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Kickstarter Presentation

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Kickstarter Presentation

  1. 1. crowdfunding: “proof of market demand” Jessica Samph, February 27, 2012
  2. 2. Executive Summary• What is it: Crowdfunding• Who is it for: Creative Project Owners• Where: Anywhere in the World• When: Anytime• Why should it be used: Fund Generation Cost Savings Ease of Use Idea Awareness
  3. 3. Examples of Usage
  4. 4. Examples of Usage• Raise funds online for creative projects• Build brand / project awareness• Engage with large community of philanthropists
  5. 5. Business Value• World’s Largest Fundraising Platform• New Form of Commerce and Patronage• “All or Nothing Funding”• Project Creators keep 100% Ownership• Test Projects without Risk• Minimal cost
  6. 6. Technology Specifications• Kickstarter Interface• Video Component• Update Audience• Approval Process• Amazon Payments
  7. 7. Competitive Environment
  8. 8. Competitive Environment• Environment• Customers• Competitive Positioning• Disruptive Potential
  9. 9. Analysis• How Beneficial? – Fundraising Made Easy – Proof of Market Demand• When Beneficial? – In market testing phase – When looking for immediate funding• Why Beneficial? – Ease of Use – Cost Effective – Powerful, Engaging, and Captivating Medium
  10. 10. Bibliography and References• Kickstarter: The Science of Crowdfunding (Infographic)• Kickstarter Statistics• Wikipedia: Crowdfunding• "Crowdfunding” (Time Article) by Kristina Dell• “Scoring Money from an Online Crowd” (BusinessWeek ) by John Tozzi• The Industry Website• "Don’t Get Me Wrong, Kickstarter is Great, But…" (The Refined Geek) by David Klemke Jessica Samph, February 27, 2012