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The Formula for Personalized Learning

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Personalized and adaptive learning are a big part of the evolving conversation in workplace learning today. Prevailing trends, including microlearning, data/analytics, self-directed learning and AI, are helping L&D professionals rethink the employee learning experience as something more targeted and timely. As organizations become increasingly data-driven in their employee experience, L&D will have the opportunity to apply these principles to shape personalized learning experiences at enterprise scale. However, L&D professionals must engage in this conversation now to make informed decisions along the way and not get swept up in the hype and buzz that tends to surround new ideas in the industry.

This session is designed to provide a foundational understanding as to the potential of personalized and adaptive learning. We highlight four fundamental components: data, content, technology and people. Specifically, we will stress the human side of personalized learning and demonstrate how the other components make people a more meaningful part of the workplace experience.

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The Formula for Personalized Learning

  2. 2. JD Dillon Chief Learning Architect Principle + Founder
  3. 3. Pixabay WARNING! Adaptive learning is not a “5 easy steps” concept. It’s an evolution of L&D mindset and tactics that takes time and effort.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Inside the Magic Personalized experiences are becoming a regular part of everyday life. But why is everyday life so much different than work?
  6. 6. What does personalized mean in workplace learning?
  7. 7. Every employee is UNIQUE. iStock
  8. 8. SAME JOB Recent college graduate Brand new to the industry Just needed a job 6th professional role 12 years in the industry Building a career People come into their roles with different experiences and expectations.
  9. 9. VERY UNIQUE PEOPLE EXACTLY THE SAME TRAINING PROGRAM Unfortunately we support them the same way regardless of these differences.
  10. 10. Personalization Scale iStock L&D is historically challenged with balancing the needs of the individual with the scale of a modern business.
  11. 11. Pixabay In a perfect world, we could provide a personal coach for everyone who needed it.
  12. 12. Pixabay But that’s simply unrealistic at the scale of a global company.
  13. 13. Every employee deserves the right support at the right time from day 1.
  14. 14. So how do we evolve from one-size-fits-all to right-size-fits-one?
  15. 15. Pixabay the evolution of PERSONALIZATION in workplace learning
  16. 16. Pixabay SEGMENTATION Training can be assigned to individuals based on their employee profile data, such as job title, location, department, tenure, etc.
  17. 17. Department 1, 2, 3 Job Titles A, B, C Department 4, 5, 6 Job Titles D, E, F Tenure > 2 years BENEFITS time savings reduced clutter TECH LMS DATA minimal APPLICATION easy
  18. 18. CONTENT Pixabay Individual content objects can “branch” based on user decisions. This is a familiar tactic for most learning professionals.
  19. 19. USER DECISION SLIDE 1 SLIDE 2 SLIDE 5 SLIDE 4 SLIDE 3 SLIDE 6 SLIDE 7 SLIDE 8 BENEFITS time savings respect existing knowledge TECH rapid development tools DATA minimal APPLICATION easy
  20. 20. CURRICULUM Users may be able to skip or “test out” of certain objects based on an assessment. This is also rather familiar but historically difficult to scale.
  21. 21. ASSESS BENEFITS time savings respect existing knowledge DATA knowledge and/or performance APPLICATION medium TECH select LMS/adaptive
  22. 22. Netflix RECOMMENDATION Users receive recommendations for new content based on past consumption and that of their peers (aka the Netflix of Learning).
  23. 23. PEOPLE SIMILAR TO YOU YOU CONSUMED YOU MAY LIKE CONSUMED YOU MAY LIKE AND/OR BENEFITS aids discovery user choice DATA consumption and/or demographic APPLICATION medium TECH LXP
  24. 24. Pexels The first 4 versions of personalization still require a content-centric, place-and-time approach to learning.
  25. 25. ServiceSafetyProductsBrand 20% 75% 55% 60% ServiceSafetyProductsBrand 65% 75% 5% 20% SUSTAINED CAPABILITY People come don’t just arrive with different levels of ability. They also progress at their own paces.
  26. 26. ServiceSafetyProductsBrand ServiceSafetyProductsBrand SUSTAINED CAPABILITY The goal is to enable AND sustain mastery for the duration of the person’s time in the role.
  27. 27. TIME CAPABILITY How people THINK learning happens
  28. 28. TIME CAPABILITY What ACTUALLY happens as people develop
  29. 29. To provide right-fit support, we must shift how we think about the experience of workplace learning.
  30. 30. ADAPTIVE EXPERIENCE Shaping the entire learning and support experience around the changing needs of the individual.
  31. 31. MICRO SELF-DIRECTED DATA Pixabay These concepts are paving the way for the growth of adaptive experiences.
  32. 32. ADAPTIVE LEARNING The purposeful use of data, technology and content to provide the right support at the right time and help an individual employee improve their workplace performance.
  34. 34. DATA Pexels
  35. 35. Building a dynamic data profile is the starting point for adapting the experience.
  36. 36. Multi-Dimensional DATA Profile Who is this person? Demographic What has this person reviewed? Consumption What does this person know right now? Knowledge What is this person doing on the job? Behavior What impact is this person having on the business? Results What else is happening around this person? Context What does this person say they want/need? Feedback How does this person engage with the org? Connections
  37. 37. Pexels Pixabay We must find all viable data sources – including manual observation and automated collection.
  38. 38. CONTENT Pixabay
  39. 39. Pexels Traditional course structures are not flexible enough to support adaptive learning.
  40. 40. Pixabay Content must be targeted to align to specific individual needs.
  41. 41. CONTENT OUTCOMESKNOW DO ALIGNED WITH DATA Content must be designed to solve specific problems.
  42. 42. Pexels TECHNOLOGY
  43. 43. Algorithms + Machine Learning Variety in Content Format Continuous + Engaging Experience Data Collection Options APIs Advanced technological capability is required to scale ongoing adaptation.
  44. 44. AI will take our ability to adapt learning and support options to another level.
  45. 45. ADOPTION VALUE End User Administrator Personalization Chatbots Search Content Recommend Smart Assistants Smart Coaching Skill Recommend Content Tagging System Administration Content Authoring Impact Analysis Gap ID Expertise Matching Translation
  46. 46. iStock PERSON
  47. 47. iStock Trust Value Transparency Accountability Agility L&D must influence stakeholders and employees to shift learning mentalities and demonstrate the value of adaptive experiences.
  49. 49. Reinforcement Motivation Shared Experience Shared Knowledge Online Modules Events Messaging Knowledge Growth Business Results Job Training Coaching Behaviors continuous learning experience Data
  50. 50. Pexels What does personalized learning look like in a retail environment?
  51. 51. Determine Priority Log in to Platform Deliver Experience Update Manager Reporting UPDATE DATA FOR NEXT SESSION Associates receive support on a balance of business priority and individual need topics based on their data profiles.
  52. 52. YES Meet Threshold? Observe Performance Behavior Deliver Experience NO Deliver Refresher Notify Manager Associates receive automatic refresher sessions and coaching recommendations based on behavior data.
  53. 53. Corporate Culture & Values Customer Service Loss Prevention Standards of Practice Safety Systems Onboarding Coaching & Leadership Sales Quality Assurance $ Adaptive learning can help you balance constantly changing business priorities with individual needs.
  54. 54. Pexels Personalized learning is still a growing conversation. As technology evolves, we will find new ways to personalize workplace support.
  55. 55. SEGMENTATION CONTENT CURRICULUM RECOMMENDATION EXPERIENCE Where are you today? Where do you want to go to best support your people? What would be realistic in your organization?
  56. 56. Craft a continuous EXPERIENCE Find the DATA Make it OK to personalize Identify critical business PROBLEMS Design for SPECIFIC behaviors Empower the PERSON Preparing for Personalization
  57. 57. The next phase of workplace learning must meet the always- changing needs of the individual.
  58. 58.
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  60. 60. @JD_Dillon JD Dillon