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At2012 bengaluru continuous_visibility-souvikb

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At2012 bengaluru continuous_visibility-souvikb

  1. 1. Continuous Visibility Souvik Basu(Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks) 2012 September
  2. 2. “I never knew we have such a huge hangover until the end of iteration” WHY IS VISIBILITY SO IMPORTANT IN ANY PROJECT?09/29/12
  3. 3. Why is Visibility so important in any Project?• Without Visibility, team members do not have any idea of where they are in the iteration• At the end of the iteration, nothing much can be done09/29/12
  4. 4. “Do we foresee a hangover in this iteration?” NEED FOR CONTINUOUS VISIBILITY09/29/12
  5. 5. Need for Continuous Visibility• To give a sense of where we are in the iteration, on a continuous basis• To take necessary steps ahead of time• To reduce surprises to stakeholders at the end of iteration• Taking corrective action on time is a responsibility of the whole team and not just the iteration manager09/29/12
  6. 6. “We are not interested in what you worked on” HOW WE ACHIEVED IT – WALK THE WALL09/29/12
  7. 7. How we achieved it – Walk the Wall• Change the stand up pattern• Instead of Round Robin, do Walk the Wall• Walk the card wall right to left• Give updates on the progress, issues and status of cards which are “in-progress”• Talk about blocking issues about cards and how to address them• Talk about learning the team had while working on a card09/29/12
  8. 8. “It’s difficult for the team to gather around the physical wall for stand up” ADDRESSING ISSUES WITH STANDUPS AROUND A PHYSICAL WALL09/29/12
  9. 9. Addressing issues with Standups around a Physical wall• Typically for larger teams, having stand up around a physical wall is difficult• A virtual wall also maintains history that can be helpful during retro09/29/12
  10. 10. Addressing issues with Standups around a Physical wall09/29/12
  11. 11. “Why the virtual wall?” THE PROS AND CONS OF A VIRTUAL WALL09/29/12
  12. 12. The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Wall• Pros o Can record history of wall status over days o Can record time taken for stand ups o Good to show number of days remaining in iteration• Cons o Does not have the “feeling” of physical cards on a wall o Needs a room with projector09/29/12
  13. 13. “How else did the virtual wall help us”GOOD SIDE EFFECTS: PAIRING MATRIX AND ICE CREAM METER09/29/12
  14. 14. Good side effects: Pairing Matrix and Ice Cream Meter• Pairing Matrix: to keep track of whom to pair with and whom to avoid pairing with09/29/12
  15. 15. Good side effects: Pairing Matrix and Ice Cream Meter• Ice Cream meter: fun way to enforce discipline to attend stand ups on time09/29/12
  16. 16. “In QA means not yet Done” TAKING IT A STEP FURTHER09/29/12
  17. 17. Taking it a step further• Have only 3 lanes in Wall o New o In Progress o Done• Allow 5 max cards in-progress and do not allow any more card to be picked up until cards are moved out• A Card in-Dev and in-QA are “In Progress”• A Card goes to “Done” lane only after QA is complete• This encourages the team to take efforts to move cards beyond QA and not just leave them in QA09/29/12
  18. 18. “OK, where can I get the tool from?” REFERENCES09/29/12
  19. 19. References• dingUp.html• The virtual wall tool available at
  20. 20. QnA09/29/12