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Reimagining Cordova: Building Cross-Platform Web Apps with Capacitor

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Join Matt Netkow, Sr. Product Evangelist, as he uses Capacitor, Ionic's new cross-platform app runtime, to build a Progressive Web App with improved native features that runs anywhere—iOS, Android, the web, you name it.

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Reimagining Cordova: Building Cross-Platform Web Apps with Capacitor

  1. 1. Reimagining Cordova: Building Cross-Platform Web Apps with Matt Netkow, Sr Product Evangelist @dotNetkow;
  2. 2. Later: Q&A with Max Lynch CEO, Ionic @maxlynch
  3. 3. A Brief History: Cordova Created: 2008 CLI: 2013 Write Once, Run Everywhere 2018: Ongoing, minor updates
  4. 4. Native Platforms Move Fast iOS, Android constantly undergoing change: ● Typically, new OS and hardware every year ● Modern plugin system with CocoaPods and Gradle ● Modern Languages: Swift and Kotlin
  5. 5. What if we created a spiritual successor to Cordova that used these modern native tools?
  6. 6. E N T E R :
  7. 7. What is Capacitor? Cross-platform runtime: iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web #UseThePlatform: Web-focused APIs that stay close to Standards “Code Once, Configure Everywhere”: Modern Native tooling for easy native project maintenance Inspiration: Cordova, React Native, and Turbolinks
  8. 8. DEMO TIME! Camera, Local Notifications, Toast iOS, Android, Web!
  9. 9. Need More Functionality? Includes common plugins (Camera, Geolocation, File, etc) Backwards compatible with majority of Core Cordova Plugins Provides tooling for writing new Plugins $ npx @capacitor/cli plugin:generate
  10. 10. Capacitor and Cordova Recap Feature Cordova Capacitor Supported Platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), Web, PWA, and beyond! Configuration style Abstracted (Config.xml) Per-platform (Info.plist, AndroidManifest.xml) Native platform control Limited Full control Production ready? Yes, stable Soon
  11. 11. ➔ Site: ➔ Source: ➔ Matt’s demo code: ➔ Recording + links emailed after webinar! Enterprise support packages for Cordova and Capacitor available Resources
  12. 12. </presentation> Questions? Matt Netkow Sr Product Evangelist @dotNetkow; Max Lynch CEO @maxlynch