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When I speak to Myself 20121.    Have faith … You have No other option!2.    Learn from others mistakes as you do not have...
When I speak to Myself 201242.   Every problem in life offers a potential learning!43.   Every problem has a solution and ...
When I speak to Myself 2012 84.   If you are ready to sacrifice your closest in this world … God is waiting to offer HIMSE...
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What i say to myself

I have listed down my own thoughts in the form of quotes and shared herewith !

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What i say to myself

  1. 1. When I speak to Myself 20121. Have faith … You have No other option!2. Learn from others mistakes as you do not have the lifetime to make so many mistakes !3. Experience is a comb given when I am bald4. If you want act for good , do it right away …5. Past is a burden, future is hidden, Present is in your thoughts, words and action..6. Learning ‘ not to dislike “ is the first step towards “unconditional loving”7. Expectation is the breeding ground for disappointment , which breeds frustration , which breeds anger …8. Anger brings out the true ‘bad-self ‘ and makes you miserable!9. Anger destroys the entire fabric of society10. Do not think of only ‘physical “action! You can act through ‘mind’ too !11. Focusing mind , words and actions towards well being of society is the best form of devotion !12. Silence is the communication of learned!13. Any act by you , have certain effect on the ‘ cosmos” … good or bad .. so be aware !14. No action is a waste !15. Nothing is useless in this world! You are limited by your inability to see the utility !16. Aim high but split your aim in smaller realistic steps!17. Each step is as important as the last and successful step !18. If you want to go 1000 miles or 1 mile , you should step first !19. Mere wish does not guarantee success! But planning , meticulous, faithful follow up actions improves the possibility !20. Nothing is sweeter than success..However small it may be !21. Nothing is bitter than failure.. However minor it may be !22. Ignorance is not a crime! But , Ignoring ‘ignorance’ is !23. Negligence is a crime! But negligence of other’s ignorance is not!24. Good and bad are the two sides of the same coin!25. Success and failure are the same forces in opposite directions in my mind!26. All beings are equal but your “behavior ‘differentiates!27. You can be alone in a multitude and also noisy within yourself !28. You can ensure the quality and quantity of your efforts but not the outcome!29. Try to give your best, first time every time!30. REMORSING is like jumping into water with a block of stone around your waist!31. Retribution is a blessing!32. You can only do your best .But you cannot control someone doing better!33. There are so many factors beyond our control .Pl do not predict outcome! Concentrate on the input, instead!34. Learn to laugh at your own foolishness …35. If someone is criticizing you, be sure he is interested in you.. By someway!36. Flattery is a silent killer which blinds your rationale!37. Appreciate yourself genuinely as others MIGHT NOT !38. Look for your own satisfaction instead of appreciation39. Self satisfaction increases the devotion, where as ‘appreciation from outside ‘ is a distraction !40. Intellect has limits but not intuition.41. Intuition comes from devotion and faith!
  2. 2. When I speak to Myself 201242. Every problem in life offers a potential learning!43. Every problem has a solution and every solution has a potential problem !44. Every great man has a price! But insincere and dishonest cannot afford it even in 100 births!45. Flexibility is not a sign of weakness! It is a virtue! If aligned towards the goal of life !46. It is not valued by ‘what “you give but “how” , “when” and to “whom” do you give ?47. In every situation see what best you can do but not what best you can get !48. Let your ‘duty” decides your actions not the fruits of your actions!49. For all miseries in your life , only one reason is ‘lack of faith and devotion “50. The difference between a preacher and master (GURU) is the difference between the mike and the speaker!51. If you follow some principles, there is no need to preach! People around you learn in your mere presence!52. A master is one who makes you look inward where as a teacher makes you look for references outward!53. Master is one who makes you realize your own flaws without hurting you!54. A master is one who imbibes the urge to change for better in life in the first sight!55. Silence is the language of souls!56. Prayer makes a soul universal!57. Sacrifice without expectation is the mother of peace!58. Peace is the soul’s dress !59. If others don’t get you right , possibly they are not wrong ! Present yourself better !60. The person whom YOU love most in this universe is ‘YOURSELF ” !61. If you do not value your own words.. who else would ?62. The purpose of any life is to know its purpose !63. Somebody’s gain is somebody’s loss! Somebody’s happiness is somebody’s adversity!64. Being the ‘BEST “is always a mirage or illusion!65. By repeated failures, you are polished as a diamond!66. When you succeed, share the credit and when you fail, own up the debit!67. Happiness is doing simple things consistently with devotion!68. If anything happens overnight, it does not last !69. Patience is like a brake in an automobile!70. Anger is a knife in the hand of a lunatic!71. Wish without action, action without planning, execution without determination – sure recipe for failure!72. Politeness is the most colorful dress ever had !73. Humility is the crown which The Master bestows upon his disciple!74. First step to liberation is to become a human being!75. Lust is the most dangerous cancer!76. My master’s grace is the chemo and God’s divine name is the internal medicine!77. Everyone you meet in your life is a potential master! if you are humble !78. Two eyes are for empathy and compassion towards fellow beings !79. If you have love, others sense it instantly! , hatred and apathy too !80. Emotions are cradles of the world’s oldest civilization called ‘ LOVE”81. Silence expresses those ideas which are beyond the words !82. Heaven is open for you when you apologize unconditionally once you realize your mistake !83. One who accepts his sins is the ‘brave heart “ !
  3. 3. When I speak to Myself 2012 84. If you are ready to sacrifice your closest in this world … God is waiting to offer HIMSELF to you ! 85. Time is neither circular nor linear but infinite! 86. Evil and Good always exist in this world …balanced by nature- consistently! 87. The worst mistake I can ever make is to reverse my failures through my children! 88. Everyone has their own dreams! Respect it ! 89. The power which drives a tiny ant and also a monstrous elephant are one and the same! 90. You are attached to this world because of’ you’ not for them! Reverse it ! 91. In any situation, always see what you can give … not what you can get ! 92. You past, present and future are your’ actions ‘and nothing else! 93. Love is the oldest language without alphabets and grammar! 94. If you want love, please give it ! 95. Enemity or friendship is purely your “perception” 96. Truth never changes but your ability to realize truth needs change and update! 97. Perceptions may be numerous but truth is always single 98. If you pray sincerely, you shall get what is good for you …not whatever you want ! 99. Your mind has no limits but you are limited by your thoughts!100. Peace is the art of bridging the chasm between your mind and heart !101. Before you ask anything, thank for what you have !102. Worst betrayal is self betrayal!103. The ability to stay calm and focus into his duty differentiates an ordinary and a saint !104. Our merits are realized in testing times not in favorable times!105. No work is superior or inferior as long as it’s you HAVE PASSION FOR IT106. Anger and Fear are the same dangerous forces BUT in opposite direction!107. It is impossible to find a reason for NOT thanking ‘HIM”