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Introduction to multichannel communications with Scriptura Engage

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Sending ‘a communication’ or 'a document' is more than just sending an email or a letter or a text message. It covers the entire flow a message is facing until it has completed its mission. The entire flow, meaning: the source, the creation, the branding, the fixed content and the content variables, the bounces, the reaction to these bounces, the customer’s feedback, the gained information, etc.

Learn how Scriptura Engage will help you improve your multichannel communications strategy, while simplifying your environment and saving costs.

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Introduction to multichannel communications with Scriptura Engage

  1. 1. Reach. Connect. Engage. Scriptura Engage 8.0: Communicate with millions, engage individuals Scriptura Engage Create and deliver personalized multichannel communications.
  2. 2. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 2 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 Table of contents 1. Management Summary 3 2. The Four Phases of Communication 5 2.1 Introduction 5 2.2 Design 5 2.3 Compose 5 2.4 Deliver 6 2.5 Analyze 6 3. Communication Center 6 4. Point Solutions 7 4.1 Document Design & Generation 7 4.2 Interactive Document Assembly 8 4.3 Electronic Forms 8 4.4 Multichannel 9 4.5 Mobile 10 4.6 Doccle Connect (Belgium only) 10 5. Today’s most relevant CCM aspects 11 5.1 Versioning and Variants 11 5.2 Cloud-enabled features 12 5.3 Interactive, On-demand, Batch 12 5.4 Multilingual 13 5.5 Open innovation 13 6. About Scriptura Engage 14 7. Reach. Connect. Engage. 14
  3. 3. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 3 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 1. Management Summary The new Scriptura Engage platform is based on what we’ve identified as the four communication phases. Each communication goes through these four phases: design, compose, deliver, analyze. Later in this document we will go more into detail about how Scriptura Engage can guide you during this journey. Go to The Four Phases of Communication now. Until Scriptura Engage 8.0 our platform was one unit. By listening to our prospects, customers and partners, we understood that not all businesses need the full package — some organizations have less complex communication structures, other just need an interactive document for their customer service team, some may choose a mobile-only interaction with their customers … That is why we’ve created separate point solutions. Go to Point Solutions now. Another aspect characterizing our new Scriptura Engage version is what we’ve named Communication Center. This is a web-based interface functioning as a centralized hub, from which all individuals, teams and divisions that are entitled within your organization to read and/or edit the communication — and this to a well-defined profile package (phase, content, look & feel …) — can take part in the customer experience you as an organization want to achieve. Go to Communication Center now. Cloud-enabled features make sure you as an organization are ready for the (near) future. Interactive Document Assembly is a good example and we have more cloud-based novelties. We understand very well that ongoing investment is necessary so we are continuously working on cloud improvements. Check out what we’ve done so far: Go to Cloud-enabled features now. When talking about customer relationships, the most trending word of 2014 was definitely ‘Engage’. In Google almost 30.000.000 results display when entering ‘Customer Engagement’ in the search box. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us. In 2010 already we renamed Scriptura into Scriptura Engage as we predicted the growing need for organizations to not only attract new customers, make a connection with them, but also engage with them. One of the most critical factors in this appears to be the way an organization interacts with its customers. This is a big challenge today as the number of communication channels has increased due to the digital wave and at the same time customers have become very selective and demanding in how they want to receive the communication addressed to them, and this goes for invoices, notifications, newsletters, promotions and other information. Needless to say that the product sold or service provided is the customers’ biggest concern. In other words, trust is key. And it doesn’t start nor stop with the product or service purchase. It is before, during and especially after the purchase that an organization needs the appropriate means to make its customers happy. You can build that trust by using personalized multichannel communication as an informing, connecting, rectifying tool. In the eyes of customers an organization’s authenticity equals how it communicates with them. Scriptura Engage enables organizations to get the maximum value out of any kind of customer communication; whether it is based on printed output, an online application, email, social media or any other tool or channel. It helps organizations to interact with their customers through high-quality, personalized communications across multiple channels. This doesn’t only result in increased customer
  4. 4. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 4 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 loyalty, but also generates cost reduction and time-to-market acceleration. This combined improvement generally brings a project return on investment of 6 to 15 months. Scriptura Engage is used in a myriad of environments, supported by strong benefits: Accessible With the introduction of the Communication Center we offer you a well-structured interface where you can manage your communications, easily find what you need, track your changes, edit the fields dedicated to you individually or to your team or division simultaneously to the work your colleagues from another team are doing. So you don’t have to wait until another business user has saved his or her adjustments/interventions. Personal Use the valuable information you have on a customer to personalize every moment of contact. Scriptura Engage can create value from multiple sources, whether it’s a database, CRM, accounting, SAP or other system. Relevant Provide relevant information to your customers, based on preference, content and context. Your customers will reward you for your customized approach. Intuitive Scriptura Engage was designed to allow business users to manage and create templates and personalized communications without programming. This drastically reduces development time for your IT-department, allowing them to focus on innovation. Consistent Maintain full control of your regulatory compliance and corporate identity throughout your entire organization. Interactive One-way communication can be powerful, but interactive electronic forms give you instant feedback that can be used to enhance customer experience or trigger follow-up messages, and empower users with self-service interfaces. Variable For some document types, like contracts and policies, you may need to travel in time, backward or forward, to get/obtain the correct content output. With the new feature Variants it is just a click away: select the applicable variant holding the correct timing, logo and other variables, and recover a past document or check out how it will look like in the future. Future-proof
  5. 5. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 5 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 Scriptura Engage is completely built on open standards and is platform independent, allowing for scalable integration with your current and future environments. Automated Our advanced business flow interface allows you to automate nearly any task based on your business processes. This will result in a more effective communication, giving your customers the information they need, when they need it, through their preferred channel. 2. The Four Phases of Communication 2.1 Introduction Sending ‘a communication’ is more than just sending an email or a letter or a text message. It covers the entire flow a message is facing until it has completed its mission. The entire flow, meaning: the source, the creation, the branding, the fixed content and the content variables, the bounces, the reaction to these bounces, the customer’s feedback, the gained information, etc. With Scriptura Engage 8.0 we’ve identified the four phases each communication goes through. We’ve based our new platform on this approach and structured the new interface analogically/in analogy — our Communication Center as the ultimate visualization (see figure 2). 2.2 Design Users can design communication projects and templates, manage them as well as related resources. 2.3 Compose
  6. 6. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 6 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 Data is retrieved and used to assemble the actual correspondence. Users can see the status of each communication job, the number of communications that has been sent, and more. Communication Center also allows for the management of the jobs and communications: release, pause, and restart. Jobs can be bundled. Communications can be previewed, approved, rejected. 2.4 Deliver Communication Center supports various delivery channels and formats. Channels are configurable and new channels can easily be added. 2.5 Analyze All information that is tracked during the process of generating and delivering communications can be consulted via secure web dashboards, which includes overviews of jobs, communications, and deliveries with reporting possibilities and statistics about the different channels. Configurable reports ensure you get maximum insight to improve future communications, thereby closing the loop. 3. Communication Center Historically, we’ve aimed at giving maximum flexibility by allowing organizations to do with Scriptura exactly what they needed to do. Initially, every Scriptura implementation involved programming, and involved full customizations. Overtime, especially with the introduction of Document Flow, we’ve eliminated most of the programming, and each organization could represent their exact flows. Very flexible again. However, when we analyzed how organizations do their communications, and how they implemented Scriptura, we found that most of them operate in very similar manners. Yet, each organization still needed to configure everything from scratch. We decided to implement these common approaches as standard production functionalities in Communication Center. This ensures that the implementation time can be reduced (or as we often see, a lot more can be achieved with a similar budget). And this is still in full evolution, since we continuously work on new evolutions for Communication Center based on input from customers. The objective of Communication Center is to act as a central communications hub for customer correspondence. It is a management platform for executing complex multichannel communication strategies in a standardized manner and can be configured, extended, or customized to meet strategic communication objectives of the organizations. The different Scriptura Engage components (from template design and resource management to output production and delivery) can be managed from Communication Center: a 360° view of all communications is available. Its user interface can be branded to the corporate communications guidelines of customers allowing white label versions.
  7. 7. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 7 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 4. Point Solutions 4.1 Document Design & Generation The Scriptura Engage Designer is a visual design environment that allows business users to design templates. It contains all the features needed to create fully personalized customer correspondence: images, tables, charts, lists, bar codes, reusable objects, object properties, date and time, currencies and more. Support for multiple languages, business rules, logic, data fields and variables drastically reduce the number of templates that need to be created. Personalizing your customer communications makes sure your customer receives relevant information timely and better customer experience means improved engagement. Users can design templates once and produce communications in different output formats for a variety of different output channels. Changes to each template can be made by business users themselves, freeing up expensive IT resources. Scriptura Engage users can design templates in hours instead of several weeks. The Scriptura Engage Designer can also be used to design electronic forms, templates for mobile devices and to configure output processes.
  8. 8. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 8 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 4.2 Interactive Document Assembly In most organizations, customer-facing individual contributors like sales people, customer service representatives and helpdesk agents need to be able to quickly respond to customer inquiries. Communications need to reflect the context and outcomes of the customer interaction. In these situations, standard documents might not be flexible enough. The Interactive Document Assembly solution helps business users to personalize standard one-on-one customer interactions, including quotes, proposals and onboarding kits. An intuitive web-based document editing environment allows business users to make approved changes to standard communications without programming. Your coworkers have the flexibility to tailor communications by adding specific content, adding data, hiding certain paragraphs and more. Additional customer data can be captured through the use of input fields to make the customer experience even more relevant. And in this process your organization stays in control. You can configure which elements of a communication can be modified and if such changes need to go through an approval process or not. This can be managed separately for different types of correspondence. The intelligent document editing environment guides business users through the process as it compiles and creates relevant documentation. The interface of the editing environment is very intuitive and fully configurable to your corporate brand. The interface can also be adapted to the language of the business user. This allows international organizations to provide the same functionalities to their teams in different countries. As a result, the learning curve is reduced, and business users can quickly handle tasks that would typically need to be passed on to higher management levels, such as policy or plan changes. Organizations that use this solution have reported significant call time reduction by up to 26%. By adding targeted, personalized messages to documents at run-time, the solution helps you create documents that are easier for your customers to act upon and understand. With graphics, color, and dynamically populated charts, customers spend less time on the phone making basic inquiries. And by providing communications in the native language of your customer they will respond more quickly to your messages. Completed documents can be delivered to multiple channels or can trigger a new communication process. 4.3 Electronic Forms A lot of organizations provide forms on their website that can be downloaded, filled in and sent back on paper. But customers like things to go easier, better and faster. They do not want to be bothered with filling out paper forms to provide information that in most cases is already known to your company or that is not relevant to their specific situation. We decided to create an offering that is focused on electronic forms. It enables companies to design and deploy intelligent electronic forms without programming.
  9. 9. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 9 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 Most electronic forms are programmed and maintained by the IT department. By providing a visual design environment, you can easily create and deploy electronic forms where no programming is needed. You can design forms using rich features including graphics, charts, business rules, multiple languages and much more. You can create and deploy these intelligent electronic forms 80% faster. The look and feel of the electronic form can change depending on the data that is inserted by the user. Our customers reported that form creation time decreased from a couple of weeks to just hours. Leverage electronic forms as an integral part of your communications strategy. A form can be integrated with your website or mobile app and once submitted, a form can trigger different actions, like sending a confirmation by text message or displaying a document in a browser and sending it to the customer. Research states that a paper-based form costs about $7 to print, capture and process. Electronic forms are more secure and accurate and far less expensive than paper. An investment in electronic forms technology will pay for itself in as little as 8 months. 4.4 Multichannel Customers want their communications delivered to their channel of preference, including online, print, email, mobile, sms (text), archive or social media. Companies that can use a multichannel approach have reported a boost in response rates. With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering that automatically delivers correspondence to multiple channels and tracks channel feedback. Scriptura Engage Multichannel is ‘digital-first’, meaning it is focused on digital channels in the first place. It allows you to define different delivery scenarios based on business rules and customer preferences. It monitors feedback from all channels, like email delivery status and bounce handling, to verify whether a specific communication was delivered or not. This information is then used by the platform to decide the next-best action. By making use of digital channels, you can reduce 78% of costs in your delivery processes: you’re spending less on paper, printing, storage and postage costs. So, you can increase revenue while making your customers happy by delivering your communications to their preferred channels. Scriptura Engage MultiChannel allows you to define the different delivery processes and fall back scenarios. You can easily add new delivery channels or make adjustment to existing output processes. You can also track every single communication and the system can use this feedback to automatically decide on the next- best action in case of failed delivery. With Scriptura Engage Multichannel, organizations can fine-tune the delivery of every individual communication for every customer. By taking into account the preferences of each customer for each type of communication, you will deliver a better customer experience. And this will result in increased response rates and higher customer loyalty. No matter if you deliver correspondence to print, online, email or any other channel, you want the customer to perceive the same brand. You can standardize communications across all channels to provide a consistent
  10. 10. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 10 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 look and feel. This will not only result in a better customer experience, but will increase your brand value too. 4.5 Mobile In most organizations, mobile communication is simply considered as sending a document to a tablet or smartphone. But in reality, it entails much more. Your customers want to interact with the statements, bills and other communications from your company. We decided to create a solution that enables organizations to leverage the possibilities of mobile devices, like embedding video, gps, drilling down to a specific transaction or capturing information electronic forms. This guarantees a rich user experience. Mobile communications are created in a WYSIWYG design environment, without programming. This drastically reduces development time. These communications can be a standalone app or can be integrated into another app. Communications are available online or offline. With graphics, color, business rules and dynamically populated charts, you will boost response rates. By adding targeted, personalized messages at run-time you ensure your mobile correspondence is relevant and up-to-date. Information needs to be captured and delivered to your organization all the time: coming from sales representatives, maintenance workers or your customers. By integrating electronic forms in your mobile app, users can easily provide your company with relevant data in an automated way. Data can be verified before it is inserted in your systems. Our customers reported an 80% increased efficiency by eliminating paper forms. Additionally, Scriptura Mobile doesn’t require your users to install a separate app on their iPhone, iPad or Android device because it can be seamlessly integrated into existing apps. That way, Scriptura Mobile offers your users a single view on all communications, and to the Mobile App developers, it takes away the burden of dealing with everything related to customer communications, including dynamic communications and electronic forms. Finally, also Push Notifications can be used to address customers in a personal way, complementing SMS or Text messages. 4.6 Doccle Connect (Belgium only) Doccle is a digital distribution platform that can be used to deliver communications to your customers. It can also be used as an online archive for your customer base. With our experience in enterprise software for customer communication management we decided to create an offering for Doccle senders to simplify delivering documents to Doccle.
  11. 11. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 11 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 With Doccle Connect, we provide the fastest way to connect to Doccle with minimal effort and minimum resources. Doccle Connect enables you to reduce your Doccle time-to-market with at least 50%! Doccle Connect is a configurable product with a WYSIWYG interface to deploy There is no programming involved; you simply configure how your business processes interact with Doccle. You do not need to deal with technical specifications or API’s: Doccle Connect is your only interface with Doccle and will take care of token management, client/server certificates, upload of legacy documents, enforce correct naming conventions and more. Doccle Connect tracks important status information about every communication you send. You can stay informed about the number of documents deployed, the number of documents read and more. Different communications require different channels. Our solutions can help you manage communications across multiple channels, next to Doccle. 5. Today’s most relevant CCM aspects 5.1 Versioning and Variants Document content may vary or update according to the timeframe we are in. It is important, especially for content-sensitive information such as contracts and other legal documents, that you can print your document today how the situation was in the past, as well as how it will look like a few years from now. This is possible, even by using only one template resource. Moreover, you can use this functionality to prepare for future events without any user intervention. With Variants, multiple variants of a single resources can be in production at the same time, and Scriptura Engage will automatically determine which variant to use. This drastically reduces errors and maintenance, and improves legal compliance.
  12. 12. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 12 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 5.2 Cloud-enabled features The Scriptura Engage 8.0 release has embraced the cloud. When going through the documentation, you will encounter many cloud-friendly changes, be it for private, public or hybrid cloud, while keeping the entire on premise functionality intact. The Scriptura Engage Designer has been integrated into a web-first, user-friendly self-service experience by using seamless synchronization with the content repository and providing a web-based, auto-updating install option keeping all its power at your fingertips when you need it. Despite the fact that various users can enter the platform, your organization will not lose control at any moment, even in the cloud. We’ve added major security functionality based on an open standards system that allows organizations to use fine-grained access control permissions. As of now you can add and edit extensive permissions for different users, groups and departments, both internal and external. The security system can be linked to corporate Microsoft Windows® Active Directory™ servers. It’s now possible to use the Windows® single sign-on. Installation and administration have been simplified and made more user-friendly. As the platform and functionality grows, complexity arises. We’ve made it a lot easier now to install and configure our solution. User-friendly wizards will gently walk you through the installation steps. Optionally, it is possible to use a web-based installer for Scriptura Engage 8.0. You can simply install & play. Updates will be provided automatically. The new centralized configuration system enables your organization to maintain larger sets of servers while each set can be managed independently. This cloud-enabled novelty allows dynamic system scaling. By integrating monitoring tools, the system administrator can use web-based diagnostics for improved crash handling and for dashboard purposes. In other words, there is no longer need for external applications. Production servers that encounter memory corruption will switch off automatically so that no data will be damaged or lost. It is up to your organization to decide whether you want this functionality enabled and what exactly needs to happen in such cases. When someone says ‘wow, cloud’, another thinks ‘security’. It is up to you if you want to be the first or the latter. You can decide to have all your documents and data (resources) in an included repository on the Scriptura Engage server that can be synced seamlessly like many cloud solutions. However, this functionality is also available for on premise deployments. This content repository has support for tracking changes and versions of your assets over time and allows you to easily stage and manage these from inside a web browser. 5.3 Interactive, On-demand, Batch Scriptura Engage was built on batch communications and matured thanks to the investments we made in on- demand. It may seem logical having this second type of communication in the portfolio, and to us it does, but you’ll see that not all vendors in the customer communications management market are able to provide this. To even better service and engage your customers, you supplementary need to go into interaction with them, and this appears to be quite a challenge to many organizations still. With Interactive Document Assembly, Electronic Forms and the Mobile solution, we elegantly answer to this matter as well.
  13. 13. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 13 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 5.4 Multilingual Language is a sensitive matter and it will always be one of the differentiating factors from the customer perspective. When it comes to loyalty and satisfaction on the one hand and good service and engagement on the other, customers have become much more demanding than they used to. They expect the world to be their neighbor, someone who can be trusted, is helpful, who can listen, who can give advice. In other words, someone who is nearby, yet, who is not waving above the hedge or knocking at the door all the time. Needless to say that we live in a globalized world. Yet, quite some international organizations or organizations located in multilingual regions haven’t implemented an affordable, efficient and future-proof way to reach and connect with their multilingual customers. If you can’t communicate with your neighbor or don’t show any sign of effort, how can you expect this neighbor to really engage with you? With Scriptura Engage it doesn’t matter how many customers you have, how diverse your customer language landscape looks like, how variable your communications typically are, you can approach your customers in their own language while even reducing operational working hours, and this without the need for IT intervention. In other words, investing in individualized communication is gaining authentication and contemporary flair, without losing control and accuracy, without increasing resources (on the contrary, you are reducing working time and cutting IT costs) and without harassing your neighbor. 5.5 Open innovation As said in the introduction, customer engagement is important to us. Not only with respect to your customers but also to our own customers. Communication Center, for example, was developed thanks to ongoing mutual interaction between our customers and our development team. Open innovation is a form of partnership where all parties involved benefit from each other’s knowledge, experience and efforts. This collaboration answers our customers’ needs in the best possible way, it enriches the entire world with relevant innovation and, eventually, better serves the end customer. This is how we want to go forward as we are confident that, living in an interactive and fast-changing world, we all can gain from it.
  14. 14. Reach. Connect. Engage. More information? Visit 14 • 14 or call 0032 3 425 40 00 6. About Scriptura Engage Scriptura Engage is a digital-first customer communications management (CCM) solution that helps organizations execute their communications strategy. Scriptura Engage allows you to design and deliver personalized communications across all channels: print, email, online, mobile, interactive or social media. It also allows managing and tracking of all communication processes. Scriptura Engage is developed by Inventive Designers, a Belgian software company established in 1994. We develop our own software for creating and delivering output. Inventive Designers has many international clients, such as Bank of America, Nike, Siemens, Daimler. In Belgium Acerta, Belfius, Proximus, De Lijn, FPS Finance, Flemish Tax Office belong to our customer portfolio. International governments include United Nations HQ (US), Government of Queensland (AUS) and the Canadian Department of National Defense (CA). 7. Reach. Connect. Engage. You can find more information about Scriptura Engage on Other interesting resources are ‘Communication Center’, ‘Mobile’ and ‘Are you in control of your Customer Communications?’ (white paper). If you would like to get more information directly from us, please call (+32 3 425 40 00) or email ( us. For customer support, please go to the Scriptura Engage website and click the ‘support’ button. Don’t forget to follow us on social media: @scriptura @inventivedes Inventive Designers Inventive Designers Scriptura Engage Inventive Designers, Sint-Bernardsesteenweg 552, 2660 Hoboken, Belgium