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Introducing: Ionic Studio & Appflow A Better Way to Build Apps

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Watch Matt Netkow, Senior Product Evangelist as he demonstrates how to leverage Studio, Ionic’s powerful new IDE built for developers, alongside Appflow, our updated mobile DevOps solution, to build and ship cross-platform hybrid web apps at lightning speed.

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Introducing: Ionic Studio & Appflow A Better Way to Build Apps

  1. 1. Ionic Studio & Appflow: A Better Way to Build Apps Matt Netkow, Senior Product Evangelist @dotNetkow |
  2. 2. ● The Mobile Delivery Gap ● Ionic Framework ● Ionic Studio demo ● Agile delivery challenges ● Ionic Appflow demo ● Q&A with Studio and Appflow Product Managers AGENDA
  3. 3. THE MOBILE DELIVERY GAP “The demand for mobile experiences is growing 5x faster than IT teams can deliver.” Gartner
  4. 4. ABOUT IONIC FRAMEWORK ● UI Components for native mobile apps, PWAs, and even Desktop ● Pre-built Gestures and Animations ● Platform Continuity for iOS and Material Design ● Full access to all Native APIs and Plugins ● A large, vibrant world-wide community
  5. 5. DEVELOPMENT TEAM CHALLENGES ● App Backlog ● Docs ● Native code
  6. 6. IONIC STUDIO ENTERPRISE EDITION ● 100+ Ionic Framework v4 UI Components ● Official IDE w/full code & design capabilities ● Cordova & Asset Management ● All Ionic tools in one place
  7. 7. “WHY CREATE A NEW IDE?” ● Focused on improving developer experience of building Ionic apps ● Extending existing IDEs => Limitations ● Ionic’s tooling at your fingertips ● Works great alongside other editors
  8. 8. Demo Time!
  9. 9. THE FUTURE IS 🔥 🔥 🔥 ● Shareable, custom components ● End to end app development ○ Mobile DevOps: Powered by Ionic Appflow ● Community Edition: Early Access in Late 2019
  10. 10. AGILE CADENCE ● Backlog grooming ● Sprint planning ● Velocity reviews, retrospectives ● Writing code
  11. 11. THE HARD TRUTH If you’re not releasing code, you’re not delivering value to your users.
  12. 12. NOT EASY TO DO ● Bug fixes, New features, Discovery research, project management, Fire drills... ● … and packaging and delivery?! ● “50% of enterprises ship code 4x per year or less” - Forrester
  13. 13. INTRODUCING… IONIC APPFLOW 🎉 DevOps for Everyone 🎉 ● Reliable Native Builds in the Cloud ● Real-time Updates ● Pipeline Automation ● Account Support
  14. 14. Demo Time!
  16. 16. Questions? Matt Netkow, Senior Product Evangelist @dotNetkow; Matt Kremer, Ionic Studio Product Manager Nick Hyatt, Ionic Appflow Product Manager