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[EN] PLC Checker Datasheet

PLC Checker is a software that does an automatic static analysis on a PLC program to verify its compliance with a set of coding rules.
- Improve the overall quality and maintainability of a program by respecting good practice guidelines (no backward goto, no variable overlap, etc.)
- Ensure concordance with corporate rules (naming convention, librairies, etc.)

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[EN] PLC Checker Datasheet

  1. 1. © Itris Automation 2015 PLC Checker verification is a one-click process: Analysis are launched from the developers workstations and results are displayed in an intuitive format similar to the PLC workbench Metrics and findings are shared on a server (in premises or in the cloud) for an easy access by all stakeholders PLC Checker comes with predefined rules that can be enriched and customized according to your needs With PLC Checker, you can prove to third parties that your development process is formal and that programs are following coding rules. PLC Checker can be used to automate code review according to international standards (GAMP, IEC 61508...). PLC Checker also helps improve cyber security robustness. By ensuring that your programs are consistent, you reduce your commissioning and maintenance costs thus improving the availability of your machines. Easy to deploy - easy to use Set of rules Results Static analyzer Cloud or Server based model Exported PLC Program Demonstrate your quality Optimize maintenance costs Distribution of errors by severity Distribution of errors by type Detailed results rule by rule Outsource with confidence, with clear expectations and automatic verification that YOUR rules are applied. Control outsourcing PLC CheckerAutomatic analysis of PLC programs quality Key Benefits
  2. 2. Example of rules PLC Checker is available for Backward gotos are forbidden Physical outputs shall be written only once Naming rules must be applied A variable should not be assigned to an overlapping variable More than 40 rules are pre-coded within PLC Checker and it is easy to edit and add rules. Other PLC brands supported upon request. contact us Itris Automation 2, Square Roger Genin 38000 Grenoble - France Tel: +33 652 69 97 52 Itris Automation is a French software engineering company that provides development tools for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to improve team productivity and program quality through innovative solutions that work seamlessly with PLC vendors solutions. About us They trust PLC Checker Automotive PSA ensures consistency of all its PLC programs and has been controlling subcontractors of more than 150 PLCs. Energy Before commissioning a new nuclear power plant, EDF systematically uses PLC Checker to demonstrate its development process to safety authorities. Pharmaceutical Sanofi automates its code review with PLC Checker to comply with FDA requirements and GAMP practices. Aerospace Herakles benefits from a 184% Return on Investment when using PLC Checker thanks to quicker commissioning and easier maintenance. Extract from PLCopen coding guidelines project: © Itris Automation 2015