated Technical Sales Support 82 Years World Class Testing Labs All Leading to Linings Solutions By a coatings manufacturer with 17 production sites world wide. Presence in 60 countries.
  15. Why International Paint – Safety 15Marine & Protective Coatings Monthly Regional Safety Meetings 13 Annual and Multi Year Training Modules • Confined Space Entry • Personal Protective Equipment • Hearing Protection • Lock Out / Tag Out Behind the Wheel Driving Courses Monthly Near Miss Reports Behavior Based Safety
  16. Ceilcote Devchem Devchem Interline Envi Enviroline Ceilcote Devch Interline Devchem Ceilcote Ceilcote Devchem Interline Env Devmat Interline Enviroline Cei Enviroline Ceilcote Devchem Inte Interline Devchem Ceilcote Envir Ceilcote Enviroline Interline Envi Devchem Interline Enviroline Cei Enviroline Ceilcote Devchem Inter As Complete a Protective Umbrella as Exists in the Industry Anode Cathode Electrolyte Metallic Pathway
  17. Questions?

Notas del editor

  1. Internal Owner / Specifier: Provide accurate tank cargo and condition information in order to get the correct linings material recommendation. Develop a good specification, including design out details. Supports the spec and Q.C. at all times.Linings Solution Provider: Provides owner linings recommendation(s) based on provided information and life cycle, assists with specification development and provides support thru project.Contractor: Provide budget and timeline details. Identifies application or site conditions that impact on project prior to budget and bid phase. 3rd Party Q.C. Inspector: Owner Guardian Specification Compliance. Reviews and assists in spec. Q.C. steps. Makes certain the owner gets what he pays for. Confirms spec. Q.C. compliance. NACE Level 2 minimum.
  2. Name 4 to 5 points and then say There’s Much to Consider! Don’t leave anything to chance