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How Do You Create a Visionary City?

If you were Jim Collins' you'd start with a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). Cities like Las Vegas, Austin, Amsterdam, Paris, even Victoria, all have a created visionary cities by doing something big, hairy and audacious. (they're all REALLY good at something, or have something they are known for).

If you were Seth Godin you would say it needs to be remarkable! You know, your "Purple Cow" idea that will spread like wildfire.

If you were Hugh MacLeod you would come up with a social object. Something people would have to talk about, have to share with their friends, it'd probably be really cool.

If you were Steve Jobs you would say it better be "revolutionary and designed perfectly" inside and out.

If you were Eric Ries you would develop a minimum viable tourism strategy, take it to market, get feedback and pivot into another when necessary.

If you were Richard Branson you would say "it has to be fun!". What's the point of a "tourism" strategy if it isn't fun?!

If you were Elon Musk you would say "it better be on the cutting edge!". Mr. Musk of course being the one guilty of starting not one or two businesses but three major companies all based on technology that didn't exist before the company was started. Think about that, Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City all were started before the technology was invented to make each of these companies viable. That's the definition of having faith in your strategy of being ahead of the curve.

If you were Jeff Bezos you would wonder about "what he could test and change every day to get better". Amazon is famous for running millions of tests on their various websites every day. All with the goal of optimizing your online shopping.

If you were Peter Thiel you would need to find your "unfair advantage". The one thing you have that no one else has. Mr. Thiel was one of the co-founders of Paypal and one of the first investors in Facebook. You could say he's a bit of a visionary. His book Zero To One is pretty amazing.

If you were Larry Page you would ask "how can we be 10 times better?". In a Wired article Page explains why "moon shots" matter. Competitive advantage isn't beating the competition by a 10-20% on a product, it's beating them by ten times. Makes sense why Google's products wildly outpace their competitors.

Have a vision
Have a team that can carry out your vision(because if you do it right, you're going to get negative feedback)
Adjust as you go getting better in time

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How Do You Create a Visionary City?

  1. 1. Seth Godin would say: “It needs to be Remarkable!”
  2. 2. Jim Collins would say: “You need a big hairy audacious goal!!”
  3. 3. Hugh MacLeod would say: “You need a social Object!!!”
  4. 4. Steve Jobs would say: “It better Be revolutionary and designed perfectly.”
  5. 5. Eric Ries would say: “Create a minimum viable tourism strategy, get feedback and pivot when necessary.”
  6. 6. Richard Branson would say: “It better be fun!!!”
  7. 7. Sally Hogshead would say: “It needs to be Fascinating!”
  8. 8. Elon Musk would say: “It better be on The cutting edge.”
  9. 9. Jeff Bezos would say: “What can we test and change every day to get better?”
  10. 10. Peter Thiel would say: “What’s your unfair advantage?”
  11. 11. Larry Page would say: “How can we be 10X better?”
  12. 12. What ever you do make sure it’s different, that it stands out, & hopefully makes people smile.
  13. 13. 1. Create a vision 2. Be willing to receive feedback 3. Measure & Adapt