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Social Group Work with Educational Setting

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For Social Work Students

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Social Group Work with Educational Setting

  2. 2. Introduction Group work is one of the primary methods of social work which develops the ability to establish constructive relationship in individuals through group activities. This is also one of the effective ways of working with Children, Youth and elder 2
  3. 3. Current use of Group in India Group Work with Children and Youth Group Work with Women Group Work with Elderly Group Work with Workers Group Work with Communities Group Work with Children and Youth Under this group the Educational setting group work practiced in India and this is also one of the effective ways to work with children and youth 3
  4. 4. Types of Groups Remedial - aimed to improve certain skills Supportive - giving emotional support to the students Psycho educational - deals with common issues occur at different stages of development 4
  5. 5. WHY ??? NeedWHY ??? WHY ??? WHY ??? NeedNeed WHY ???Need 5
  6. 6. Social Group Work with Educational Institution Setting Many a time neither the parent nor the teacher are aware of the fact that child is facing stress in school or college Even if they do, they are not proficient in dealing with the problem. The sources of stress may from scholastic difficulties to the problem of maintaining relationship. The organisational dynamic of schools also makes an impact on the social and academic adjustment of children and adolescents 6
  7. 7. Sources of Stress School policies such as rules for conduct and manner of rule enforcement, number of teachers, their training and educational status, etc., all of these can be potential sources of stress. Pressure from parent and teacher for achieving high standards of academic performance and social behaviour, are the most common source of stress. 7
  8. 8. Girl in particular, cutting across all socio economic strata, caste and religious categories, face a high level of stress from of these sources. The stress, faced by children if left unattended, may lead to mental health problems and drop outs. 8
  9. 9. Group Work is a Medium Guidance and support is an effective way of dealing with stress, and group is an ideal medium to provide both. Ensuring educational inputs to children outside the formal school setting also poses a serious challenge in all developing societies. The group work offers a useful opportunity in addressing many of these issues. 9
  10. 10. Purpose of Group Work with Educational Institution Setting A. Helping slow learners B. Mainstreaming out of school children and youth C. Dealing with problem of drop out D. Helping youth acquire value education E. Helping youth acquire skills to become self employed F. Generating awareness about Drug use, HIV/AIDS and other health issues 10
  11. 11. Objectives of Educational Institution Setting Group Work 11
  12. 12. Group Work with Normal Children To provide recreational service to children To provide an experience of functioning in group To provide informal education To prepare children for social responsibility To develop life skills To provide help in dealing with problems of social functioning 12
  13. 13. Group Work with street and working Children To provide recreational activities To meet emotional needs of children To develop life skills to strengthen capacities to avoid exploitation and abuse To provide livelihood and shelter To provide informal education 13
  14. 14. Group Work with Children in Residential Institutions To provide recreational activities To develop life skills to strengthen their capacities to manage life in an institution To provide help in dealing with personal problems To provide informal education To give Emotional support 14
  15. 15. Group work with staff members To provide recreational activities To develop skills to strengthen their capacities to manage the students To give Emotional support 15
  16. 16. Skills of Social Group Worker in Educational Institutions Setting 16
  17. 17. Skill in Analysing the Group Situation Skill in Evaluation Skill of Programme Planning Skill in Interpreting Verbal Communication Skill of Answering Question Skills of Social Group Worker in Educational Institutions Setting 17
  18. 18. Cont.. Skill in Effective Helping Relationship Skill of Empathy Skill of Encouraging the Member’s Feedback Skill of Active Listening Skill in prioritization of the Problem 18
  19. 19. Role of Social group worker in Educational Institution Setting Enabler Broker Advocate Activist Mediator Negotiator Educator Initiator Co-coordinator Group Facilitator Communicator and Interpreter 19
  20. 20. Thank You 20