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Plma15 ppt

  1. 1. Cosmetics & Toiletries Albaad Anna Lotan Ltd. B.4.U. Ltd. DPL Fujicom Ltd. Lageen Tuboplast Ltd. Noam Rapoport Export Ltd. Ofertex Industries (1997) Ltd. Peerpharm Ltd. S. Schwartz Ltd. Tropical Galil Group Wetnaps Ltd. Food Industry Davidovich Group Ltd. EffectivEat Priniv Ltd. R.J.M. Food Industries Ltd. Participating Companies
  2. 2. Products: Wet wipes, feminine hygiene and adult care products Albaad is a global player in disposable hygiene products: Wet wipes, Feminine Hygiene (tampons, pads & pantyliners) and Adult Care (pads, adult briefs and others). Albaad produces nonwoven fabric (spunlace) and converts it into wet wipes in Israel, Germany, Poland and the USA. Albaad Stand 803
  3. 3. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  4. 4. Products: Professional Skin Care Products Anna Lotan Ltd., an Israeli pioneer of professional skin care is available in 48 countries, worldwide. Reputed for its remedies that help control temporary and chronic skin discomforts on the basis of naturally derived formulations that have been clinically tested for sensitive skin. Once performance and care benefits of the formulations have been established within the professional market, they are extended to other market segments (pharmacies, health food stores etc.) Anna Lotan Ltd. Stand 723
  5. 5. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  6. 6. Products: Cosmetics, advanced anti-aging & organic products B.4.U. produces a large variety of brands for advanced anti-aging, organic products, body spa and Dead Sea treatments, including Jeunesse Cosmetics, Saito, Absolute Care, Organix Cosmetix, Absolute Organic, Danielle Laroche and Ann Loraine. B.4.U. also manufactures private labels with low minimum quantities. B.4.U. Ltd. Stand 713
  7. 7. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  8. 8. Products: Wipes, diapers and adult briefs The company is a leading manufacturer of high-end, premium, specialty wet wipes. From single-wipe sachets to a variety of multi wipe packs, for cosmetic, hygienic, medical, optical, technical and household applications. Additionally, DPL offers a wide range of baby diapers & adult incontinence products, from standard to premium quality. DPL offers flexibility in product development that meets customers’ private label needs DPL Disposable Hygienic Products Ltd. Stand 703
  9. 9. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  10. 10. Products: personal care products Fujicom care develops and manufactures range of personal care products based on a very high Technology. Our facial cleaning products are designed to achieve optimal results in all cleansing treatments, acne treatment, exfoliating & skin rejuvenation while ensuring maximum hygiene. Our professional pedicure appliance has a very unique stone that spins 8000 RPM and gently removing hard skin off your feet and heels within a few minutes and achieves amazing results. Fujicom Ltd. Stand 711
  11. 11. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  12. 12. Products: Plastic and aluminum packaging tubes Based on nearly 50 years of expertise and innovative thinking LAGEENTUBES offers tubes' solutions best suited for customers brands. LAGEENTUBES certified for FDA-DMF,HACCP,ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 18000 and ISO 15378. New Technologies: We recently installed new printing technology allowing direct print of Flexo, offset, silk screen and hot stamping in any order to achieve virtually any design. Lageen Tuboplast Ltd. Stand 812
  13. 13. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  14. 14. Products: Disposable products Noam Rapoport has joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers. Our main product lines are injection-molded disposable products, vacuum-forming plastic cups and plates, paper products (cups and bags), aluminum containers and more. Noam Rapoport Export Ltd. Stand 727
  15. 15. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  16. 16. Products: Household products - Floor cloths, cleaning cloths, kitchen towels, beach mats, pet items and more Ofertex offers innovative, unique products made from recycled and eco-friendly woven and nonwoven textiles: cleaning cloths, floor cloths and mops, bath and kitchen mats, pet mats, and decorative fabrics for a variety of products and uses. Ofertex Industries (1997) Ltd. Stand 802
  17. 17. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  18. 18. Products: Skincare Toiletries and Medical Device supporting products Established in 1991, Peerpharm is a leading manufacturer of high quality skincare, toiletries and medical device supporting products. Since our inception, we have been accommodating both branded and private labeled solutions; manufacturing millions of units, servicing the ever changing global market, making us the go-to manufacturer for direct to consumer marketers. Peerpharm Ltd. Stand 808
  19. 19. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  20. 20. Products: Professional Hair products S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company was founded in 1965. Developing professional hair products for the consumer, in addition to products for the face and body enriched with unique natural ingredients. We export our label and Private Label to USA, Canada and Europe. Our unique market vision and experience enable to offer our customer an infinite range of products tailored to each customer's performance, requirements and brand identity. S. Schwartz Ltd. Stand 725
  21. 21. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  22. 22. Products: Private-label personal care products detergents and raw materials, branded liquid toiletries and wet wipes The company has manufacturing capabilities enabling them to provide customers with high-quality products at attractive prices with fast turnaround. The company produces about 35,000 tons of powders and 15,000 tons of liquids annually. Their extensive warehouses can store up to 15,000 pallets. Working closely with their customers, their expert team develops premium products geared to consumer needs. Their R&D department focuses on developing innovative new formulations tailored to customers' requirements. Development, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery are all handled by a professional staff. Tropical Galil Group (Tropical Toiletries, Galil Detergents, Upex Brands) Stand 820, 816, 717
  23. 23. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  24. 24. Products: Private label Wet Wipes Wetnaps’ passion for inventing new, creative ways to use wet wipes has turned the company into a leading global manufacturer of wet wipes. Their tailor-made solutions and commitment to continuous technological improvement have made them a favorite among global brands for a wide variety of market segments for more than 15 years. Wetnaps Ltd. Stand 822
  25. 25. Tapping into Nature’s Beauty
  26. 26. Products: Bread crumbs, Muesli, Couscous, Baked Pasta and Soup Salad Croutons. Davidovich Group Ltd. Established over 50 years ago is one of the largest and most technically advanced bakeries in Israel. Fully computerized production lines and robots are fitted throughout the thousands of square meters of newly built factory, facilitating in the daily production of many tons of baked products. The company currently produces a variety of products such as: bread crumbs, muesli, couscous, baked pasta and soup salad croutons. Davidovich Group Ltd. Stand 5959
  27. 27. Taste Israel – A World of Flavours
  28. 28. Products: Natural, healthful food: granola, snacks, snack bars, salad toppings, and rice seasonings EffectivEat™ is nowadays a recognized brand name in the local food market and is also gaining popularity in the USA and Europe. The company has the skills and capabilities to formulate and produce snack bars (crunchy, chewy and savory), breakfast cereals, snack mixes and more, under customers' brands, at competitive price, while ensuring the best quality and high nutritional values. EffectivEat Stand 5957
  29. 29. Taste Israel – A World of Flavours
  30. 30. Products: 100% Fruit Juices, Nectars & Soft Drinks Priniv is a leading manufacturer of natural juices, nectars and fruit & vegetable drinks. Priniv is known for their unique juice combinations such as Date & Banana, Banana & Fig, Apple, Carrot & Beet and many more. Priniv uses freshly picked fruit from nearby orchards. Priniv Ltd. Stand 5955
  31. 31. Taste Israel – A World of Flavours
  32. 32. Products: Tahini & Halva R.J.M. Food Industries specializes in the development and production of conventional & organic tahini, sweet spreads and halva. R.J.M.’s Tavor brand products are based on de-hulled, lightly roasted and ground sesame seeds. R.J.M. Food Industries Ltd. Stand 5961
  33. 33. Taste Israel – A World of Flavours
  34. 34. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, a non-profit organization supported by the government of Israel and the private sector, facilitates business ties, joint ventures and strategic alliances between overseas and Israeli companies. The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute is committed to bringing together potential clientele with Israeli manufacturers and producers that suit their needs, ensuring that people throughout the world benefit from the innovation and quality of Israel's cosmetics & toiletries and food industries. For further information  Mr. Michael Avner  Marketing Coordinator, Consumer Goods T: +972 3 514 2850  Ms. Caroline Nave  Manager, Food & Beverages T: +972 3 514 2859  The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute