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  1. Basharat Rasheed Mirza.
  2.  Definition  Importance of Research Questions  Selection of a Research Problem/Question  Characteristics of Good Research Questions  Examples  Conclusion
  3.  Research problems are frequently stated as Research Questions.  A Research Question is the statement of the problem, to be researched, in inquisitive form.  A Research Question is usually the research problem posed as a question which serves as the focus of the researcher’s investigation.  Research Question is the process of operationalizing the research.
  4. A good research question:  Helps to find the direction  Helps to narrow the scope  Defines the investigation  Sets boundaries
  5. The research problem:  Should be “researchable” i.e. it can be investigated through the collection and analysis of data  Should have theoretical or practical significance
  6. A research problem should be relevant to your:  Academic interest  Current level of research skills  Available resources  Time and other restrictions
  7. Good research questions possess four essential characteristics:  The question is Feasible, i.e., it can be investigated without an undue amount of time, effort, or money.  The question is Clear, i.e., most people would agree as to what the key words in the question mean.
  8.  The question is Significant, i.e., it is worth investigating because it will contribute important knowledge about the human condition.  The question is Ethical, i.e., it will not involve physical or psychological harm or damage to human beings, or to the natural or social environment of which they are a part.  The questions often(not always) suggest a relationship to be investigated.
  9. NO Non researchable YES Researchable  Should I put my youngster in preschool?  What is the best way to learn to read?  Are some people born bad?  Do children enrolled in preschool develop better social skills than children not enrolled?  At which age is it better to introduce phonics to children-age 5, age 6, or age 7?  Who commits more crimes-poor people or rich people?
  10.  Many research problems are stated as questions.  A research problem in question form is a Research Question.  A research problem should be researchable, should have theoretical and practical significance, and should be relevant to academic interest, level of research skills, available resources, time & other restrictions.  Good research questions have four essential characteristics: they are feasible, clear, significant, and ethical.
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