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  1. 1. Etymology The study of word origins Group members: Noriana Siti Anati Al Hakim Anderson
  2. 2. Where do the words we use come from? • English is a blend of words from many other languages • These words made their way into the English language in many ways o Occupation by other countries/cultures o English occupation of other countries/cultures o Brought by immigrants The English language o Cultural trends and fashions is always changing!
  3. 3. Greek and Latin have had the biggest influence on English. This influence started thousands of years ago…
  4. 4. Roman Influence Latin was the language spoken in ancient Rome. When the Romans conquered territories— including most of Europe—they brought their language to those territories. That is why there are so many words in our language that have Latin roots.
  5. 5. How Latin words got into English Language The Roman Empire expanded into Britain, bringing Latin For Example: Latin word “stratum” means “layered road” Latin words found their way into the Anglo-Saxon language of the people in Ancient Britain “Stratum” became “straets” in Anglo-Saxon Now called “streets” in modern English Miles of streets and roads were created. Mile is from the Latin word mille, which means 1,000. The Roman mile was measured as 1,000 paces.
  6. 6. Why Should YOU Learn Word Roots? • You will recognize word chunks in unfamiliar words and be able to narrow down the possible meaning of the word • It will help you with vocabulary in many subject areas • You will be better able to pronounce unfamiliar words • You will become a better speller • Since many languages have common roots to Latin and Greek, it makes learning a foreign language easier
  7. 7. Some Common Roots Can you think of words that contain these roots? ortho = straight dyna = power ann = year orb = circle pop = people struct = build terr = land alt = high reg = rule dom = rule