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Five Keys to Being a Great Leader

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President and CEO of Intuit, Brad Smith, gives his advice on the five keys to being a great leader. Read on to learn more.

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Five Keys to Being a Great Leader

  1. 1. Five Keys to Being a Great Leader Great leadership shares five common characteristics… By Brad Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer, Intuit
  2. 2. Thinking Strategically Strategic thinking is a game of not checkers. If you’re able to anticipate what’s coming down road, you’ll thrive in today’s uncertain environment and better position your teams for success.
  3. 3. Results Oriented Leadership is not just about thinking, it’s also about doing. the end, it’s all about results. “Strategies alone don’t move mountains. Bulldozers do.”
  4. 4. Build Strong Teams The role of leaders is to provide the grand challenge, invest in people and an environment where their greatness can emerge.
  5. 5. Bring the Outdoors Indoors Adapt and Improve The best leaders thrive and get about becoming a better version of themselves, and your organization to share that same mindset.
  6. 6. Inspire Great leaders inspire both the heart and the mind, enabling people to do extraordinary things. They stretch their intellectually, while investing them emotionally.
  7. 7. Check out Brad Smith’s full LinkedIn post here: